finally, I want to say that, “How to describe your personality in English?” is surperb,excellent:-)

I’m really looking forward to another lesson of this kind, coz describing things and people, well, that’s a huge gap in my English. I would say that I’m a sociable, easygoing and talkative person. ), I’m a… (Example: I’m a goal-oriented person. I really wanted to start with my talkative featutre. I would like to help others. I wish I were braver in some situations and less critical to myself. All the pieces of advice have been outlined, what is next?

Great job using some of the key language from this lesson, Ahmad. Synonyms include to flourish, to grow, to prosper, to shine, or to succeed. All images and content are © Rosemary Guthrie 2007-2014, Blog banner kindly created by Kirsty Wiseman. She started a new career program for… Read more », Hi Annemarie, I am a third-year student of BS CS. To get along is a phrasal verb that means to be or to remain on friendly terms with someone. Thank you so much for sharing!
They are more pressured to only show their positive traits and this may be difficult if the person is not really kind or polite. LOLHave to make up for my lack of height some how babe! I have no confident to continue recieving your service, but I try to do my best. Do you have any suggestion? “Did you know it’s common to hear this question at a job interview in English: Everything You Need to Know for Talking about Holidays in English, #173: Express Kindness, Comfort, and Sympathy in English — for Times of Crisis and Grief, #182: 25 English Collocations with 'Stay' [Vocabulary-Building Lesson].

The font size should be the one for all document as well as the style. Introverts can still be very friendly and helpful!

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my lessons. Reread it, as not all the grammar and spelling mistakes are visible from the first sight. I would say I’m a hardworking and diligent guy, but flexible, so if my boss changes the program, I align myself with the new circumstances and rearrange… Read more ». I’d like to break a big goal down into small goals and trace the achievement of them daily. listener she has determination and great corversanationalis always people they say she is stubborn ,always is looking for solutation to find up to help colleagues and family as well will do anything to help them out ,she is pretty easy going and social guy and ,she loves to know each other even though if an introvert sometimes she loves to crack jokes to make people laugh also she gets a long with every one she attempt to make coffitable around her, but people wondering She is not serious to focus to her task but in… Read more », Are you describing one of your friends here? It looks like you found many useful adjectives for how to describe yourself! I think, others would say that I’m confident, hardworking and diligent.
You should have an introductory part, the main body divided into smaller paragraphs for reading easily, and the conclusion. Being dishonest about your strengths and weaknesses can land you in a job that you’re terrible at or with friends who you don’t click with. Well done.

Last Updated: October 1, 2020 My personality consists of different characteristic traits and habits which help me make a decent human being.

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