You will spend around $250 to $500 on neutering or spaying a teacup pig.

They are spoiled rotten and we think it shows.

Welcome to our nursery and viewing area for available babies. Squeals on Wheels have different breed, size & color of pigs available for adoption. We breed for temperament. Fill out a pre-screening application and let us get to know a little about you and your expectations. You will not be sorry you did! Yes he is special but the socializing he received is so important if a breeder is selling you a pet. ", "I love everything about this breeder.

The most common medical problems a mini pig will have are leg related, the hoof being particularly fragile, so be sure to have that in mind.

Which pig is better male or female; Shipping your piglet; Feeding & Care.

What to add a mini pig to your family? They have a very sweet gentle deposition and love to play!

Our goal is always to breed for perfect temperament. Feeding Your Mini Pig Recommended Healthy Diet, Mazuri question and answer with AMPA founder and Mazuri senior nutritionist.

Home; Mini Pig Education. You can never stop learning about these incredible animals. I highly recommend Charming Mini Pigs!! If the shelter is registered as a nonprofit organization, it will usually charge you just a small adoption fee. Some sellers take pictures of newborn piglets and advertise them as being older, to give the impression that the piglets are tiny and have stopped growing. Visit our website for more. Please contact us for more information!! 1 Photo. Miniature Teacup Pigs for Sale in Florida.

Primary Menu. Teacup Pigs. We love these mini pigs and are excited to connect families with the pig of their dreams! Teacup pigs, Mini Juliana pigs, micro Mini pigs, miniature pot belly pigs, whatever you want to call them, this is about the sweetest little piglets you will ever see. I highly recommend Charming Mini Pigs if you are interested in adopting a piglet. Also known as teacup pigs, they are considerably smaller than regular pigs and end up weighing no more than 50 to 150 pounds when they reach maturity.

At The Pig Pen we treat our micro mini teacup pigs with love and care. To make sure your pet piglet will be healthy, you should also take it to periodical medical checkups and vaccinate it at least once per year.

There are nonprofit organizations that can recommend professional breeders. There are a few shelters and rescue groups that also sell these types of pigs.

Over time Juliana pigs were imported to the U.S and soon became popular as pets!

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