Page 1 of 5: 1: 2: 3 > Last » 03/26/2016, 15:30 #1. cdkeydispenser2 elite*gold: 0 . You have to create an account on and Add A Game for diablo 2 classic then diablo 2 expansion. Edit: You cannot change 16 digit cd keys into 26 digit ones. The account you are posting here with has those CD-Keys claimed. Please dont ignore my post - Title: Game Issue:) Its very urgant. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Let’s try to get this sorted. Updated it to be more clear. ytthechickenman.
If there are no keys and no download option means you never redeemed them and therefore they can’t help. You cannot use a 16 digits physical CD key to install online. Guys from support told me i need report it here. Awesome thanks! If i try to use programs like CD-Keychangers then they want me to input 16-digit keys which i do not have. Solution: Using the program Sandboxie + 26-digit keychanger program it worked just fine. Diablo II Lord of Destruction (English US) Game Key: VH9GPN28R67FRX49PP7ZPHX6NJ 3. Information about this error when login to Diablo II, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship.

Thanks! Once you link them to a account they stay as 26-digit. And if you can answer me on my post, so i can reply you there with attached files and further tekst. on the page i can only buy a game … so what problém with my origin cd keys? The online installer will ask you to enter your 26 digit license key —you can find your key on your Games & Subscriptions page. Can you please help me with informing me first how to make a post with screenshoots and txt files? Error: The CD-Key entered in the Diablo II field was invalid. So I want to install Diablo 2 again, but I can't install because I have lost my Play disc. what i can do to play again on battle net i dont want buy new another one cd keys… thx you. This will convert it to a new 26 digit digital license key that will be permanently stored on your Games & Subscriptions page. Dabei seit März 2011 Beiträge 1.635. Click to watch this video in a web browser. Never buy CD KEYs again. Visit the page as I described above, with the account you are posting here with and the keys and download option are in the classic section. Alright, I think there is some confusion here. As far as I can see, those keys were added by the account owner of the account you are posting with here back in the past to enable the download and store those CD-Keys. This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Diablo 2 cd - keys 22WT-RT4G-VWC7-W27E 9GKE-6TJB-MEW7-VJ6P FZDB-H6KK-D4MZ-M4BX PWGZ-RT99-24V7-FBCC VKDF-ZG62-6MVV-WRX9 N6XG-6T67-P9WP-ZC2G CERM-F66W-7CXR-V6ZJ BRBJ-7G8R-VMVP-ZPEP NDM7-GJ7B-CFT7-WXZH Can someone help me? That is how they ended up in the Battle.Net Account you are posting with here. Updated my original post. Good morning XXHEROXX, Alright, I think there is some confusion here. Diablo 2 CD-KEY 16 or 24 Digits?

You cannot install from CD anymore —your original 16 digits physical CD key will not work. if u mean whwre i got lince keys and download client? If the keys are redeemed in your account they stay there forever and you can see them. The solution described above does not help me because I cannot use cd-keys but only a license key. if u mean whwre i got lince keys and download client? You cannot use a Lord of Destruction key to install Diablo II. --Diablo II 26 digits CD-Keys (2007+) 6D2DE2WY2HXMYB7RWWMDGY6K47 9HEC6Z9MRDGNPBNB8DYCGCB7EJ B6XP6C7DFNJEKFNR7H8D6MW7CX HPE66HTER6JJ2CRWTBFYBNW7TB MTV8H7XWGFG7XWMPX7NX8VNRFY YYDG2KVRNNGHNMKYFP2V4VFCWX--Diablo II 16 digits CD-Keys (2000+) 6J872T6DGNBJTZ2Z … I am missing ONE DISC, the play disc. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

To install Diablo II you must enter a Diablo II key. I have diablo 2 and the expansion I have lost the cd keys is there anyway to get them back a program you guys use for digging out of registry? Good morning XXHEROXX, Alright, I think there is some confusion here. Have the old 16 digit CD key. Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Missing Diablo 2 Play Disc.

free diablo ii lord of destruction cd keys L AST CHECK : 21/09/2011 ! The 26 digit cd keys allow you to download the game while 16 digit cd keys allow you to play. Delete the old CD installer from your computer and download the latest installer from the Blizzard downloads page.

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