Out of all the things that we do together in the bedroom, what is your favorite thing to do? #16 What is your favorite animal? Ask about that song while having this 21 Questions Game and you can also ask to try it again in front of you and see the dumbest thing, this will help you both to create numerous big laughs. So, what type of questions should you ask a girl to make the atmosphere hot without causing any embarrassment and awkwardness? They answer honestly and these answers develop feelings in them for each other. 51. If you have a bag full of cash, which brand of car would you choose? 25. With whom do you want to do it and when? What’s the right number of people to invite over a Friday night? 37. Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl. Has anyone ever praised you for your kissing talent or said any bad about your kissing technique? So take the advantage of this opportunity and know the person better by choosing questions like hypothetical, personal, flirty, sexual or even experiential questions. #9 What were you like as a child? #14 What are your hobbies or passions? Would you ever do it in a car? Liked what you just read? Who was your partner? Have you ever completed your sexual fantasy? 18). What is your favorite position?

13). This game comes with very simple rules and the great thing is that you can have it just any time with the one who you are interested in. 84. 46.

8. If music is important to you, then you’ll no doubt want to know where her music tastes lie. 21). 79. What are the craziest things you’ve ever done with someone else? 43.

Do you think that you had a happy childhood? What did you think when you first saw me? If she is willing to tell you her most embarrassing moment, she clearly feels comfortable enough to share with you. What is the easiest job in the world have you ever imagined working with Easter bunnies or fairies? 2). 60. All rights reserved. Who is that person that you imagine the most while having sex? So, if you want some handy conversation starters that will help you get to know your lady better, then have no fear! There are questions that are deliberate teasers that awaken the flirtatious aspect of a girl; most times these questions might become difficult to think up especially when you are nervous before that girl you like; other times, these flirty questions to ask a girl come by naturally when you are more confident. Sharing stories of travelling near and far is a great way to get to know someone better, so find out where her favorite spot in the world is, and then tell her yours. What color underwear do you think I am wearing? This is a one of the very basic questions to ask a girl to get to know her. Imagine you have a time machine right now, in which time would you go with me? If you had a genie, what would you wish at the very first? Do you believe in love at first sight? Which is your favorite one? [Read: 60 Get to know you questions for a new romance]. 13. [Read: Instant chemistry – 25 questions to ask a girl you like].

3). How do you feel about seeing more than 1 guy?

Know which animal is her favorite by this 21 Questions Game and if you have the same fantasy to live in any creature’s body then share yours with her and take the conversation ahead. Is there a position that you would like to try, but have not done yet? What do you think is your best feature?

And she’ll feel even closer to you, which makes it another one of the amazing questions to ask a girl to get to know her. What would be your perfect romantic getaway? Is there any funny story about you that you haven’t told anyone? 46. Wanna go out tonight? What’s your favorite thing to do with a guy?

Why? If aliens arrived at Earth and they chose you to visit their home planet, would you go with them? And your most painful memory? How does love and affection play a role in your life? Well if you are yet to gain the composure you need to flirt with a girl, we got you covered as we have come up with “100 Flirty Questions To Ask  A girl you like.”. The fantastic thing about this game is that you can choose questions from any category as dirty, funny, good and normal questions or just cute questions. [Read: 36 racy, random funny questions for flirty guys and girls]. If you could choose a new skill or ability, what would it be and why?

#19 What’s your most embarrassing moment? 87. What is that silliest and old-fashioned dress in your wardrobe? So after the phase of this 21 Questions Game, people get attracted to their partner.

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