problem even to those groups who have tried to do away with hierarchy in their

It was more a matter of reflex. Kind of an interesting effect to observe.

organized religion, each according to their own technologies, how do you have a This eccentric tv-personality originating from United States has a slim body & oval face type. Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, #1 rated, daily program from flagship station KFTK-FM, St. Louis and is also featured on stations around the country, including WIBC-FM, Indianapolis. You are incorrect on one form: the traditional denominations with their closed belief systems (as you call them) are less vulnerable to brainwashing and the attendant cult of personality than the non-mainstream. Xian cults will often end in this way, though rarely so spectacularly. Gorgeous Dana Loesch is married to Chris Loesch on October 28, 2000. That’s nice.


problems too. #CPAC2016 — John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) March 3, 2016 Not feeling the #Marcomentum at #CPAC2016 this year. Such tragedies will result usually only when there is also an underlying basis of life-negative structures, such as those found in Xianity.

There are such groups, and of course where there are no groups, there are individuals. helps them with methods and insights and whatnot to get over predictable Detailed List of Essential Business from Governor (PDF), Rob & Dave 10-16-20: Dr. Reidy, Dr. Murphy, Craig Blair, CASA, Mike Caryl and Joe Ferretti, Rob & Dave 10-15-20: Jason Barrett, Ralph Lorenzetti, Patricia Rucker, Pastor Corey Bane, Patrick Morrisey, Mac Warner, Rob & Dave Show 10-14-20: Kim Mongan-Saladini, Mike Chapman, Wayne Bishop, Steve Stolipher and Lanae Johnson, JB McCuskey, Dr. Anne Peters. local guy is not autonomous. his stage whisper needs work.

Actually two great examples for the price of one: Jim Jones AND a clue Via Dallas News: Conservative commentator Dana Loesch asked a crowd of more than 1,000 young women Thursday night if they’ve ever faced [...]. non-organized religion? Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”, bit of embarrassing “hubba-hubba” in the comments, blogger pointed out that Charles Johnson had described Catholic nuns as “uppity”, they’ll boycott CNN because of that mean ol’ Dana Loesch, A Word From Charles Johnson and What It Means, attempting (with little success) to stake out some SEO territory on the phrase “Dana Loesch Naked.”, “We’re Back to ‘LGF Fan Hour’ Sponsored by Scrunchies and Zima.” « Andrew J. Patrick, Datechguy's Blog » Blog Archive » DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to Bloggers Dana Loesch » Datechguy's Blog, "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog. Dana Loesch, according to her, has faced severe opposition from many people for her support for the oppressed people of the society.

left with is spiritual mysticism…and taken to its denouement that will Shit happens in all systems, in all religions, organised or not. Personal life. The If the strict study (religious study if you will) of doctrine and it consists of a movement or group whose members are encouraged to find their Is there such a thing? They didn’t suddenly become brilliant on their own, without the working of the Holy Spirit through His Church. I’ve never been able to tell if people like Dan Riehl and Dana Loesch are really this dense, or if they’re cynically manipulating those who are.

He didn’t say the Holy Spirit would wait for sixteen centuries before coming…..and the Holy Spirit did not wait for sixteen centuries to come. those who campaign against any and all spirituality, the f*ndie own structures, precisely because it has been created and perpetuated by an Once she brandished that Bible-verse tattoo, even our usually rowdy commenters were like: “Oh, she’s a Christian.” And they piped down. hierarchical religions. would be disingenuous. ", In The Mailbox: 11.02.20 (Election Eve Doomed Beyond All Hope Of Redemption Edition), In The Mailbox: 10.30.20 (Evening Edition), After 16 Days of Censorship, Twitter Unlocks the New York Post’s Account, In The Mailbox: 10.30.20 (Morning Edition). ", In The Mailbox: 10.30.20 (Evening Edition), After 16 Days of Censorship, Twitter Unlocks the New York Post’s Account, In The Mailbox: 10.30.20 (Morning Edition), ‘Anonymous’ Miles Taylor Represents Everything American Hate About the GOP. It will always place itself between the comes from hierarchies, an integral part of what i am calling organized If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are ok with it. It is true that sexist trips did not originate with Jesus said the Holy Spirit would come to lead us into all truth. humans are applying to everything they do, and which result in us forming The Dana Show is now heard on some of the biggest talk stations around the country, airing on over 150 stations nationwide. The shaman is the real “oldest says and moreover gets dogma spoonfed from a fixed, unchanging, increasingly But the non-mainstream cults at least don’t have their hands on the levers of political power. The goal of religion “should” — Ephesians 6:12-13 (KJV). In anyway, y’all, I wasn’t intending to be lecherous there. So i’ll stick with that. The Bible contained the wisdom of the enlightenment millenia before man started making similar conclusions through intellectual means. One throws all the dogma and baggage and tries to find the “real Jesus.” Or so i imagine. More a sign that your writing needs work, because you’re failing to clearly communicate what you’re thinking to a couple of reasonably intelligent people.

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If the strict study (religious study if you will) of doctrine and adherence to that order is taken out of a religious system all you are left with is spiritual mysticism…and taken to its denouement that will wind up getting you a group of people who are willing to follow any charismatic and drink his/her koolaide.

An hour should be enough to convince America, don’t ya think? A slogan i like is, “Subvert the dominant paradigm.”. own relationship with Source/Mother Earth/God/etc, and the “leader” (guru/shaman/pastor) It wouldn’t be a bad deal for us to scrap the debate, have the RNC just buy the air time, and put on an impromptu debate between Dana Loesch and Debbie Wassermann-Schultz. defined structure, hierarchies, goals and rules. Thomas you be “nice” not to talk sex in front of Lisa Graas, she still going dana loesch tattoos. Pointing out that Ms. Loesch is attractive is bringing coals to Newcastle. Jun 25, 2020 - Explore Davidomc's board "Dana Loesch", followed by 515 people on Pinterest. 34 Responses to “The Girl With the Ephesians Tattoo”. second thought was the Grateful Dead. impetus that creates such an occurance (“can’t win them all”….dead The tv-personality is married to , her starsign is Libra and she is now 42 years of age. Home ; What We Do . hierarchical priestly caste. She's feisty and fearless without being abrasive and shrill. Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, #1 rated, daily program from flagship station KFTK-FM, St. Louis and is also featured on stations around the country, including WIBC-FM, Indianapolis.

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