Taffy Teddy bear. There are a few Chihuahua names that sound big like “Titan”, “Hulk” are two popular Chihuahua puppy names. Z Ellie Luna Sierra Saucy Girl Dog Names Bubbles Cherry Cookie Diva Duchess Frankie Gumdrop Isla JuneBug Lady Lexi (Lexie, Lexy) Maxi Mia Pebbles Pixxi (Pixie) Rubi (Ruby) Sadie Salsa Twinkie Zari. Kissy there’s a good chance you will find the right name for your chihuahua puppy right here at famous chihuahua! Risa Keep on browsing on AnimalWised to know everything about chihuahuas as well as useful information on chihuahua care or the amount of food that's recommended for a chihuahua. Binky Males are generally more affectionate, more loyal and docile with their owners and if they are properly trained, they can even be quite calm. Let’s start with popular destinations in the country: Another idea is to go with Hispanic names that are popular right now. Sabrina When he or she looks at you, say “Yes!” and hand out a treat. Macy And due to their cuteness and tiny little body, finding unique Chihuahua names for your new puppy can be tough. Chili My little girl was named Leia by her breeder, but I really want to change it. Mitzi

If, on the contrary, you haven't found a name, you can keep on searching for on in our articles for male dog names, unique names for dogs, mythological names for dogs, and even dog names in Basque. Scooby

C A male dog name I have a 12 yr.old black n white chihuahua he was found at an abandoned house, I named him N.a.c.h.o =notch yo dog!! Blue and Tan with White – Another example of the Tri-colored pattern. Mabel Our 4 year old male Chi monster is named “Deebo” but doesn’t have a lazy eye!

– This owner says they chose B.B. BamBam Nippy The Chihuahua hails from Mexico.

My long hair Chihuahua was left behind by some renters I had in a house, the little guy was left with no water or food. Cooper It is almost same naming your pet as naming your child. Squirt Shrimpy (Shrimp) Your email address will not be published. Are you looking for a cute name for your male dog which has curious eyes, adorable ears, and button nose? Piper (Pip, Pippa) She is the proud mom to Toby, a giant Labrador Retriever who thinks he’s a lapdog. All of these famous characters have occupied the human hearts for a long time. Kai Cherry Shorty Maybe Layla, Hi, I vote for Ryder. Tadpole Livvy

I just got mine, still debating on a name, but I believe I’m going to name him Paco.

Love your collections!! Elvis Rocket J

Jax Pupper

(We are not Mexican by the way,I am Italian and my husband is Danish). Lilac This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Velvet

Winnie Boo Boo: According to Guinness Book of World Records, it is the world’s smallest living Chihuahua by height at 9.65cm. Dart Female Chihuahua breeds have a more unique and dominating behavior to characterize their territory, specifically during their warmth. They are cute, fast, courageous, alert dedicated and famous for their lovely characteristics. Browse Thousands of Male Chihuahua Names Home » Dog Names » . Scarlett Atom


A comprehensive list of thousands of Male Chihuahua names is composed in an easy manner to facilitate dog lovers Fierce dogs are aggressive but very good as guard dogs. Reese (Reece) It would be much more loveable if you can call your pooch by a cool name. There are two types of coat in their body long-coat and short-coat.


Salma It should have been Queenie cos that’s what she gets treated like. Pookie

Once you know its personality, you're ready to find an adequate and unique name for your chihuahua.

Percy Comet JuneBug what exactly is a blue chihuahua and what makes a blue chihuahua puppy different from other chihuahua puppies? Emi (Emmie, Emmy) Nano Nemo Chihuahuas are popular for their small size and dignified personalities. They are the national symbol of Mexico and hugely popular in some regions of America. Zed my newly rescued little girl is white with dalmation spots. We lost out beautiful baby girl Chili in December. Leo Zari Jasmine Phoebe Harper Queso You shouldn't use the name of another pet or person that you see frequently either, your pet could be confused. Plus, featuring famous Instagram Chihuahua names from all over the globe!

Bubbles Its physical characteristics are also special, as Chihuahuas tend to have health problems if you don't give them regular veterinary attention. Augie

Dante Angel

Sookie Sapphire Bolt

Don’t get no bigger than that. Finn Gypsy I just lost my beautiful precious Chili during a vet dental cleaning a week ago today and I am heartbroken. Brie

Solo D Sara And due to their cuteness and tiny little body, finding unique Chihuahua names for your new puppy can be tough. Hinto (The Native American name for blue haired) Cobalt (a bluish colored chemical element) Her sister is brindle Chi and quarter Boston Terrier is Mango. Taco Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs that exist, they are between 6 and 9 inches tall and you can find them in several colors. <3 <3, Yes!! Marci What type of dog name are you looking for? Shasta Mammoth Mutt: It is a pink colored Chihuahua puppy worked in the animated series.

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