THE CURSE OF THE FIRSTBORN CHILD :  TRUE OR FALSE, Rev.Michael Benson Ajayi  The death of all firstborn, which included both people and livestock, was the last plague of the ten which struck Egypt. O God that made me first born, repair every damage they have done to my life, in the name of Jesus. O God that made me first son, show me the source of my problems, in the name of Jesus. But remember this intelligence only comes from being able to teach your younger ones. The responsibility of first child!! Psalm 27:2, When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. This was the plaque that made the Pharaoh drive the people of Israel out of Egypt. Her wedding sef is the experiment cos my parents learnt a lot and are planning how different others would be. June 15, 2015. So what about the first born in the New testament?

Bloodof Jesus visit my foundation, in Jesus name.

So there’s that.

As a first son, you discover bad luck is one of your greatest setbacks, then you should go for deliverance to separate yourself from evil inheritance. There are special spirits that attached to firstborns, which means if they manage to break-forth a particular thing, there would be an evidence of breakthrough on the path of the family or on the side of his or his siblings. All evil donations of any part of my virtues in witchcraft coven, Holy Ghost Fire, scatter the coven, in Jesus name. This young man had tried several efforts to gained admission into the university of Lagos. Real Madrid Squad 2009,

I’m all in one . Its even worse cause I’m the only girl. Simple. My elder sister was just 13 months older than me but was a mum to us. So God is not that wicked to let all that stand. My bro, first born, is revered, and my little sis, last born, is princess. While praying, mention the names of your village specifically, cry out to the God of Fire to break the cycle between you and ancestral demons of your father’s house or mother’s house.


(7) The Annointing To Enjoy God Divine Mercy,favor As First Child Fall On Me. it is a stressful something….all I can say is dat “der is God”…notin do me. Collective captivity of my family line affecting me as the first daughter, be destroyed, in Jesus name.

That value was recorded as 1,365 shekels. .

I’ll give an example, when FIBI starts teething, because the mother is new to the experience, she might think, “What the hell is happening to my child? Examples Of Wisdom In Everyday Life, (3) Because I Breakforth My Mothers Womb Let My Own Breakthrough Be Well Establish In You Jesus My Saviour. When you keep seeing cobwebs attacking mostly your head, right hand and two legs. Difference was I wasn’t with me mom. Too much is expected of you. You will need to cancel the curse of the wicked upon your life. Every unprofitable name given to my parents, I nullify your effects on my stars, in the name of Jesus. Whatever charm my mother has swallowed when I was in her womb that is affecting my life presently, loose your hold over me, in Jesus name. / What Would Make You Believe There Is No God? THE CURSE OF THE FIRST BORNS | BOOKS BY OB KEENG,

Chapter 35: Curse Of The Amalekites. Saying firstborn is a hell of a lot tiring so I’ll just shorten it to FIBI, so dear readers, anytime you see FIBI in this post, know that it means firstborn okay? And then the sacrifices you have to make, especially when your parents can no longer take care of the bills like they used to. lmao that’s a joke Ray. Do You Believe There's Curse Of The First Born. O Lord, deliver me from evil pattern of begging from my younger ones, in the name of Jesus. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Character Analysis, (2) Father Because Im The First Born Dont Let Me Be A Symbol Of Negativity/badluck  YESSSS I try to tell people this ALL the time. These people were not able to fulfill their divine agenda, because the powers in their foundation actually limited them. O God arise in your mercy and recover my lost birthright, in the name of Jesus.

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