Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Chewing gum was invented in the late 1800’s and we have the Alamo to thank. After some further research I have found that this law of gum chewing has been modified to some degree. SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES Research shows that chewing gum in school can help you concentrate, and remember things better. They say it has no place in the classroom. Before the gum can be hardened it needs to be cut into indivual pieces and coated with liquid and powder which created that hard sweet coating.... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, Practicals Steps on Computer Operating System. All homework will be turned in prior to you retrieving your class binder in the turn in the bin labeled with your class period. 5 Best Essays On Chewing Gum Chewing gum helps student concentrate, it helps with stress, and keeps students awake. The experiment is as follows; one hundred students, randomly selected, participated in a context dependent memory experiment. Chewing gum in school is a heated issue because many people think it is rude and messy. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. However, chewing gum should be allowed--- promoted in fact--- because of the many significant benefits of gum chewing. It also significantly increases your attention span, information intake, and reflex speed. Going on, chewing gum releases stress and anxiety that many students have. For many people who like to eat gum, they report feelings of being at ease and enhanced clarity in doing their tasks. This has been proven by, “Chewing causes our heart to pump more blood … that will help brain function better” (Chewing gum in school).

It makes the skin go less elastic therefore facial wrinkles and folds appear around the mouth and lips. Chewing gum helps student performance in school academics. In my opinion, one rule that should be changed to make our school better is give authorization for kids to chew gum. This matters because when students stay up too late, they tend to fall asleep in class. The Benefits Of Chewing Gum In School 765 Words | 4 Pages. There are no results. But as the sweetness dissipates in our mouths, so does the inclination to chew even faster(I mean that's why they're called chewing gums, right?) Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Today I will try to... ...Chewing gums, one of the best breath fresheners we know. Don't use plagiarized sources.

What do you think should be changed? According to the Los Angeles Times from April 2009, chewing gum has been proven to boost academic performance. It can be compared to praying a memorized chant that one says over and over again wherein the impact is improved concentration. Unfortunately, there are many students who break the rules, and get in trouble for this issue. However, chewing gum should be allowed— promoted in fact— because of the many significant benefits of gum chewing.

Free essay sample on the given topic "Effects Of The Russian Revolution". SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES However, this usually happens because students are not allowed to eat gum. Gum should be allowed in school because it can help students concentrate, especially those who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Have you ever chewed a piece of gum? Chewing gum was invented in the late 1800’s and we have the Alamo to thank.

Others argue it can help students focus, improve memory when taking tests, and relax while doing schoolwork or a test. Chewing something for a long time may induce a meditative effect. Chewing gum can help them focus. II. I interviewed some of the people I know who have had bad experience with gums in the past. So many people say it shouldn’t be allowed in schools because of irresponsible students. Free essay sample on the given topic "Dream Family". Context-Dependent, be completed and turned in on time. And by the 1880’s, the entire United States was stuck on chewing gum. CHEWING GUM AT SCHOOL Today, many schools prohibit chewing gum at school. Let’s see how it can leave negative impact on our body: Introduction: (2017, Jul 12). He invented a gum that had the texture that makes blowing bubbles possible. Looking at these facts, one can conclude that chewing gum has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. The American Dental Association says on its Web site that "chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay". Students fall asleep in class, are easily distracted, and are stressed. In School Some would have you believe that gum chewing is a nasty habit and that it should be banned from schools. I am currently a medical student and concentrating to become a Registered Nurse. This shows that the test scores from students dropped down big time in 3 years. Hire EssayBasics to Write Your Assignment, 5963 Corson Ave S 176, Seattle, WA 98108 USA, Advantages Of Studying Locally (Essay Sample), Sweet Memories Of My Childhood (Essay Sample), Effects Of The Russian Revolution (Essay Sample), Why Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist? then, becomes stiff and tasteless. Wrigley pulled all of its gum off the shelves and donated them to the war effort. Chewing gum is actually a fun thing to do. Any person in public should not make those disgusting noises with their mouth like that.

What could make this texture and consistency? Development: Statistics, Visual Aids and Examples. Two other Americans are responsible for the popularity of chewing gum around the world. After picking up the handouts, walk to the shelf labeled with your class period, and social media. Gum at School essays There are many issues that face schools, but one of the main issues is gum. They would not be as hungry; therefore, they can concentrate better in school. Others argue it can help students focus, improve memory when taking tests, and relax while doing schoolwork or a test. Therefore, the rationale being is that kids that chew, People Corrupt Power In George Orwell's Animal Farm And Mouseland, Making Life Worth : Analysis Of Unholy Sonnet Five Of Mark Jarman. Gum production starts with menthol crystals and peppermint oil stirred together. They were asked to spend thirty minutes learning a list of thirty words. CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF STREETISM ... Another side people might argue is that gum chewing helps relieve stress. Cell Phone Usage While Driving The cellular phone has brought many services and many different ways of communicating. Students should be allowed, Chewing Gum in School Written by academic experts with 10 years of experience. They are scared that they will dispose the gum in the wrong places.

It helps kids pay better attention in class and not zone out, helps keep teeth clean and healthy after eating and drinking, and chewing gum helps reduce hunger and diminish cravings. twenty five were in each of the four following learn-recall situations; hot room-hot room, hot room-cold room, cold room-cold room, cold room-hot room. ... Another side people might argue is that gum chewing helps relieve stress. Gum can produce benefits for student learning and school relationships; hence, it is essential to allow it in school. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! “In math, the United States score[s] below 29 nations and education systems in 2012 on the Program for International Student Assessment – dropping from 23rd in 2009” (Fensterwald). “No photography, smoking, or gum chewing is allowed” (Buettner, 2011, p. 75). Chewing gum is good for this reason because kids are taking tests, doing work they need to get good grades on.

Chewing Gum in School Chewing gum in school is a heated issue because many people think it is rude and messy. Chewing gum has many benefits improving memory, and makes a student more alert during class. Gum should be authorized in school as it can boost academic performance through improving concentration and relaxation, and to avoid messiness, students should receive education in proper disposal and reasonable punishment when caught littering. So, we like chewing gums, simply because it's really soft in comparison with candies. Establish Credibility. The positive impact is that they can concentrate more on their teachers as well as the lessons and activities. Written by academic experts with 10 years of experience. PROGRAM: SOCIOLOGY

Especially at school among teachers and students, where there was and still a battle between parties — some teachers banning students from chewing gums while inside classrooms.

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