Their defence was that “You’ve been to Cuba, you’re political!” From giving back to the greater community through volunteering to relaxing in the social lounge with a cup of coffee, resident choice is at the forefront of our community living. Adam Mustafa, Electoral Candidate, Anti-Corruption and Child Rights Whistleblower Subjected to Mental Health Fraud. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! More on Carol’s house, Cherrytrees with Carol’s daughter Ashley: Carol has been released from The Orchard on Friday 20th March 2020 a week after she had an interview with someone from CQC.

By Christmas 2001, on receipt of the LGO letter (see link) I received a letter from LCC, BEVERLEY CULLEN saying that LCC would not inform me who their witnesses were to be.

Here is a link to her affidavit given verbally by phone on September 6 2019 09 06 Affidavit of Child Protection Whistleblower, Citizen Ms Carol Woods from Orchard, Mental Health Secure Unit V Lancashire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 8p, This is an interview I did with Carol on September 17 after her tribunal where they wouldn’t allow her two visitors to be present.

Reports now published detailing Orchard psychiatrist Dr. Jyothi Nallapuneni’s assessment show lack of historic context of Carol Woods’ whistleblowing while matron Margaret Jenkins’ statements on a warrant being obtained under the Mental Health Act were found to be lies. Adam Mustafa spoke about his experience on Dec 5, 2019 to Neelu Chaudhari here: Adam spoke about his experiences with the forced-medication on January 1, 2020 to Neelu Chaudhari here: Adam Mustafa’s case was included in the corruption and election fairness claims made by Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer working to provide proof of corruption and election frauds to the Equity Monarchy Trusts and Royal Commission. She was visited on Saturday March 21 by Jordan. It was almost 5 years later that I learned he had not written that letter (report, call it what you will), Ian Young of LCC legal dept had written it for him, Barham had simply signed it. Currently Adam Mustafa is still being held in a mental health unit and requires external advocacy. He denied me witnesses saying, “I’m not having a queue of people tell me how wonderful you are”. I was actively prevented from attending that oral hearing. He also said he’d consider my complaint when the process was complete. RUSSELL became interested all of a sudden asking if there were any other perjured documents in the bundle from LCC. I had only copied the first and the last in that series. She lost in the election. The court ended for the day with LCC and Peter Russell meeting privately in his chambers. Kidnapped with a fake warrant. R Barham was encouraging, he rang saying he couldn’t help me write my report but could say whether I was on the right track or not. On Saturday and Sunday I prepared a document to read out on Monday 23rd. I complained that LCC would use my statement and documents to manufacture their own case against me. Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 I made a Subject Access Request and received my personnel file papers from LCC. RUSSELL sat bored and gazing at the ceiling most of the time. Nothing is new, everything is history revision.” Continuous harassment and intimidation over 19 years by police ensued–Lancashire Police, Greater Manchester Police, London Metropolitan Police– while she sought justice in courts and tribunals.

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