The engineering design of the bridge is pretty robust. Whose Da vinci bridge holds most weight? MIT’s experiments with simulated earthquakes on the model showed that the bridge withstood the tremors, exhibiting only a slight distortion. However, the mis-alignment effect can add up quickly.

It is worth noting that despite its great length, the bridge envisioned by Da Vinci was a single arch flattened on top, without any supports, high enough for tall ships to pass under it. According to the findings, the bridge was stable and was capable of withstanding horizontal displacements produced by seismic shocks. It is a fun STEM project to learn engineering, forces, gravity and friction.

It’s difficult to know.

Leonardo himself called this “the bridge of safety,” and it counts as only one of the ingenious bridges he designed in his lifetime. About: The Maker Studio is a museum makerspace @ Science City, Kansas City. Once we had enough pencils wrapped with rubber bands, we started building the bridge. Scientists could not detect any construction details but probably stone blocks would have been assembled together without using any binder. A few civil engineers in our time have constructed similar bridges but with modern materials (steel and cement), which makes their work much easier. You want to keep both sides symmetrically aligned to the best you can, all the time. ©2006-2020 Open Culture, LLC. It should be on top of the yellow stick and under the red stick. See more of our creations on Instagram @The_Maker_Studio or our blog:, Jumbo popsicle sticks (colorful ones may be easier).

Need trees on other side. This was to aid them in their constant struggle for power with the Medici family in Renaissance Italy.” The site of the Leonardo3 Museum adds, “we do not know whether this bridge was ever put to practical use, but it is not hard to believe that such a modular construction, extremely easy to transport and to assemble, must have met with great favor from the Renaissance lords who were always on the lookout for new technologies to put to military use.”.

His work was commissioned by the Borgia family, with the mandate to design light and strong structures which could be built and taken down quickly. We just put it above where it should stay to get an idea where it was going to cross with the side-pencils, and those were the places to put rubber band to increase the grip between pencils. Leonardo da Vinci came up with an innovative design but it was not qualified and, therefore, it has never been implemented.


It is a fun STEM project to learn engineering, forces, gravity and friction. if you like our Facebook fanpage, you'll receive more articles like the one you just read!

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