The FBI agrees that the 9mm has lifesaving features. There is absolutely nothing more effective. Which is best? They say those things from a position of authority and impressionable young guys grow up and repeat them decades later. Now – I see these new cops high fiving each other for passing.

The results are as follows: .380 ACP (217 ft. Reason: Current 9mm ammunition has more consistent and better barrier penetration than.45 ACP. The .380 is obviously light and slow and has the least penetration. Anyone else think the same thing? When I shoot a Glock 19 defensively I am shooting a stream of 3-5 shots which land in roughly a 2 1/2" circle.

For shooters with small hands who find modern .45 ACP pistols too large for a secure grip, a .45 GAP pistol has a grip no greater in diameter than a duty-size 9mm or .40 S&W. Now, I have 2 of them. I've taken black bear with both the 44 mag. With a wider selection of officers being able to shoot handguns chambered in 9×19mm, many departments choose this caliber so they can standardize around a single firearm and loading, making logistics and supply easier.

It stops would be's and penetration is a non issue. If you are close and need to use a handgun it better keep the bad guy from shooting you. My instructors told me that the main r reason the Navy didn't want to switch to a 9mm was that you can hit a 300 pound man with a 9mm as he's running toward you. 230gr .45ACP at 830fps has 477 joules of kinetic energy. For CCW I'll carry it in winter, then my G43 in summer and an LCP2 .380 BUG in my pocket. If you conceal carry then there is a 90% chance of bystanders being in your firing line. I have shot many things living and not w both calibers and i have to say that 45acp does noticeably more damage. Later I don’t understand why a situation in a street would be different than at home. I guess the only improved ammo is the .9mm?

That's a big difference, and could be the difference between a heart shot and a lung shot. (Pew Pew Eric) Keep the awesome info coming, I love your emails and love your site! When I went to a few years ago, I got all the data from the rounds they're tracking and averaged them out per caliber in terms of energy. A shift to the right or left could clear the background behind them. I don't believe that MEN can Kill the SOUL....It's GOD BREATHED Genesis 2:7.... and since the "SOUL" is "GOD-BREATHED", then The SOUL is "IMMORTAL".! Thing is, no shoe fits everyone, no caliber fits everyone, I carry a fn fnx 45 tactical every day so capacity is irrelevant I carry 32 rounds of 45 the weight doesn't bother me I can control the recoil well enough follow up shots are quick and on target with a 4-6 inch group speed shooting so I'm staying with my 45 I don't belive the 9mm is less of a bullet i just like the size diffence and the look of a big bore firearm is all i love shooting a 9mm and will definitely buy multiple but for carry 45 and if I need more penetration than get a 10mm which is op compared to 9mm and 45. In the real world a single hit with a .45 will stop him. I consistently place the 45 rounds in an 8" area. One of the most attractive things about choosing a 9mm for home defense is having more rounds at your disposable. Brandon has spent the majority of his life hunting in the woods in Georgia and Alabama. Over penetration matters in public too. I was watching COPS and some ACCIDENTALLY shot a 45 at a motel, it went across a 100 foot (or so) Court yard through the Flimsy motel doors Hit a man standing up and the bullet fell into the man's POCKET!! I could not agree with you more on every level. Despite this change, the .45 GAP has had a following amongst many law enforcement departments. Varmint applies to large game too.. Ha, Ha, Ha. I keep my 870 close by for those rats that might want to drop by uninvited... Hello everyone, "the 9mm has evolved to the current power of the 45 acp" as if there have been no developments in the 45 acp and the 45 acp has stood still. He hits the nail perfectly on the head. For me, it's an SR1911, an old 4x4 Toyota with a stick, and a Pedulla... my choices on all 3 are exactly the same i thought that was oddly coincidental since all 3 are not the most common choices. uses Speer Gold Dots and has some hot loads.

Have to go with .45 acp.

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