Here is our current Profile for Filevault. Utilities Terminal. This Mac 911 article is in response to a question submitted by Macworld reader Michael. IMPORTANT: MNE has no role to play regarding password syncing with FileVault. When you dismiss the dialog, macOS tosses this original version of it forever. Example: diskutil corestorage revert 2C2E5CE0-46AC-4769-B46A-EC74BBF6FB42  -stdinpassphrase. At the Recovery Key prompt, choose the “Create a recovery key” option and write the key down. W, , the Number of times allowed to bypass can be set to. Most if not all were prompted to enable FileVault and complete the task. Senior Contributor, FileVault is an extraordinary bit of macOS technology. ShowRecoveryKey FileVault2 payload option be made available in the Intune FileVault configuration profile so that it can be set to False, so that the recovery key will not be displayed to the user. McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) all versions. (But be sure to delete that photo and then permanently delete it from the Recently Deleted album to avoid any chance of someone gaining access to it.). In general, already encrypted devices will not be impacted by any of the settings in the profile changing configuration. Well, maybe not all information yet, but at least the mandatory info you need, to make an initial judgment on the status of a Mac in view of FileVault.

You might even quickly take a picture of it as a backup. (Entering the precise original recovery key, which is fed through the same one-way process, unlocks the data that it protects.). By Glenn Fleishman, The screenshot below is a working scenario.

I was having this problem and it is solved with the bypass setting. If not, we’re always looking for new problems to solve! Click the lock icon at the lower-left corner and enter an account name and password with administrative access. diskutil corestorage revert UUID –stdinpassphrase  The scenario below will not work because Disable prompt at sign out is enabled, and Number of times allowed to bypass is set to Not configured. Macworld Next to the message is a small triangle button; click it, and the password field changes to accept a Recovery Key. Are you a home/consumer customer? I submitted DCR 138149908 for it yesterday too. 12/19/19 with an update that this is now resolved. Resolved: Known issue for FileVault configuration profiles on macOS devices, This may cause FileVault profiles to not deploy as intended depending on how the settings are configured. When encrypting your Mac, you have two different types recovery key options. Connect and engage across your organization. We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently along with answers and links to columns: read our super FAQ to see if your question is covered. The error messages in the state details are most likely attributed to this configuration and the device giving Intune back an unknown error. We see several errors in the state details and unsure if that is related. We’ll update this post as this is fixed in the console in an upcoming release! In Device Details, the Disk Encryption shows as Encrypted with a little key symbol but doesnt allow us to see any recovery keys. When you use the Security & Privacy preference pane’s FileVault tab to enable this encryption, macOS prompts you with two choices: Allow my iCloud account to unlock my disk, Create a recovery key and do not use my iCloud account. Read our, Learn more about Macworld's Digital Edition.
... you can return to the FileVault tab and click Turn On FileVault. The recovery steps in this article are based on a … Your Mac now restarts. Learn how to create and deploy a FileVault recovery key for Mac computers in your company, school, or other institution. So I happened to have a different keyboard and I swapped that - no immediate result, but after a couple more reboots, resetting the SMC and PRAM, it started working.
The recovery key is generated and passed through a strong one-way encryption process; only the result is used to further protect the keys used in FileVault encryption. If successful, the drive unlocks and mounts. @Intune Support Team Here's the UserVoice item I created for this feedback: @Intune Support Team  in our organization we have it set like whats being mentioned here.

After you log back in using an account with FileVault permission, macOS begins decrypting the entire contents of the drive. The MNE task enables FileVault on the Mac and escrows the recovery key that FileVault generates to the ePO server. If this configuration worked for your devices, then I recommend leaving it as is. Your devices that were not fully encrypted will most likely become encrypted. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If you change any of the setting configurations, such as changing the Not configured to 1, already encrypted devices will not be impacted. Fully managed intelligent database services. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn. If your account password is not working or if you can’t remember the password, the Recovery Key will be the only way to get to your data.

When the credentials have been provided, decryption of the encrypted volume begins. Thanks. No secret is stored remotely.

The lockout can occur when the recovery key extracted from the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Server fails to decrypt or unlock the disk. from the menu bar at the top of the screen— not from any of the items in the OS X Utilities window.

To track the decryption progress, type the following at the command prompt: Reboot the Mac to complete the process. Apple.

Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. Another issue is, as I commented on the other blog post, that when enabling FileVault the recovery key is shown to the user and they are instructed to "keep it in a safe place." Here is the relevant part from Apple's reference: Our PM Anya Novicheva had responded back to your comment in the Intune macOS FileVault Announcement blog that the current architecture allows various ways for the end user to access their recovery key including from the Intune web Company Portal. Create a recovery key and do not use my iCloud account.

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