It’s a bit pricier than what you pay as ours averages about $5/lb but we emphasize steak and roast cuts and minimize ground beef as we can often get ground chuck for $1.79/lb at a local store (that does business with the same rancher).

Note: The term boneless rib should be used if any other muscles are present. Found your site. It is obtained by two (2) main straight cuts approximately parallel to each other. This was very helpful I will be taking to the butcher tomorrow and now I have some idea as to what they will be asking and what answers I will need to have. Wing: means that portion of the short loin which is separated from the T-bone as described in item

When he asks me how I want to get it back I have no idea, so thank you for this.

4.1.3 Neck: means that portion of the chuck that is separated from the blade, cross rib and shoulder as described in item 4.1.1. I used to be a meat wrapper for a farm butcher and I often thought, if it were me, instead of getting just the hind quarter or just the front quarter, I'd rather split the half and that way I'd get a little of everything. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

:). Like many others have said, we ordered our first half side of beef. Truly, we're practically twins! Instead, we ask for the larger, chunky short ribs and we braise them in the oven.

4.2.1 Rib eye: means that boneless portion of the rib containing the large round-shaped muscle (longissimus dorsi) located at the vertebral end of the ribs. Much appreciated! Top sirloin, cap removed (top sirloin portion): means the top sirloin from which the biceps femoris is removed.

The cut may extend into the rump. 4.2.3 Prime rib: is an alternative portion of the rib and refers to the portion containing the posterior six (6) ribs (7th to 12th inclusive). 5.2.2 Sirloin: means the posterior portion of the loin which is separated from the short loin by a straight cut which passes at a point immediately in front of (anterior to) the pin bone (ilium or tuber coxae).

The first cut passes between the fifth and sixth rib and separates the chuck, brisket and shank from the rib and plate. So to my question… you mentioned that you got a package of tenderloinS and flank steakS. Does the back end give you more steaks? 4.5 Full brisket (full plate): refers to the portion containing both the brisket and plate. I tried searching for it, but couldn’t find it. In summer they go out and catch a few kinds of fish to sell down near us but they ship anywhere. If you are interested, let me know and I can pass on their info.

The past few years either my parents or my grandparents would just give us some of their portion through out the year, but this year my husband and I are getting our own half beef. Site Design by Pish and Posh Design Studio. I very very much look forward to more on this topic, as we plan to buy our first quarter in the next few months. I'm a little new to the blog, so question?

Top gourmet butchers turn out delicious tasty ready meals for their customers to enjoy. =) We have people in and out also. ), We do just as much chicken as beef – I get that through Zaycon. There’s 3 of us and we’re thinking of half a side of beef (we bbq ALOT). This diagram shows the cross-section of a loin.

It's the thick cuts and the bake up so good! Thank you.

I appreciated your clear and concise instructions. Thank you so much for sharing what you The meat from here is flavorful, inexpensive and, if properly cut against the grain and quickly cooked, fork tender. Oh, I forgot to say in my previous post/request that we get Bottom round roasts sliced paper thin cross-grain for use making bracioles. This is all new to me so I turned to the internet and found your site.

And with the tenderloin, was it one whole tenderloin or individual filet mignons?

Thanks so much now I want be so confused when we get ready. I think we may take the plunge this fall!

My question may be silly (**naive**)… does your meat come frozen or fresh from the butcher?

I was trying to figure out what to tell the butcher (we have a GREAT deal on beef through a family member). 4.1.6 Chuck short rib: is an alternative portion of the chuck. - facebook Thank you.

During the school year though we have 1-2 international students living with us and often my mom and sister stop by for dinner. 5.3.3 Heel of round: means that portion of the hip which is separated from the round by a straight cut which passes through the base of the shaft of the leg bone (distal extremity of the femur) and from the shank by a straight cut passing through the stifle joint (tibio-femoral articulation). It’s very helpful! I probably would have just asked for it all to be turned into hamburger with a few steaks. For the short ribs they’ll offer a flanken cut, like for Asian short ribs where there is a circle of bone with a little bit of meat surrounding it. 5.1 Flank: means that portion of the hind quarter which is separated from the loin by a straight cut passing approximately parallel to the lumbar back bones (lumbar vertebrae) beginning in close proximity to or through the flank lymph node (prefemoral) and from the plate by a cut passing between the 12th and 13th rib and cartilage. Top sirloin: means the dorsal portion of the sirloin which includes the gluteus medius and may include the biceps femoris. Underneath the ribs is the beef’s plate section. My wife and I have done this for years, though we usually get a half beef. It will last us all year thanks to our deep freezer. The front quarter shank is cut from the front of the cow’s legs, right under the brisket, and also requires slow and low cooking to make it palatable. Hi there! Note: While not required, these modifiers may be used to describe beef cuts provided they are informative and not misleading. We have a chest freezer and it fits our quarter cow and lots of Costco hauls :). 5.3.5 Sirloin tip: means that portion of the hip obtained by a "V-shaped" cut beginning approximately at the knee cap (patella) following the full length of the leg bone (femur) up to the vicinity of the rump knuckle bone (head of femur/acetabulum) then towards the flank lymph node (prefemoral). I was given one from my boss who happens to run a family ranch on the side. Note: The round contains no part of the gastrocnemius muscle. The hindquarter carries most of what we butchers call, the Premium Cuts. This is really a helpful post. 4.3 Plate: means that portion of the front quarter which is separated from the chuck and brisket by a straight cut passing between the fifth and sixth rib and from the rib by a straight cut passing across the ribs at right angles to the first cut at a point slightly below (ventral to) the centre of the rib cage. I’d like your permission to reprint this excellent article in my monthly Dying Time Prepper Newsletter. that explains where each cut comes from and what they end up looking like once a master butcher breaks and portions each  sub-primal into its retail or food service size. The cut may extend into the rump. It took me 17 1/2 years to convince him it’s a good idea. This was very helpful. Note: The blade and cross rib portions resulting from the removal of the chuck short rib are alternative portions of the chuck. Typically for a quarter you’ll get 25-30 pounds of ground beef. So a 1200lb cow has a hanging weight of 700lb. We serve it with spaghetti and garlic toast and it’s far more flavorful than meatballs. Most of the hind leg cuts are of great eating quality with these cuts being the tenderest of the animal. This diagram shows the cross-section of a sirloin tip. It contains three (3) main muscles, namely: vastus lateralis, biceps femoris and semitendinosus. round â€“ which consists of inside round, outside round, eye of round, short loin â€“ which consists of porterhouse, tenderloin, strip loin, T-bone, Top blade: means the portion of the shoulder clod including the muscles infraspinatus, triceps brachii and deltoideus found outside (lateral side) of the blade bone (scapula). How large of a deep freeze do you need to store your 1/4 beef? Lots of room for other meats (we bulk buy chicken and bacon too) and many Costco essentials :). Michael will also name the cuts and these names are the terms we use in Australia. We're at that point, where we're considering buying that chest freezer for meats, so it's a timely post. How did this come out? Also, what weight you would like for each package of ground beef, we opt for 1 pound packages, but if you have a large family you can easily request 1 1/2 pound or 2 pound packages. A new service called RanchMeat just launched and it allows ranchers to list their animals in an open marketplace, and buyers can browse local rancher listings and do the whole process online–then either pick up at a processor near them or have it shipped.

They are separated from the blade bone and adjacent muscles through natural seams. 4.4 Brisket (brisket point): means that portion of the front quarter which is separated from the plate by a straight cut passing between the fifth and sixth rib, from the chuck by a cut at a right angle to the first cut passing at a point slightly above (dorsal to) the elbow joint (distal extremity of the humerus) and from the shank by a cut which follows the natural contour of the elbow bone (olecranon process of the ulna). Truly appreciate your articular. I'm laughing because this is kind of a loaded question :) Technically there are my husband and our two kids (almost 2 and almost 4). Your email address will not be published. If you find a lower … I’m seeing this post in 2020. The front consists of chuck steaks, pot roasts, rib steaks, short ribs and soup bones. And we have used a handful of different butchers due to moves, I suspect this is their protocol, but you can always ask when you discuss your cuts with them! I’ve learned a lot about preparing meat beyond ground beef and have officially awarded myself a homemaker badge for “beef knowledge”. I’ll have to give that a try with the rounds! I invite you to visit my website and check out my books and archived newsletter issues. It should not be confused with prime rib, which includes 6 ribs (7th to 12th). Either way, this post is all about beef cuts and what to expect if you ever purchase a quarter (or just double this info for a half) of a happy cow! It was nice to be able to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

It’s a family that I grew up with that moved to Alaska years ago to teach.

He claims it’s been on his mind all along…. These will then be sliced into portions of steaks, diced and other value added products. It is separated from the neck and shoulder as described in item 4.1.1 and from the blade by a straight cut passing on the superior edge of the body of the seventh neck bone (cervical vertebra) and through the middle of the blade bone (scapula) and from the cross rib by a straight cut passing below (ventral to) the anterior tip of the blade bone (scapula) and in proximity to the shoulder joint.

So if you want them wrapped singly, just ask! Just wanted to say thank you! Would you mind please uploaded a higher-quality image of that great beef cuts graphic at the top of this post? Thanks for sharing.

Feel free to visit my recipes page for some ideas of how you can prepare a tasty meal for you and your family. You’re so welcome! Our meat as always come frozen. 1200lb cow has a hanging weight of 700lbs and a take home weight of 400lbs approx. 4.1.5 Shoulder: means that portion of the chuck which is separated from the cross rib, blade and neck as described in item 4.1.1.

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