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Some men even claim to have awoken to these entities standing over their beds at night. When the English and American forces made their final push through Germany, they discovered that the Nazis had flooded and sealed the lower floors of Celle Neues Rathaus with concrete. The following historical background was found on the city’s website “The 181 m long, 4 1/2 storey brick building (ridge height 25 m) offered space for.

It wasn’t until the site housed allied soldiers that the initial reports of paranormal encounters began after the war.

These included pentagrams and other pagan occult symbols.

The state of these corpses was like nothing he had ever seen.

As soon as Celle’s city was liberated, the structure served as rotating barracks for allied units moving through Germany and for those stationed in the Celle region. Located in the Lower Saxony region of Germany’s heartland, Celle is a small and auspicious city. Celle Neues Rathaus — New Townhall of Celle.

They were aware that the Nazi regime had hidden valuable stolen artworks and precious artifacts in the last days of the war. 77. Five additional underground levels enhanced the capacity of the ten-story building. The Town Hall’s history before the Second World War is relatively non-eventful. Bear in mind that this man was an experienced diver; at the time, he was likely one of the most experienced in the world. While, Richard. If it’s true that they were mutilated, there are very few logical conclusions one can reach. A number of them died. Celle is a blessed picturesque medieval town in Germany. Not to forget is also the serene 18th-century French garden, designed as a baroque courtyard. Historic Mysteries is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. – During the cold war, soldiers stationed on an army base in Germany discovered themselves at the mercy of sinister and terrifying paranormal activity. This was the precursor to the Wehrmacht of the 1930s. However, amongst this collection of Germanic public infrastructure, Celle Neues Rathaus (translating to “New Town Hall of Celle”), maintains an air of mystery. CC4.0 Christian A. Schröder. Stairs in the Woods and Their Creepy Stories. Perhaps fatigue from a long war and intense workload throughout the push through Germany overcame the diver. Essentially, the wound inflicted in the wicked act allows the conjuration to possess or enter the body with less resistance.

On the higher levels of the Rathaus, some rooms had pentagrams and odd symbols etched into the floors or walls. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. This particular element of the custom comes from ancient pagan beliefs that the body in good health is essentially a sealed vessel, safe from negative spirits or energy. As the medical examiner recorded, there seemed to be a dark, oppressive atmosphere over the site. However, by the mid-eighties, this is no longer a plausible explanation. Baxter, Keith. In Germany’s devastation, the country suffered from the physical scars of the allied bombing. Let the world see your experience through your eyes. Consequently, the diver can suffer intense hallucinations or vertigo. After 1919, the Reichswher (translating in English to “realm defense”) moved in. The Celle Neues Rathaus is a surviving example of Gothic architecture about 200 miles west of Berlin.

While they were waiting on the train for inmates from other camps to join them, an Allied air raid hit the ammunition train that had stopped next to them and exploded. Ask fellow travelers and attraction managers your top questions. The 400 timber-framed houses and a ducal palace dating back to the 13th century is the reason why it is so famous among the tourists. Soon after, the subterranean levels were resealed with concrete again. More specifically, some featured the heads of goats sewn or grafted onto the human bodies. Although today it’s only a town hall, the building has an illustrious history and perhaps holds a dark secret. Since 1999, almost all offices, specialist today, the City of Celle in two buildings on the grounds of the former barracks heath together. In fact, he took a medical discharge not long after this event.

“German Occult Conspiracy (Celle Neues Rathaus),” October 24, 2018. As told by the sole survivor of the original US Navy dive team, the harrowing experience rattled him to his core. Construction began in 1869 under Prussian governance and finished in 1872.

This is reminiscent of the motifs that the frightened diver described. Pagan and satanic symbols allude to something very far removed from any military headquarters’ normal operations. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the military blocs and their potential for threat became obsolete. A Net Inceptions project. On April 8, 1945, about 3500 concentration camp inmates died in Celle on their way to Bergen-Belsen. Many of these resulted from psychological evaluations that determined the men were depressed, schizophrenic, or suffering from extreme acute anxiety conditions. The large brick building initially housed the 2nd Hanover Infantry Regiment No.

The subterranean levels remain sealed and flooded. Historic Mysteries provides captivating articles on archaeology, history, and unexplained mysteries. Purportedly, some of those same men took their lives not long after. Eleven million people were displaced, and Celle Neues Rathaus took in many of those people.

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