In response to Ana asking Monica how she could leave her locked up with her psychotic parents, Monica only said that she had her reasons and that her story to the police would be hard to swallow before lunging at Ana with a knife. In actuality, unbeknownst to both parents, Camilla was alive and had been in hiding after the aforementioned accident. Alexis' attempt to attack Brooke resulted in Brooke shooting her (non-fatally), and it was followed by police arriving and arresting the villainess, who screamed that she would always be a mother to Breanne and Hailey, words which Breanne and Hailey ignore. Then she informed Monica that she would be taking her apartment and that Monica needed to pack and go into hiding, with the film ending under the indication that Monica followed through with Ana's suggestion and warning. However, instead of taking her to the hospital, the strangers bring her to a home of a woman whose daughter just died. Alexis (along with her boyfriend, Nick) raised Breanne for sixteen years, while the Jenkins did the same with Hailey; all the while, she was engaging in criminal activity:  stealling money from her workplace, a coffee shop known as Steampunk. Ana was being stalked and Monica invited Ana to stay with her and her family. At Steampunk, Alexis was confronted by her boss, Fred, regarding the stolen money, with the villainess denying the claims before indirectly confessing; stating that she was losing her daughter.
Nicole Turner has seen better times. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Use the HTML below. Both of them quickly became friends and it was afterwards that Monica offered to drive Ana to her home for protection. That is until Jared begins to push Ashley out of their new life... See full summary ». Monica Jansen (Danika Yarosh) is a hidden villainess from the 2019 film,Deadly Switch (alternately titled, Foreign Exchange). Monica was first encountered by Scottish exchange student Ana (the film's main protagonist) early in the film, when Ana was being pursued by an unknown stalker. View production, box office, & company info. The confrontation became physical when Alexis shoved Fred, causing him to strike his head, after which she left the shop. Brooke decided that, as a reward for Alexis' help, she would name Alexis in a trust where she would become Breanne and Hailey's official guardian in the event of Brooke and Carter's deaths. Forced to give up her daughter for adoption when she's underage, Laura is thrilled to welcome her now adult daughter Bree back into her life. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?
During her meeting with Hailey, Alexis was asked about her past, after which she mentioned her relationship with John, but stated that he had passed on, which wasn't true. Afterwards, Brooke brawled with Alexis and disarmed her, with Breanne and Hailey later appearing with John, who Alexis was shocked to see. A DNA test performed on Hailey ended up revealing that she wasn't Brooke and Carter's daughter, and it led to the conclusion that she was switched at birth with another baby, revealed as Breanne. In the film's climax, Alexis feigned being ill to get out of going to the movies with Breanne and Hailey, after which she retrieved Nick's gun, with Breanne catching Alexis with the gun and lashing out at her for possessing the weapon. She is the wife of Peter Jansen and the mother of Monica and Camilla Jansen. Once Ana arrived, she was introduced to Olivia and Peter, who displayed kindly personas towards Ana and revealed that their other daughter, Camilla, had been killed in a car accident. John escaped and survived, and Alexis gave birth to a girl named Hailey on December 29, 2003; however, she ended up switched with Breanne--who was born that same day to parents Brooke and Carter Jenkins. Just as Nick was set to call 911, Alexis caught him and held him at gunpoint. Nick stated to Alexis that she wouldn't shoot him, which she doesn't, but instead, the villainess struck Nick with the gun and dragged him to the bottom of a short flight of stairs, before breaking Nick's neck. After Hailey informed Brooke about her conversation with Alexis, Brooke went to the college and spoke to Dean Lerner regarding Alexis and John, with Lerner revealing that John was actually alive. She is the daughter of Olivia and Peter Jansen and the sister of Camilla Jansen. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Deadly Switch. However, Monica turned heel (as did Camilla) during the scheme when they decided to lure in another girl to replace Camilla, and with that, Monica found and targeted Ana, posing as a "stalker" to lure Ana to her so she could befriend her. However, the deranged Alexis seethed in extreme anger and jealousy while watching both girls dining with the Jenkins, and she unleashed her anger by vandalizing Brooke's car with gardening shears. The Female Villains Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

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