Close ALL gates after you and LEAVE NO LITTER. A small commission is made from the sale of products in the fishing tackle section. As angling clubs go we’re quite small (currently less then 100 members) and our waters offer both interesting and challenging fishing.

Fishery Specific RulesNight fishing is permitted.No fishing near the bird sanctuary. Please note that this applies to all our lake and river venues. 302-373-1598. Twice fermented… but never filtered… to deliver our distinct, lightly cloudy finish. Fishery Specific RulesNight fishing is permitted on this fishery.
Thames Valley Petfood Supplies Ltd, 74  Eastfield Road, Burnham. Thanks to Dave Blackmore for this information. '' : 'none'; --> Byfleet AA . And for the 5 day weather forcast click here. Do not alter the profile of the bank or cut or create any steps8.