Check the Windows Character Map (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map on Vista)  or use a program such as BabelMap to see if there’s an existing character you can use — if there is, use that as it’s the quickest and simplest method.

– While the techniques I learned were perfect as long as I wrote in Word, in the same moment I posted my text (and it was transformed to html), both the bar and the letter totally disappeared. His solution uses the built-in Math AutoCorrect feature, which you need to turn on if it’s not already on. So, what’s a macron? Thank you very much. If you give it a memorable name like “dmac”, a pop-up will appear when you type “dmac” to let you press Enter to insert it (you can also press F3). If you need a larger preview window, drag one of the top corners up.

all of these ways are good but not so easy and clean!

Wherever you insert combining characters, it will combine with the previous character. thank you so much. Next, go to Insert -> Symbol, drop down to “More Symbols”, and in the window that pops up, make sure you have selected “Arial Unicode MS” as the font. The first method about how to place a bar over a letter (a versal) is excellent, also in microsoft XP, when I use word. Yours was THE ONLY tutorial that helped me figure out how to type the x-bar for the “mean”. Of course this can only be done in LaTeX editors, something that Microsoft Word could never hold a light to…. My attitude: If it should look nice and be precise, use LaTeX. [16] The South Vietnamese đồng, on the other hand, was symbolized "Đ.

There are many such shortcuts that make it easy and intuitive to enter equations. Click the AutoCorrect Options button, then select the Math AutoCorrect tab and check the two check boxes. You can probably ignore all other solutions and use his. This is particularly useful for geometry line segments with two letters. Đ and đ are encoded in Unicode as U+0110 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D WITH STROKE and U+0111 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH STROKE; in Latin-2, Latin-4 and Latin-10 as D0 and F0 respectively; and, in Latin-6 as A9 and B9 respectively. Didn’t that work? Using the combining overline is much easier:

Press Ctrl+F9 to insert an empty field. In Vietnamese, the đồng sign is written after the amount in superscript, often underlined.

That worked well, but as you say it’s very font-dependent.

All you have to do is type in $\bar{D}$ to have it reproduce a D with a bar over it! Type in a letter that you want to adorn with a bar.

Back in Sept 29, 2011, I answered your comment on this post re HTML by referring you to the Wikipedia article that tells you what HTML entity to use.

In Unicode, the Vietnamese đồng symbol is properly represented by .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}U+20AB ₫ .mw-parser-output span.smallcaps{font-variant:small-caps}.mw-parser-output span.smallcaps-smaller{font-size:85%}DONG SIGN, but U+0111 đ LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH STROKE is often used instead. ( Log Out /  I didn’t know you could do that — it’s what I wanted all along, but had to use other cludgy approaches to achieve.

Many many many thanks. For my example, I typed D\bar and that automatically added a bar over the top of the letter. The official blog of CyberText Consulting – technical communication specialists. The field method suggested here however appeared. Correction: Code of upperline character is 773 in dec and 0305 is in hex mode! For the macron-D, type “D”, then Insert > Quick Parts > Field… and choose the Advance field. i Found a way that is usable without need to insert any block:

A. And there is. “x”, then Insert → Symbol… Symbols tab; scroll down to the “Combining Diacritical Marks” portion, click on the box with the character “Combining Overline” (macron), click Insert, and Close.

The vertical bar, | , is a glyph with various uses in mathematics, computing, and typography.It has many names, often related to particular meanings: Sheffer stroke (in logic), verti-bar, vbar, stick, vertical line, vertical slash, bar, pike, or pipe, and several variants on these names.It is occasionally considered an allograph of broken bar (see below). This tutorial has been very helpful to me. I was able to change the font size of the macron to TNR 14, while my letter remained TNR 12. Change ). I’ve used Word 2007 in these instructions, but Word 2003 and later versions of Word is similar for the most part. “d-bar” (my editor is not letting me use the correct symbol, but this is the letter “d” with a bar over it) is just the average of the differences (d) in the two samples. In MS Word, an alternative is to type the letter requiring a macron, e.g. In PostScript they are Dcroat, Dmacron, Dslash, dcroat, dmacron and dslash.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you so much for sharing this trick. However, after reading your solution I turned it back on (File > Options > Customize Ribbon) and tried it by drawing with the mouse, and it worked beautifully! Thanks a million – on my 2011 mac word – I finally found the equation option under “document elements” – after that it was just as you described. The easiest method is to use the feature that defines the spacing between 2 characters (in font, under spacing). b = y intercept of a line. Đ (lowercase: đ, Latin alphabet), known as crossed D or dyet, is a letter formed from the base character D/d overlaid with a crossbar.

thanks, its very usefull, “d-bar” (my editor is not letting me use the correct symbol, but this is the letter “d” with a bar over it) is just the average of the differences (d) in the two samples. Armed with that little piece of information, back to Google, where I found out more about this beastie. Thank you for your research! You’ll get this: “x̅”. You should have a basic understanding of field codes and switches.

And why did I learn this word?

Hi, There is a much easier way. you can use it by holding alt key down and type this code with num pad to insert this character.

I learnt a new word the other day: macron. So far that’s all I’ve needed it for but it may come in handy again so I’m bookmarking this page. In Office 365 you can simply draw it, and Word will convert it to text. Please note: Some letters already have a macron built-in. You should see something like this: Option 3: Create your own field. However, it wouldn’t copy properly. Your letter with its macron should look like that below (I have field shading turned on); change the font if you don’t see the macron: Your letter with its macron should look like that below; change the font if you don’t see the macron: Seriously. and Comments (RSS). I know this is old, but it still comes up on google. Click OK and get back to your document. this character is upper line.

This table explains the meaning of every Letter d symbol. After looking for a solution for more than an hour, I finally got it hear. Some fonts, such as Calibri (Body), do not display the macron. Wow! ", in majuscule.

Click “Insert”. (You can also get to the same feature through Insert > Symbols > Equation > Ink Equation. As unproductive as it is, I liked best the comment from Matthew Tiger (Nov. 2011), but as many, am doomed to MS Word at work. Afterwards, mostly the upper case will not align. So that’s one less disadvantage for Method 1, and thanks for sharing this! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I Googled the problem and after some hunting around I discovered some great resources (listed at the end of this post), and discovered that the line over the top of a letter is called a ‘macron’. Test these key combinations in your document first to make sure you can create the macron successfully with the keyboard. Also, you can get into equation editor easily by holding down Alt while pressing =.

You can use these symbols in your questions or assignments.,,,,,,, Word: Large table won’t sort properly and other issues, Excel: Convert hours and minutes to minutes, Word: Table or table row goes to next page, How to find out author and date details for a PDF, Windows 10: Reduce size of search box on taskbar, If one or more of my tips have helped you, saved you time, or saved your skin, you can thank me by clicking the PayPal button (or, Click outside the equation box to hide it; you can show it again by clicking on the, Click away from the equation box to hide it; you can show it again by clicking on the, You get a properly formatted macron over the letter, You may not be able to change the font (I wasn’t able to change it from Cambria Math), If you copy this equation from one Word document to another, you must remember to select, A text box is added to the document, along with a floating.

You can make any 2 characters (or more) overlap. ( Log Out /  This works really fast. If you have a numeric keypad, it’s Alt+0175; if you have a keyboard without a numeric keypad, it’s 00af (they are zeros) followed immediately by Alt+x.

Defined here in Chapter 4. It’s a bar or line over the top of a word or letter, such as those used to indicate the mean in mathematical equations. It looks good in Arial, Cambria, and others, but not so good in Calibri, Verdana, etc., and looks horrid in Courier New.

The uppercase eth (Ð) is also now used to symbolize the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. So you can make a superscript bar overlap with any letter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I used Method 2, option 3.

Thanks this article is great.

Because Stephanie, one of my team’s authors, wanted a line over the top of her capital D. She could get the line using Microsoft Word’s equation editor, but as she had to define what the D with the overbar/overline/overscore meant, she wanted to insert it into the Terms list too. That Wikipedia article on macrons has a list of the various HTML entities to use to create one (long, short, medium as well as over or under): (it in the table near the bottom of the page).

Just brilliant!

The first method was so easy and I could save it. We are covering paired (dependent) samples hypothesis tests and the explanation in the textbook gives the students a fuzzy discussion and includes a complex formula for finding the latter. In the bottom right, you’ll see a text area and a drop down. A minuscule form of the letter, đ, is the symbol of the đồng, the currency of Vietnam, by a 1953 decree by Hồ Chí Minh.

Thank you Patrick! will you have to copy from one document to another? I had the Draw tab turned off because I don’t use a touch surface.

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