Thanks QSilver7 for the helpful info., I likely triggered my warning light Airbag light is only an advisory now, according to my mot man, Thats intresting, its strange how it seems to differ in different places. last year in the snow i got a little stuck and switched the traction off, after many tries to get my car out, i just couldnt. I hear another common cause is dirty connections in the wiring to the drivers seat (and I guess the passenger seat). somewhere in that 5 minute window from stalling the car to switching it on the airbag light came on. By Spot on Liam, I think that is about the only scenario where the airbag light can reset itself, A fault with the MRS ( I love the way this works on two levels). Two levels - is that why you double posted? Just be warned now it's an MOT failure to have it on. Not sure about miles, but 155,000km, its definatly the airbag light and it has stayed on, but the asc+abs light has turned off, only when it rains they turn on so I am thinking it may be the sensor on the wheel may be faulty. I'm just getting to finding solutions for this and other issues and was about to start a thread about the airbag light. iirc the SLS light will not reset itself even if the system is fully working. Some days its on, others its off. Just to confirm, if the airbag light turns on and off randomly that is an occupancy sensor? I had complained earlier about the ridiculous price a dealer wants just to plug in a cable, tap a few buttons, and viola, the light goes off. If you buy the kit from @jimmy you can read the codes yourself and if it's the occupancy sensor you can code it out so the car doesn't look for it anymore. Comments: Hi I have a 98 520 e39 and airbag light stays on, codes are: 05/C0 - Belt tensioner, driver's side 08/8A - Side airbag, front left 01/80 - Internal control-unit fault 08/20 - Side airbag, front left what i have to do that light Powered by Invision Community, e39 2000 535i sport Audi TT Quattro 3.2 v6 2007, 2001 530i sport with double frikkin glazing :o. A rough It's easy! you can overcome this with a plugnplay item from Ebay, and obviously reset to remove the warning light. if so i need one of those plug and play boxes don't i? An intermittent occupancy sensor fault can turn it on and it'll turn off itself. Scotty540i, October 22, 2010 in E39 1996-2004.

The airbag light came on in my 540 a couple of days ago, are there any common causes that set it off, like the senors in the seats etc? If you get the codes read will it say what's caused it to come on? A quick strip down and clean of ALL the connections between the control box and the bag and problem resolved, once the light was reset again obviously. It depends what turns it on. I spent ages cleaning and checking occupancy sensors and under seat connections then paying to get the light turned off, only for it to come back after a few days..... when put on a proper diagnostic it turned out it was the driver's door bag causing the failure. There's a little plastic control box clipped under the seat.

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