Mark was shot dead by his drug rival Carl Williams - who pleaded guilty to the crime on the advice of his laywer Nicola Gobbo, who on Friday was revealed as the infamous 'Lawyer X' who was giving inside information to police about her clients. Mar 23 - Andrew 'Benji' Veniamin gunned down in a Carlton restaurant. In later years through the 1980s and 1990s, it was later alleged that he was a co-owner of a King Street nightclub and numerous fight promotions and other ventures that went on to include horse racing and protection rackets. Gangitano is survived by his wife and two daughters, and was widely believed to have had another child with which he had no contact to an unidentified woman. Send someone you love on a spookey adventure with a Twisted History Gift Voucher! October 14 - Dino Dibra, 25, shot outside his Sunshine West home. She told police what she knew and then retracted her statement. 'Everyone uses the name Middleton except Christian, who has just gone back to his dad's name,' the friend said. May 8 - Lewis Caine, a convicted killer who had changed his name to Sean Vincent, shot dead and his body dumped in a back street in Brunswick. Kinniburgh was a long-term associate of Alphonse Gangitano. Traces of Kinniburgh's blood were later discovered on the back flyscreen door at Gangitano's home. Both were exempted from giving evidence at the inquest, on the grounds that their evidence might incriminate them. Ms Allsop said her friendships with Carlton identities were appropriate. Their wives and children have since had to change their names to escape unwanted attention, Jason's wife Trish Kane (centre) and their twins Memphis (left) and Christian (right) went by the surname 'Middleton' after his death, Mark's wife Antonella (centre) and their children Tayla (left) and Josh (right) choose to go by the surname Cole, which comes from Mark's biological father Leslie Cole, JASON MORAN - TRISH, CHRISTIAN AND MEMPHIS MIDDLETON. Invalid postcode. 'At that stage they were just kids, I don't think they ever thought their life was different to anyone else,' she said. FAMpeople is your site which contains biographies of famous people of the past and present. At the height of Gangitano's criminal career, he was earning an estimated $125,000–$200,000 a month as a high-profile member of the Carlton Crew. Ms Allsop said they became close friends over coffee after a late-night court hearing. Unlike their cousins, Mark's wife and two kids remained in Melbourne after his death but used the surname 'Cole' - which came from his biological father Leslie Cole. He was never charged. I still think Anselm had something to do with it and I don't trust that chap one bit. Moran and Barbaro were killed instantly, within touching distance of the frightened children in the back seat. But I was a female friend and I met him always in public places.". Early life Kinniburgh reportedly respected the code of silence, frustrating police investigating the murder. More recently he has returned to using his father's surname, with a family friend revealing he was given the option upon turning 18, Christian (pictured front row, third from left) attended the prestigious Melbourne private school Wesley College, MARK MORAN - ANTONELLA, JOSH AND TAYLA COLE. Seems a shame though that this story doesn't really go anywhere in the sense that apparently you can tell Amselm anything, and you still get credit for solving the Sir Alphonse murder mystery. From what I know, you can tell Sir Anselme anyone, for any reason, and he'll give you the rame reward (Nobleman's hat, and 575 groschens). [citation needed], Moran allegedly pulled out a gun after an argument with Alphonse and shot him in the arm and head as he fled towards the laundry. Nicknamed the "Black Prince of Lygon Street", Gangitano was the face of an underground organisation known as the Carlton Crew. Workman earnt a reputation for himself as man who could dodge danger. Aug 3 - John Furlan, 48, bombed in his car in North Coburg. He is believed to have shot Gangitano dead in January 1998, kicking off the gangland war that eventually killed him, his brother and his dad, Then and now: A young Trish Kane (left) smiles in an old family photo, while more recently posing for a picture with her twins (right), Memphis (left) attended prestigious Melbourne private school Wesley College, before studying at the Melbourne School of Fashion, A young Christian Moran outside his father's funeral in 2003 (left), before changing his surname to 'Middleton'. But the family friend said the children and the family had never watched the series. Alphonse Gangitano, who was shot dead,e was the leader of the Carlton Crew in Melbourne's underworld. In blood. The famous Moran family: From Lewis and Judy, to Mark and Jason, all the way through to Memphis, Christian, Tayla and Josh, Jason Moran was shot dead after a junior football clinic at Essendon, in Melbourne's north, in June 2003 (pictured). [6] Upon his return 30 minutes later, he found that Gangitano had been shot several times in the head in the laundry. In later years through the 1980s and 1990s Alphonse had been alleged a co-owner of a King Street nightclub and numerous fight promotions and other ventures that went onto include Horse racing and protection rackets.At the height of Alphonses criminal career he was earning an estimated $125,000-$200,000 a month as a high profile member of the Carlton crew. At a subsequent coroner's inquest, evidence was presented that Kinniburgh and Jason Moran were in Gangitano's home that night. She was on bail and living with her parents when she reported to the Collingwood Police Station on Christmas Day 1981. [citation needed], Kinniburgh left Gangitano's house shortly after 11 pm to purchase cigarettes at a 7-Eleven. But life changed for the Moran family when hungry new players such as Carl Williams entered the drug business. He was also an associate of … Jason Moran's twin son and daughter were in the backseat of his Mitsubishi van when a gunman shot him dead after a junior footy clinic in June 2003. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Both were exempted from giving evidence at the inquest, on the grounds that their evidence might incriminate them. Aug 18 - The charred remains of Mark Mallia, 30, an associate of Radev, are found in a drain in West Sunshine. Moran later said of Gangitano: "He's a fucking lulu ... if you smash five pool cues and an iron bar over someone's head ... you're a fucking lulu". Following their father's death, Christian and Memphis, now aged 22, changed their surname in a bid to 'protect themselves', a family friend claims. Mar 31 - Crime family patriarch Lewis Moran, 58, gunned down by two men in the Brunswick Club. You can succeed at relaying this message too when you talk to the robber baron, so it's at least rather close to the truth. Alphonse John Gangitano (22 April 1957 – 16 January 1998) was an Australian criminal from Melbourne, Victoria. REMEMBER, I WILL NEVER FORGET. "I'm not blind to the fact there was a side to Alphonse that he was not proud of. Workman was shot and killed by his close friend Alphonse Gangitano after failing to pay back a $50,000 loan to cover lingering gambling debts. Lewis Moran had controlled the city's drug trade long before his stepson Mark and son Jason joined the fold, while the family's matriarch Judy Moran (nee Kane) had always been a dominant figure about town. Jason Moran is 'implicated in the death'. [1], Gangitano is considered to be the second of the thirty Melbourne gangland killings between 1998 and 2010, when he was murdered in 1998. 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