But it does work.

They can be flashed without disassembly or soldering using tuya-convert. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Between time x and y If temperature is below x Turn on switch At time y turn off switch. Here’s the FAQ on the echo approach, it will give you the idea. 00000064 identifies the data. The following can be used to create the home assistant sensors. Looks like its wifi, you would need to devise a smart app to handle authentication and adding devices, then you need a device handler for each device type. Your email address will not be published. I was able to get this working using Homebridge-tuya-web and using the Smart Life app. Happy New Year. The process is far from the recommended solution, but if it’s the only option you have, then it’s worth a shot.

Do I need any other hardware to flash this heater? Create an “Debug” node. If you want to keep your automation simple and integrated you can simply use the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app (both Tuya apps) and have all your devices in one app. to your account. Again though it’s dependent on features which are specifically available for the echo, so in the end your set pup might be a bit different.

Creating home automation rules in Rule Engine's visual flow editor is easy and powerful.

2020 is shaping up to be a big year in home automation. Running on Ubuntu 20.04. Use a light switch button to control a hard to reach powerpoint. I’ve had a search on this page, and I don’t see it listed: What I see in homebridge when I turn the light off and on in Homekit: [TuyaAccessory] Sending Smart Lamp {"2":255} It empowers users to setup their own cost-effective home automation network without the need for installing multiple apps on their mobile device for a wide range of electronic products. Log your time - Automatic location based in combination with punch in/out.

Go to the console and issue these commands: Set up Node RED to listen on the BleBridge/tele/command MQTT topic then create a new function to process the messages using this code, The output code will be something like this.

Yes, you can have multiple apps and use things like IFTTT or Home Assistant to bring everything together, but it’s not only convenient to have everything in one platform it’s the best way to create automations. The most annoying thing about this whole situation is that I purchased the heater cause it stated IFTTT support on their website but I didn’t double check until I’d installed it on my wall…. [TuyaAccessory] Sending Smart Lamp {"1":true} Grid connect is a rebranded version of the tuya app, and uses the same cloud service. See New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform (using SmartThings v3 app). Arlec Smart Home Hub Tuya Convert; Basic Configuration; General Notes . We have been testing a number of products with the aim of identifying which products work with Tuya. Why Google Home? Between time x and y If temperature is below x Turn on switch At time y turn off switch.

Tuya is fast becoming a platform of choice for manufacturers. 5. Interested to know if you had any luck with this? I tried both, with similar results from both configs. Grid connect is a rebranded version of the tuya app, and uses the same cloud service.

It empowers users to setup their own cost-effective home automation network without the need for installing multiple apps on their mobile device for a wide range of electronic products. References:

I’m pretty sure the Grid-Connect ecosystem uses the Tuya cloud framework and uses a Grid-Connect branded Tuya app called Smart Life. The button is on GPIO3, and the LED is an inverted GPIO1. For example, Arlec use Tuya based products and Arlec “Grid Connect” is just a rebranded Tuya app, so Arlec products can be added to almost any Tuya app.

I have bedtime and morning routines that control another heaters based on temp will turn power on the heater if it’s needed with the lighting scene changes. Hey Mark I considered that but there is no web portal just the app. The app works with Google home but not ifttt or smartthings. Light is reporting as off in Homekit whilst it iss actually on (reports as on in Grid Connect app).

Which light(s) does this work for? Flashed with:

0564020400000064 - Battery level 100% (64 in hex). they're used to log you in. @joshua_lyon is the developer of sharp tools and is very active in this forum, so he may be able to say more about what is possible.

I would recommend moving to homebridge-tuya-platform it is a fork of this repo but is being actively updated. 3. Or should this be something we ask Arlec and Grid Connect to arrange with SmartThings? @AMoo-Miki I had spent a lot of time not being able to get the key and ID of my arlec grid connect lights and was eventually able to get the ID through your method by using version rc-11 and rc-12. Construction project management for Android.


Cookies help us deliver our services. Grid Connect is a home automation app that works with a range of electronic devices. In the home app on your iPhone, remove the homebridge as a hub and re-add it. I bought one of the Grid Connect powerboards from Bunnings last week, and flashed it with a custom firmware. I entered the username and password and allowed Google Home to authorise to the device with my Grid Connect account details. Collapse. I did try that at first but the developer wasn’t able to get it working. 2. ), No coding is required. I use a gateway app on a Raspberry Pi to bridge between some Tuya devices and SmartThings. Grid Connect is a home automation app that works with a range of electronic devices. Loading… What's New. does it have a web intrface/portal?

if it has a portal you can probably creat a smartApp to interface, but what capabilites do you need and then if they are support in actionetiles (most are). Turn lights and off at present times or based on events, Turn garage lights and front house lights on when the garage door is opened and only if its after sunset, Have a walk-in robe light come on when motion is detected and turn off after a preset time, Auto turn of a bathroom heat lamp off after 15mins, Turn the AC on when the house temp is above 35 degrees and someone is at home, Flash the kitchen lights when someone rings the doorbell, Change bulbs from white to flashing colours for a party, Turn on an extraction fan when the bathroom humidity rises above a preset level, Turn a non-smart TV on and off with your voice, Create a home and away scenes with buttons on wall switches. I don’t think Grid-Connect cloud supports IFTTT, but the Tuya cloud apparently does. 546 total.

Learn more. Read more. I have one grid-connect device (an Arlec floodlight) that I’ve added in SmartLife but it doesn’t show up in SmartThings. Compatible high-profile brands include the most trusted names in the home improvement sector.

Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. For example, Arlec use Tuya based products and Arlec “Grid Connect” is just a rebranded Tuya app, so Arlec products can be added to almost any Tuya app. Serial port, Initially pair the hub and all sensors using the Tuya app. Might move to Home Assistant if this set up is difficult to configure as I add more devices 2 Copy link mitch7391 commented Nov 9, 2019. Australian Brand Arlec Grid Connect - Dimmable Light, https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-tuya-web, Get Smart Life app on your iPhone and pair the bulbs to it. Flash the hub using a serial connection to the TYWE3S module with a standard Tasmota Image. Or if you have an old android phone, you could also use that as a text to speech device, same idea. So can anyone tell me how a device brand gets added to SmartThings? GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

TheHomekitWayFinder commented on Nov 9, 2019 I own the arlec 5 outlet smart powerboats and that works really well, and I have that set up in the Rita smart app because I find its more reliable.

Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, How to connect Grid Connect devices to smartthings. For example for a door or motion sensor If you have any questions please let us know. If you’re not sure what Tuya is, it’s a cloud-based platform that controls smart devices, but more importantly, Tuya also make chips and products that manufacturers can use in their products to make them smart. I’ve just bought an Arlec Smart Plug-In Socket controlled by Grid Connect.

055B010100 - Sensor idle https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert, https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-5-outlet-smart-powerboard-with-grid-connect_p0074830, https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-2200w-black-smart-convection-panel-heater-with-grid-connect_p0163656, Connected phone to ‘vtrust-flash’ when prompted, Held button for 5s to make it start flashing rapidly, Waited for the existing firmware to back up, Flash complete, can now see the tasmota-xxxx wifi AP. I just don’t know if you can do something similar with the Google assistant yet, the last time I looked you couldn’t. Smart life is supported by smart things.

I’ve installed grid connect light switches using the smart life app rather than the grid connect app and it works fine. Connect the field to the office with simPRO Mobile and enhance team efficiency. You can safely delete them and they will repopulate with up to date information.

All iSwitchoz light switches, powerpoints and fan controllers are Tuya based, so they will work perfectly with the above-mentioned brands so you can create a smarter smart home.

Our test home has motion sensors, temp and humidity sensors, door switches, doorbell, light switches, power points, power boards, garage door controller, RF sender and bulbs all connected to one Tuya app. Hold GPIO0 to GND during power on to enter programming mode; Connect V+, TX, RX, & GND; IMPORTANT: Hold RSTBLE to GND during the flashing process to disable the Bluetooth module; Set up MQTT For the battery level for example

This is quite easy to do with an echo device, because you can create a routine to make it say whatever you want it to and then automate that routine. 055B010101 - Sensor triggered Bunnings link below But what you would need for the Grid-Connect device is to first figure out the local integration with Tasker and AutoInput… then use the SharpTools Tasker plugins as the glue between Tasker and SmartThings. Very keen to get this working.

See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/490746 There are a few options for Tuya devices that might work for you.

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