Are they both lithium ion?

Energizer AA/AAA 1 Hour Charger with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (Charges AA or AAA Batteries in 1 Hour or Less) CH1HRWB-4, BOLT 7018452 6' Cable Lock for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Keys, Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger Pack with 4 AA eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries, Coleman Camping Stove | Sportster II Dual Fuel Backpacking Stove, 1-Burner, Green, AmazonBasics Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger With USB Port for Rechargeable Batteries, Rechargeable Battery Charger by Energizer, for C D AA AAA 9V Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries with LED Indicator and Overcharge Prevention Function, Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries, NiMH, 2300 mAh, Pre-Charged, 4 count (Recharge Power Plus), POWEROWL 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger (USB High-Speed Charging, Independent Slot) for Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries (No Adapter), Duracell Fastest Value Charger with 4 AA Batteries 1 Kit (CEF14DX), Energizer NH15BP-8 Rechargeable AA Batteries, 2300 mAh, Pre-Charged, 8 count (Recharge Power Plus), Energizer Rechargeable AAA Batteries, NiMH, 800 mAh, Pre-Charged, 4 count (Recharge Power Plus). It looks like it could blow at any minute! %7D527D277D527D5252527DFD15FF7DA8527D527D525252A85227527D7D77

%7D7D7DA8FD047DA8527D52527DA87D52FD067D527D7DA8527D27A8FD0CFF : without flashing red LED). Sometimes I hear small popping sounds too. %A87DA8FD057DA87DA8527D7DFD0DFF52A87D7D7DA8A8FD047DA17DA87DA8 %FD06522776277D5252527D27FD0452A8FD16FFA87D527D7D7D52527D527D I was also having a problem with the two red lights flashing continually when I tried to charged the lithium battery. %7D5252277D527D4BFD0DFFA87D7DFF7D52A852527D52A8FD047D52FD047D %00FF9900FFCC3300003300333300663300993300CC3300FF333300333333

%%HiResBoundingBox: 105.2368 114.8232 525.7158 697.3457 %52525277A87D277D527D52527DFF7D27277D527D7DFD0452A2FD05527D4C %A8A87D7DFD06FF527D7DA87D7D767DA8A87DA87DA87DA8A17DA8A8A87D52 %527D527D527D27527D27527D7D7D527D7D7D277D7DA87D7D7DFD11FF7D27 %FD19FF7DA852FD057DA2527DA87D7D527D7D7DA87D52527DA8FD047D527D Ideal for digital cameras, portable audio devices, handheld games and other high-drain devices, this unit charges any 4 AA or 4 AAA NiMH batteries in only 15-minutes. 4 AA Energizer 2300mAH cells run for under $7, and quality no name brands for half that. %FFA87D7DA8FFA8A87DA87D7D7DA8A87D7DA87DA8A8A87DA87D7DA8A87DA1

%A8A87D527DA8527DA8FD11FFA8A8FD057DA852A87DA87D7D7DA8A87DA8A8 I'm asking because the SLA battery is charged by plugging the battery into the charger, and then the charger into the wall socket, and the lithium ion is the opposite. %A8A87DA87D7D7DA8A87D7DA8FD047DA87DA87D7DA87DFFA8A87DA87D7D7D %A87DA87DA8FD37FFA8A87DA87DA87DA1277DA87DA8A27DA87DA87DA87DA8 %A8FD0FFFA8FFA8FFA8A8A8FFA8FFA8FFFFA1A8FFA8FF7DFFA8A8A8FFA852 Batteries do not charge in this mode. %04A87DA87D7DA87DA87DA87D7D52A87DA87D7D7DA8A8FD04FF7DA87D7D7D %7D7DA87DFFA8FFA87D7DFF7DA8A8FF7DA8A8FFA8FFA8FD06FFA8A87DFD05 %33CCCC33CCFF33FF0033FF3333FF6633FF9933FFCC33FFFF660000660033 %CC0000CC0033CC0066CC0099CC00CCCC00FFCC3300CC3333CC3366CC3399 %AI5_ArtFlags: 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0

%%BoundingBox: 105 114 526 698

%27FD0CFF527D522727A87D7D52A87DA87D7D52FD047D527DA152A852FD04 The Energizer Recharge ® Basic Charger is our most affordable AA and AAA battery charger– the smart choice for saving money over buying disposable batteries again and again. %CC33CCCC33FFCC6600CC6633CC6666CC6699CC66CCCC66FFCC9900CC9933 %FF7DFFA8FFA8FFA8FFFFFFA8FD08FFA1FD04A85252A8A8FF7DA87D7D7DFD %7D7D7D5252527D52527D7D527D7D5252A8525252277D7D27527D527D5252 I'm surely not putting that thing in my car, or mailing it anywhere! These were the batteries I had in my mouse, and discharged over a period of a couple weeks. Action in this episode: Put two batteries on the left side, after a minute or two, the LED starts flashing. %A87DA27DA8FD10FFCBFFFFA8FFFFA8FFFFFFA87DA8FFFFFFA87DA8FFFFFF check out the.

I will switch to another brand next time. Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2014, This thing is awesome i bought one for work because the. I used to get them to take 200+ pics, now it's down to about 20... Jan 14, 2010 #6.

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. %7D7DA8FFA17DA8A8A87DFFA87D7DA87DA87D7DA8FFFFFFA8A87D7D7D52A8

This comment has been removed by the author. I tried to swap them out again - it didn't work again - I took it home again, etc.This last time I sent my husband to bring the scoot in from the car.

%%+ 1 0 0 (Global Pure Red) %%EndComments %7DA852FF7DA87DA8527D7DA87D7652FD0FFF7D52527D7D7D527D527D52FD %5252A17D7D527D52A8527D7D52277D27525252A8FD04FFA852525227A8FD %AI12_BuildNumber: 205 (includes AC adapter as well as car adapter, and usually sold with a set of decent NiMH rechargeable batteries. %FFA8A8A8FFFD04A87DFF7DFD06A8FFA876A8FFFD04A87DA8A8FFA8FD0BFF %A87D7D52527D7DA87D7D5252A8527D7D527D7D52FD047DA87DFFFFFF7D7D %524C45FD0FFF7DA8FD04FF7DA8FFA852FD50FFA82777527D7D5277527D52 This thing charges fast and holds batterries seculrely so theyalways make contact with the charging post will charge 4 completely drained aa's in 15 min wow. %FF52A8527D527DA1A1FD067DA8FD067DA8FD047DA8FD047DA87DA8FFFFA1 %A8A8FFA8FD1CFF52A852527D7D52527D52527DFD17FFA8F82720272727F8 %7D527D7D27527D5252527D527D527DFD0AFF7D20F827FF7D27FF7DFFFD04 Wow.

This is number three the second one didn't last long either.

It takes around 12 minutes to completely recharge 4 AAA 900mAh NiMH batteries. %27527D527DFD0552A8FD10FFA8FD05FFA8FFFFFFA8FD05FFA8FFA8FFA8FD %A8FD047D27A8527DFD22FF275252524C524C7D7D52275227525252277DFD %057D52527D527D527D7D27527D527D52A8527D277D76A87D527DA8A8527D

%52527DA87652277D4C7D7D76527D5252527D52527D765252767D527D27A8 Any way i pug it in and there is a red light blinking, so i just leave it, i check on it in about 10 min, still the red light blinking and cells … The fan makes hell of a noise when charging (A Computer fan has been fitted to cool the charger), but i think anyone can tollerate this for 10 to 15 minutes, once the charging is done the light turns from red to green and the fan slows down. %CCFF00CCFF33CCFF66CCFF99CCFFCCCCFFFFFF0033FF0066FF0099FF00CC %FFA8FFA8A8A8FF7D7DA8FD0CFFA8A8FD1CFFA8FD0BFFA8A87D7D527D7D7D They looked fine.Since then, I've always had trouble with one battery.The first time I plugged it in, the light was green, but it wouldn't go - so I thought, well, maybe I hadn't charged it up just right or something, and just put the other battery on. Just pair it with our Energizer Recharge ® Universal or Power Plus AA or AAA batteries, and you’re good to go. %A8527D7D52527D527D527D7D52527D52527D27527D52527DFD04FF52A87D Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2006. %527D527D52767D7DA87D76A852277DA8527D527D7DA852A87D5252522727 %A8A8FFFD05A8FF7D7DA8FFA8FFA8FD35FF525252277D4B527D527D277D7D %527DA87D7D52FF52FD047D527DA852FD057D527D7DA87D7D5252A87D7D7D
%A17D2752FD34FFA8FF7DA87DA8A8FFA1FFA8A8A8FFA8A87DA8A8CAA8FFA8 Blown away by all the input. Imported. The included AA 2200mAh batteries are ready for use in 15 minutes. %07FFA8FD09FFA8FD04FFA8FFCAFFFFA8FFA8FFA8FFFFFFA8FD13FFA8FF7D one or more of the charging slots on the left have an issue. %A87D527D52FD047DA8FD077DA87D7D7DA8A2A852A8FD047DA8FD1FFFA8FF %7D527D7D527D7D527D52A852A852A87DA87D7DA27D7D7D52277DFD19FF7D %AI5_OpenViewLayers: 7

%04522727A8FD0AFFA8A87DFFA8A87DFF7DA8A1FFA8FFFD07A8FFFD04A8FF 2010.01.30: Two batteries in the left slots did not cause the charging.

Bought a Energizer 15/min charger some years ago and was quite happy with it. %527D7DFD04527D4CA8FD0EFF7DFD0752277DFD06522776527D767D525252 %7D52FD087DA8A8FD0EFF7D7D7D52FD1FFFA8FFFFFF7D527DA87D27FF7D7D %A852FFA8FF7DA87DA8A8A8FF7DF827F852FD0CFF7D7DA8277D7D7DFD04A8 %A8FF7DFF7DA87DA87DA87DFD04A87D7DA87DA87DA8A8A852A87D7DA8A87D %7D277D277D5252527D27525227A8FD09FFA1A17DA8A8A852A87DFFFD07A8


device model of how batteries operation is not right: a charge of the battery may change its characteristic faster than expected. %527D7DA87D7D76A852A87DA852A87DA87DA1A8FD04FFA87D7DA87DA87D7D

Eventually I noticed it was green (but I don't know for how long - it was plugged in for about 6 hrs total) and I unplugged it and stowed it in the car to use whenever the good battery ran down.Then I didn't get out and about for a while, so the next time I finally ran the good battery down, I'd sort of forgotten about the other one being bad. If you have the same charger as I do and you have the single size lithium ion battery, when it's charging properly you will see a steady red light and one that flashes.
Recording this for other users, as well as smarter computers that can read. Tony called Batteries Plus to arrange for the batteries, and all I had to do was pick up the new set, and wait a minute for them to swap the wiring from the old set to the new! %A87DA87DA8FD047D52A87D7DA87DA87D7DA8527D7D7D52A8FD0AFFA87D52 This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. %77A8527D7DA852A8FD067D52A8527DA8FFFF7DA87DFD0BFFA8FFFFFFA8FD

%5252527DFD0DFFA87D767D7DFD04A8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8A8A8FF %%RGBProcessColor: 0 0.627451 0.776471 (Global Mediterranean Blue) %AI9_Flatten: 1 New cells (such as Eneloops) and a modern smart charger is probably a wiser investment. %A8FFA8FFA8FFA8FF7DA8FD06FFA8FFFFFFA8A8FFFFA8FFA8FFFFA8FFFF7D %7D527DA17D52A87D7D7DA8A8FD2FFFA8FFA8FD18FF7D527D7D7DA27D7D7D %15FFA8FF7DFFFFFFCACAFD19FF7DA87DA87D7D76A87DA87D7D7D5252A852 %AI12_CMSettings: 00.MS If it is flashing red, the batteries have lost their ability to hold a charge, and they need to be thrown out. %27F827F821F827F827F852FD1FFF7DA8FD1DFFA8F82720277DFFA852F827 %7DA87D7DA8A87DA87DA87DA852767DFF7DA87DA87DA8A8FD0BFFFD045227 %057DA8A852FD047D52527D527D277D7DA8527D527D7D7DA8FD5DFFA8FFFF %FFA8FFA8FD33FF7D7DA852A87D7D7DA87DFD52FFFD067D527D7DA8A8FDFC %52527D4C52A87D7D52527D275252527DA84B7D527D52527D5227A8FD05FF So for me, I only use them when I'm in a hurry. ... energizer battery charger flashing red, energizer charger flashing red light, energizer nimh battery charger flashing red, %7D7DFD10FF7D527DA87D7DA87D5252A87DA27DFF7D4BFD19FFA8FFA8FFA8 %A8A8FD047DA8A1FD0DFFA8A87DFFFD06A87DA8A8A87DFFA8FFA8FFFFA8A8 Useful Tips for Airline Travel (including battery documentation), Synchronised scooters: Red Wheelies hit the road, Flashing red lights on the battery charger, From ship to shore and shopping to sightseeing.

Are there any specific app/lets that provide more info? These were the batteries I had in my mouse, and discharged over a period of a couple weeks. %277D7DFD0652767DFD0FFF527DFD0852FD057D52527D7D52275227A1277D How to Fix Energizer Wireless Wii Remote Charger - Duration: 0 ... how to fix wii u "blinking red light" - Duration: 2:00. %7D7D52A8A8A87DA8A8A852A8A8A87DA87D7D52A8FD0CFFA87D7D7D525252 Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Don't want to buy something that really *isn't* comparable by mistake. You can buy the batteries locally when/if you need them.I asked Tony about these kits and at the time they were $65. %A8FFFFFFA8A8FD08FFA8FFA8FD0BFFA87DA87DA852A8A87D52A87DA87DA8 %A8FFA8A87DFFA8FD07FFA87D7D7DA87D7D7DA8A8A87D7D7DFFFD047DFFA1

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