.. Yarn: Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines.

Description: Needle Size/Tension: Different Yarns for Different Knitting Machines, Hand and Machine Knitting: The Differences. From accessories and kids items to blankets and quick knits, this is the perfect yarn! 10 x 100g.. Yarn: Anchor Bay - NEW COLOURS Code: Q125 Description: This easy-care, Superwash merino and cotton yarn has great stitch definition and is ultra-soft making it perfect for accessories, summery tops, children's garments, and baby blankets.

Tumble Dry Low. Sign up for sale alerts, special offers, and more. This wool lends itself to either garments or felting.

Jessa Duggar tells her sister-in-law that... Porn star couple who fit streaming their sex life around the school run insist they're 'not degrading... You may now kiss the bride!

Color Duo adds an exciting range of colors that will accent any wardrobe. Code:

Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines.

Meters Per Ball:

'And yeah, I am a child of the Scandinavian 70’s and topless is my favorite bikini.

Suggested Care: Hand Wash Cold. It's the same light worsted/DK, 100% Superwash Wool yarn with a subtle color changing variation that's sure to please. Hand Wash Cold. Needle Size/Tension: .. Yarn: 220 Superwash Code: Q240 Description: It is a natural fiber that is easy-care meaning you can machine wash and dry it!

Tumble Dry Low. 220 Superwash Merino is similar in gauge and yardage to our classic 220 Superwash but with the softness of merino. It's a delightful silk and wool blend lace weight yarn. Let your imagination run wild!

It's an unbelievably soft acrylic and wool blend, and has a lustrous sheen which gives depth to the many hues that are available in this yarn.


Pacific Colour Wave 10 x 100g.. Yarn: Anthem Chunky - NEW YARN Code: Q0193 Description: Anthem Chunky is a chunky version of our popular Anthem yarn. Venezia Sport Crochet Hook Size: F / 3.75 mm (G / 4.25 mm, 7 / 4.50 mm) Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines. Pack Size: 5 x 100g

On Tuesday, she posted a video of her dog and cat out in a field, while writing: 'Day 2 quarantine. Name, A to Z

Needle Size/Tension: .. Yarn:

Tumble Dry.


Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines. Lay Flat to Dry.

Single mom posts a hilarious video... Modesty police! DETAILS 100% Peruvian Highland Wool Weight: 250 g / 8.82 oz * Suggested gauge only. Suggested Care: Machine Wash Cool. Description:

10X100G.. Yarn: 220 Superwash Merino Wool - NEW COLOURS Code: Q204 Description: 220 Superwash Merino is a new addition to our 220 Superwash collection. In … Code: Code:

5 mm / 18 sts Code: Pacific Bulky is the latest addition to our Pacific line. Needle Size/Tension:

However, she came back to earth with a bang after the trip came to a close, returning to the US as it was in the midst of shutting down the majority of public spaces, while millions of citizens were locked down inside. Store your masterpiece carefully; it may one day be a timeless family heirloom.

100% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 200 Needle Size/Tension: 5.5-6mm | 10-12sts Pack Size: 5x200g Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines. Meters Per Ball:

DETAILS 100% Peruvian Highland Wool Weight: 50 g / 1.75 oz * Suggested gauge only.

Description: Top Rated.


.. Yarn: * Suggested gauge only. Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines.

DETAILS Store your masterpiece carefully; it may one day be a timeless family heirloom. Suggested Care: 'When a collection of people panic and all rational thought is lost, we lose our sense of being human. And agreeing that my current depression needs…�, Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC.

Pacific Chunky is a brilliant superwash merino and acrylic blend that knits like a dream! ', Saucy!

52% Viscose, 44% Baby Alpaca, 4% Wool.

Great for baby-wear and children, this yarn will happily pop in and out of the wash. Suggested Care: Pack Size:

Tumble Dry Low.

.. Yarn: Pacific Chunky Multi Code: Q256 Description: Made from a blend of merino wool and acrylic, Pacific Chunky Multis is the perfect yarn to inject color into your winter wardrobe with this variegated version of our Pacific line. This is definitely a next-to-the-skin yarn! Cherub DK is a brilliant blend of nylon and acrylic, supersoft and perfect for anyone who is sensitive to natural fibers.

* Suggested gauge only. DETAILS 70% Undyed Baby Alpaca / 30% Undyed Merino Wool Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz * Suggested gauge only. 25mm | 3-4 stitches


Paulina Porizkova shared a stunning topless snap from her Costa Rican vacation on Thursday evening, while she remains in quarantine in the US.

Suggested Care:

* Suggested gauge only. Cascade Yarns. Q288 Store your masterpiece carefully; it may one day be a timeless family heirloom. Cherub Aran is great for kids knits or easy care adult garments and accessories. Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines. Q250 Machine Wash Warm. Check product page for exact details. 100% Superwash Wool Tumble Dry Low. Q279 Meters Per Ball: 400 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5 - 4.5mm / 28-32sts Pack Size: 5x100g or 10x100g

Needle Size/Tension: Code: 'Paulina you are absolutely gorgeous!!! * Suggested gauge only. Meters Per Ball: 117 Needle Size/Tension: 6mm / 14sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g

'Makeup was art applied to my face so I trained myself never to spoil it by touching. Bernat Giggles ( 4 - Medium, 85g/100g ) - CLEARANCE, Tent Sale Bamboo Chunky (6-Super Chunky, 100g) - CLEARANCE, Tent Sale Monster Ball (4 - Medium, 900g) - CLEARANCE, Bernat Baby Blanket Small Ball (6-Super Chunky, 100g) - CLEARANCE, Cascade 128 Superwash merino ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade 128 Superwash merino multi ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade 220 Sport Weight ( 3-Light ,50g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Aran Merino ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Aran Splatter ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Effect ( 3-Light ,100g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Merino Wool ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Paints ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Sport ( 3-Light ,50g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Sport Multi ( 3-Light ,50g ), Cascade 220 Superwash Wave ( 3-Light ,100g ), Cascade Baby Llama Chunky ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade Baby Llama Eco Chunky ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade Boliviana Bulky ( 6-Super Bulky ,200g ), Cascade Cherub Aran & Multis ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade Cherub DK & Multis ( 3-Light ,50g ), Cascade Eco + Peruvian Tones ( 5-Bulky ,250g ), Cascade Eco Highland Duo ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade Eco Wool & Wool Heathers ( 5-Bulky ,250g ), Cascade Ecological Wool ( 5-Bulky ,250g ), Cascade Elysian ( 4-Medium ,100g ) - CLEARANCE, Cascade Fixation Sprayed-Dyed and Effect ( 3-Light ,50g ), Cascade Forest Hills ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Forest Hills Multi ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Prints ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Silk ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Silk Paints ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Silk Peruvian Tones ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Sock Paints ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Sock Solid ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Heritage Wave ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ), Cascade Lana Grande ( 6-Super Bulky ,100g ), Cascade Longwood Sport Stripe ( 3-Light ,100g ), Cascade North Shore ( 3-Light ,100g ) - CLEARANCE, Cascade North Shore Prints ( 3-Light ,100g ), Cascade Pacific & Multis ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade Pacific Bulky ( 6-Super Bulky ,200g ), Cascade Pacific Chunky Color Wave ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade Pacific Chunky Multi ( 5-Bulky ,100g ), Cascade Pacific Colour Wave ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade Pluff Effects ( 6-Super Bulky ,200g ), Cascade Pluff'n Stuff ( 6-Super Bulky ,200g ), Cascade Spuntaneous ( 6-Super Bulky ,200g ), Cascade Spuntaneous Worested & Effects ( 4-Medium ,100g ), Cascade Ultra Pima Paints and Tonals ( 3-Light ,100g ), Cascade Venezia Sport Multis ( 3-Light ,100g ), Cascade Venezia Worested ( 4-Medium ,100g ). 9-10mm | 8-10 stitches $10.95 $ 10.

The fashion star went out of her way to keep busy during her own self-imposed quarantine, and on Monday she shared a photo of herself modeling a brown, orange, and cream cardigan that she had knit. DETAILS

.. Yarn: 5 x 200g.. Yarn: Boliviana Bulky Code: Q206 Description: This yarn is great for beginner knitters, comes in a wonderful assortment of colors and is great for sweaters, hats, scarves and blankets.

Description: .. Yarn: Spuntaneous Code: Q209 Description: Spuntaneous is a super bulky, single-plied yarn that is buttery soft.

Pack Size: 220 Superwash Wave Yarn

DETAILS 10x100g OR 5x100g..


Pack Size: 4 x 250g Swaddle Hampton is a pima cotton and linen blend of yarn that boasts a delicate texture and shine. Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz Weight: 250 g / 8.82 oz DETAILS 100% Superwash Merino Wool Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz * Suggested gauge only. Melbourne Gold Cup knock back the drinks as they let their hair down at events... Jacqueline Wilson says that 'anybody reading between the lines' in early Tracy Beaker books can see that her... Grandmother whose 'clown' nose cyst 'glows like a beacon' has it popped during a stomach-churning procedure... 'He looks like a Dulux dog!' 100% Acrylic Meters Per Ball: 200 Needle Size/Tension: 6mm | 14sts Pack Size: 5x200g

Available in 23 colours!

Available in a palette of six undyed/natural colors. 10 x 100g.. Yarn: 220 Superwash Sport Code: Q225 Description: 220 Superwash Sport is made from superwash merino wool so, it's extra soft and squishy! Your body is perfect,' said another, while a third commented: 'You look like you did in the 80's Paulina.'. This stretchy yarn is fun to knit and works great with swimsuits or other stretchy garments where stretch is required.

Needle Size/Tension: We've worked up a crochet sample of single crochets, through the front loop. 280m 'I have always advised my kids never to touch their faces in time of colds and flu, something one of them ignores completely and always has a cold, and the other obeys slavishly and rarely gets sick,' she wrote. 4-4.5mm | 20-22 stitches

Well named, Elysian is a term used to describe something that has heavenly characteristics! 10 x 100g.. Yarn: Pacific Sport - NEW YARN Code: Q0521 Description: Pacific Sport is the sport weight version of Pacific and is just like your favorite yarn.

Putting on some pretty pink lingerie to wear under my pretty pink gap dress.'.

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