It’s so easy, (as long as you make sure the butter is really soft) Hi Caroline. A bit crumbly to cut but may be better in a day or two .. if there’s any left! This is a great cake! Make sure your eggs are large ones. Rebecca which jm have you found to be the best. You should be okay with cold tea. Front porch blues by Chris Haugen Unfortunately (too many cooks and all that) my daughter left me softened butter but neither of us realised until the cake was in the oven cooking that I had put double the amount in.

It also freezes well. Cheers – Susie. Working at a cafe going back 20years ago we used to make a toasted tea bread but I can’t remember the recipe exactly – it definitely wasn’t a bread but more like a fruit cake and reading these ingredients it sounds very similar so wondered if this would be okay toasted, Hi Gemma, I haven’t tried toasting this but I’m making one to give it a go and will report back! Thank you. However it was a bit on the dry side for my taste.

So you need at least 3 times the mixture – probably 3.25 – depending on how deep your round tin is. It’s certainly good for tweaking – and I love the idea of a melted honey glaze. Cheers – Susie. I want to make your mixed spice but don’t know how to convert that into grams or teaspoon… help please I really would like to make the fruit cake. On day 3 now and it has moistened up a bit more (nicely, as in matured) with being kept in a plastic container. I always add tea bags to my fruit and soak it for a few hours. “This fruit cake will keep in the fridge for at least a week. Cheers – Susie, Such an easy and delicious cake. Hi Judy. Great to add those extras to make it your own . And of course, use your favourite substitutes for milk and butter. I love this recipe.

I haven’t tried treacle, but the jam I first used was homemade and overcooked, so a very similar consistency. Cheers – Susie, Margaret Thanks Joanna, Hi Joanna, It’s hard to say exactly how the recipe would work in your breadmaker as they are all different (and my breadmaker is too old for cake – it makes nice Hot Cross Bun dough though). My old one had only 2 modes – pressure or no pressure – and a weight for the top that in theory could be adjusted. Hi Vicky, Susie, Hi I have followed your recipe to the T and my cake came out absolutely gorgeous I cannot thank you enough for posting this recipe thank you so much, Hi Sam, So kind of you to let me know I’m pleased you like the cake. So many different options to try!

Hello from Scotland – what an easy delicious cake!

I always use a liner for these sort of cakes, especially if you have an old oven like mine. Some models mix and cook the ingredients and some just cook the cake. I’ve been looking for a good recipe to bake a light fruit cake and consider this one the best i’ve found: I gave it a tweak by adding cherries and walnuts, adding them with the rest of the ingredients after beating the sugar and butter together with beaten egg and milk. Soaking the fruit gives an extra flavour to it as well. Cheers – Susie. I’ve also frozen one over Christmas, u can’t taste the difference once it was defrosted.

I need to make a smaller one for my husband. Carrot Cake made with butter and with an orange cream cheese frosting. The flavour for each will be slightly different, so it’s a matter of preference. Hi Cathy, Glad you like the cake. Thanks again to Vanessa, for her advice about egg replacement: I make this vegan by using the equivalent of 3 flaxseed eggs (1 egg replacement – 1 tablespoon flaxseed and 3 tablespoons water, blitzed until its smooth and starts to thicken up).

There, we said it. It is the easiest most delicious fruit cake I have made. Not for this cake. I’m glad you liked the cake – thanks for letting me know. Absolutely. For an 8-inch square cake, increase the quantities by 2/3 (e.g. Made the cake the other day, it really is Easy and it went down well with the family. Glad you like it – Susie, I made this cake for the first time yesterday. Do you think this would be ok. Hi June. I did soak the fruit in Brandy and I tend to lightly flour the fruit before adding and find this always gives a great distribution. .

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