The Yellowstone Solo is one of our most versatile solo canoes. Is that canoe nimble enough for some of the smaller rivers that I would want to take it down?

There are no reveiws on this boat because it is new this year.Please let me know what you think if you have used one! After carrying one of these you'll think all other boats are made of lead. Had this boat for almost a year now, and really love it. It is the same design as the Yellowstone. However, I have used it many times for solo trips up to 5 days in length. YesI have taken mine down a few mild rivers, and it handles quite well… I’m sure it could handle up to a class II at least, possibly III if you really knew what you were doing.

It took little to maintain that speed empty. Rockstar is hard to find! I am 175 lbs. This canoe is a nice multipurpose canoe far better than expected and I expected a lot. For whitewater, the Yellowstone in royalex is probably your best option from Bell. says is more of a small tandem for smaller paddlers and day trips. Bell NorthstarThe Bell Northstar sits in between the Morningstar and Northwind. And it should be a much better fit for your described usage than the Northwind. Kinda surprised that Swift had both Bells. I love the specs on that boat, but was scared off because Bell advertises it as their most popular tandem for FLATWATER tripping. The YS is not a spinner for sure. i've had my yellowstone solo for about four or five years was one of the first royalex boats in the took me months to decide on the right's always a bit of a compromise chosing the right boat,ideally it would be 17 feet long, weigh 10lbs and turn well and of course track like an arrow and be short for easy portaging (i'm still looking for that one!). I paddled the solo for the first time in rapids today. Looking at purchasing Bell Yellowstone for primary BWCA trips. There is a passing resemblance between the two Yellowstones, somthing that can’t be said for the Freedoms. I want it to be able to handle some whitewater (C1-C2, maybe C3), but no need to handle any big whitewater (i.e. Light weight for the many portages here and roylex for the rapids, fast enough to keep up on the lakes, it will carry enough gear for a week easily, maybe two (I travel light) but be fun on twisty streams and in beaver ponds. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. I'm not exactly what everyone considers a light load, but I do tend to go slightly lighter than most with a base weight of gear at 14 pounds plus food plus photo gear. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Here comes the future and you can't run from it, [url], It's as much as squashed, Bell Merlin II as a skegged Bell/Placid/Colden Wildfire... though as both are excellent canoes, that not a bad heritage. The primary use will day-long or overnight trips down smaller Minnesota rivers and streams. Most of the time I'm paddling flatwater or hiking with a canoe on my head. It is a very sea worthy boat and handles very well in windy weather. You haven’t been reading and believing those 6" freeboard capacity ratings, have you? It will handle better than the Northwind.

I have thought about the Northwind too. YellowstoneYou want the Yellowstone for your usage. Ran a three foot water fall in the middle of a rapid and stayed dry! Best bet is to try each of them and see how you like… I originally was looking at a Morningstar, and ended up getting a Northwind. I would also be using it about once a year for a BWCA trip for 4-5 days.

I lowered the seat of the canoe and attached a "Cush" design backrest to it. I'm not sure what Bell were playing at selling the YS Solo with such low seats: I can only think that thay were either pandering to beginner paddlers (a significant part of the beginner-intermediate target market for what I believe was their first Rx solo) or for the US sit and switch market (as folk tend to sit lower than they kneel). Did I mention that I was able to sit on the seat during the flat water. Alaskan?The August “Canoe & Kayak” compares the boats PK mentions to the Bell Alaskan I believe, which at 17’ is a true river tripper. I've also found my Yellowstone Solo to be a very capable craft in all kinds of conditions, I think Bell have a fine hull shape for the Y-Solo and it's big brother the Yellowstone. Congratulations, a good choice of boat. Finally I drilled two holes in the gunnels so that the yoke bolts solidly to the gunnels but can be romoved easily. Are you sure you’re buying enough boat? Our 17’, 16" deep Bluewater Chippewa is rated by the maker for 580 pounds of people and gear.

Blackgold would be great, but at £1755 for a Magic in BG, too pricey for a saving of 3-4kgs. While the YS is a good tripping boat I got an Argosy in RX. Yellowstone is a river boat in my bookBased on the popular Wildfire it’s a perfect canoe for two small paddlers for up to class I/II moving water. WHo knows about this canoe?

Have not paddled one yet but it looks great and should be a preformer for most duty. We a staff and I took both the Yellowstone and Rockstar in roylex up to Gull lake a 10 min drive into town and I tried them out.

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