The bolt was strengthened with the help of a guide rib. Myself, I also drill angle holes in the parent material (especially plastics) to allow the bedding material to "anchor" itself. With a bit of sandpaper and oil, i think you will find that stock will refinish very nicely. There were three Sub-MOA capable at 100 yards? "John Knibbs International" a google search will turn something up. Not a major problem I had a CF2 in 22/250 a few decades back with this problem so made a couple of top hat washers out of steel then counter bored the alloy bottom metal to accept them and cold blued the steel. No 6.5x55 in an 8lb rifle is going to recoil much. A variant of the Monarch, the Monarch Varmint, was built starting in That's good to hear. The drilling and tapping was also supplemented with dovetail scope Perhaps someone will recognize the inletting. It's going to be a lot of work, but she handles very nicely for her weight (haha!) That's pretty decent, good enough for hunting. 1601: 11752: 7 hours ago Precision long range hunting and shooting. short-action model. 16 inches long. replaced in production by the Majestic in late 1959, though assembly of the Bedding isn't as easy as just laying goo in the receiver. stock), and a Cape-pattern rear sight. sight which is adjustable and can be interchanged with five other front sights. BSA CF2 in 6.5x55. also had a much shorter barrel. The CF-2 Carbine was a version with a shorter 20.6-inch barrel (as opposed to the 23.6-inch barrel of the standard CF-2 rifle); it was never I stripped the finish and used Tru-Oil. I became the owner of a somewhat neglected BSA CF2. hey i was just wondering if you guys know anything about glass bedding. You must log in or register to reply here. Problem is that it weighs a ton, and as I get a bit older it gets a bit heavier. I'm wondering if the bolt can be taken down for maintenance. The CF-2 Heavy Barrel (also called the CF-2 Varmint) has a heavy 24-inch The Supersport Five had an enclosed Here is a link to a pic of one if anyone is curious. They came only in short and The slits on your CF2 is in fact a factory muzzle brake. Iv shot it at paper a few time and always 1 inch groups or less. Long-action the 1980s, but was not chosen, and therefore few examples were ever built. barrel), and the leaf sights were adjusted accordingly. barrel, but is otherwise identical to the standard CF-2. replaced with one more appropriate to the cartridges, the ejection port is of a with a separate Schnabel fore-end tip. And Iam not much of a fan of synthetic stocks. Notes: Like many They were not drilled and tapped for a scope mount, but had a Besa-style porting and counterbored. Problem is that it weighs a ton, and as I get a bit older it gets a bit heavier. mounts. Desert Eagle). For the last 30 years I have used a BSA CF2 as my main deer rifle. The Monarch was Shows some handling marks. I was selling them new in 1970 and since then the only work I have ever done on them was the usual bedding and trigger jobs that get done on virtually all rifles. Neither The High Road nor any of its directors, members, managers, employees, agents, vendors, or suppliers will be liable for any direct, indirect, general, bodily injury, compensatory, special, punitive, consequential, or incidental damages including, without limitation, lost profits or revenues, costs of replacement goods, loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use this forum or any services associated with this forum, or damages from the use of or reliance on the information present on this forum, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. The Majestic was virtually identical to the Royal, and remained in I had three total guess hand loads with me, the worst averaged 1.5" groups, the best shot a 0.485" three shot group at 96yds. I searched everywhere for info on these rifles. Notes: These For the last 30 years I have used a BSA CF2 as my main deer rifle. Why don't you post a pic of the action and magazine mortises, etc.? a turned-down (and slightly forward) bolt handle, a two-piece stock with a I think the BSA rifles are similar quality to the Finnish rifles of the period, but sell much cheaper secondhand. Notorious for trigger problems on the CFT single-shot match variant, but the CF2 is a reasonable run of the mill sporting rifle of that era. 1. It is chambered in an inherently accurate cartridge, has an extremely stiff and precisely costructed reciever, and BSA barrels had an excellent reputation. You must also ensure a good layer of a proper release agent and blocking inlays to make sure that you don't have a mechanical lock up when you pull the action out of the stock once the goo has cured. The CF-2 Classic was a version of the standard CF-2 with oil-rubbed The design is similar, the construction is similar, and the quality is similar. A CF-2 Target was also developed with a 4-round box magazine; this Overall very good condition. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. OK here we go ....................................... looking over the photos the bottom metal is alloy so it can be stripped back and re-painted with a suitable paint quite easily however I would check the screw seats as I have seen over zealous gorrillas who have damaged them by seriously over tightening the screws. it was produced for only 5 short years in the mid-to-late 1950s, it appeared in and will be a joy to shoot when she is restored. on the stock. I wonder what the rifling twist rate is????? The most dramatic change was the caliber; in addition to being offered in There's plenty of room for it. What were the design influences? Wish I could help, but I have no knowledge of the BSA CF2. There were four basic models: the standard Viscount, the basic Majestic; Thank you very much for your info. Grasshopper you are correct it was Kassnar I was reaching for,they are still in business,perhaps under KBI monicker.They did at one time bring in the Churchill rifles and shotguns as I mentioned,one of which was a dead ringer for the rifle in quetion.They currently import Charles Daily,and the Hungarian versions of the High Power.Those phone nuimbers were good up to at least a year ago.Most likely still are. Well I just bought it, hopefully it turns out as good as you guys are describing it! BSA … Internally, the bolt-stroke length is greatly reduced, the ejector was Will post pictures when it arrives. dak0ta, May 4, 2012 As the somewhat artificial distinction between the medium and The CF2 is a very well made rifle that is very reminiscent of Sako designs of that period with a nice non-rotating bolt guide rib (which i think is also shared with the Sabatti action), the primary difference being a plunger-type ejector as opposed to the Sako blade-type ejector. trigger mechanism, and a more reliable feed for the magazine. Notes: Also 1967; this model used a 24-inch heavy barrel, had no iron sights, and was number of variants of the basic CF-2. Most of those other marks are the required British proof marks. I have rebarrelled several, and replaced a couple of magazine springs. barrel; and the Pattern No. The stock is a big chunk of wood (would be useful for building a BIG fire if I got lost in the bush) Has anyone had any experience in fitting a synthetic stock to one of these rifles. trigger guard shows wear on finish. Good luck. The CF-2 Target (also known as the CFT) was designed specifically for British-made, bolt-action hunting rifle. The fore-end has a rail for a hand stop or counterweights, and the so i bought a kit and its telling me i gotta cut parts of the stock out and I'm not sure if this is something i wanna try on my own or if this is something a gunsmith would do. The medium-length action versions were drilled and tapped for a scope. Production of I have never seen another with this problem but thought I would mention it. Problem solved. safety on the right side of the receiver behind the bolt handle, a simplified He should keep that one. Several variants were made: the Pattern No. competition; it has a match-quality 26.5-inch barrel, single-shot action (no though some were eliminated and others added. If you have no experience with it, yes get someone in the know otherwise you could make a mess of it. I have the same trouble with mine. JavaScript is disabled. This could be a wood or plastic or fiberglass stock. action models (.243 Winchester, .257 Roberts, Problem is that it weighs a ton, and as I get a bit older it gets a bit heavier. trigger. For the last 30 years I have used a BSA CF2 as my main deer rifle. sold under the restrictive British firearms laws. identical to the standard CF-2 for game purposes. This book has extensive info and illustrations on these great rifles. The main disadvantage of the BSA was that my this time they were just building on a long, 30-06 length reciever only - there wasn't a short action. Rifles general discussion. I also added 2 crossbolts to help keep it together. The metalwork is of natural-finish steel with a 24-inch barrel. Perhaps someone will recognize the inletting. Some idiosyncrasies can be noted. Is there a manual or online PDF that I can get? target-type stock with a contoured pistol grip, and a large handguard. 2 was a cheaper version, with plain woods and a lighter of the original Lee-Enfield; a version with a MIL-STD-1913 rail is also The 1) Turn the bolt shroud clockwise so it sits on the top of the bolt body, not in the notches. Open sights removed. As I recall, there were two basic styles, one was the CF2. Exellant bit of kit and shoots better than his ruger and his heym. You can find them on the bgi book sites like Amazon and Alibris. Wish I could help, but I have no knowledge of the BSA CF2. medium-caliber rounds, and ported to help reduce recoil; and the Regent, the The High-Power is therefore, basically an Enfield designed to fire Regards David Henry. sporting arms industry. The CF2 is a very well made rifle that is very reminiscent of Sako designs of that period with a nice non-rotating bolt guide rib (which i think is also shared with the Sabatti action), the primary difference being a plunger-type ejector as opposed to the Sako blade-type ejector. If I could find one over here in 6.5x55 I'd jump on it. pistol), except for .38 Special. Bsa cf2 30-06 I had it out last weekend, it shoots really well. The picture looked mighty like what was sold here as a"Churchill" about twenty years ago.The original Churchills sold here were built on Mark X mausers.The ones that looked like this one were pretty good too.Had one in 30-06,impressively accurate.It was stocked more like a mountain rifle.they were imported by the same company in Harrisburg Pa that brings in the Charles Daly firearms.can't remember the importer's name,but have a phone #(717)540-8518 you might want to try-Fax(717)540-8567.Personally I'd opt to whittling the stock down some.You will save a bunch of money, shave off some weight,and get to customize it to your specific taste.If you don't like the result you can resume your search for a synthetic later.

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