On initial inspection they do look like Glis Glis droppings but after testing some of the samples which Mrs. Armitage included with … Dorset 01305 898463 Bristol 0117 4288811 East Sussex 01273 961697

Scotland 0141 4838916 Urine: Mice have weak bladders, causing them to urinate frequently and leaving trails and a strong ammonia-like smell, particularly noticeable in cupboards and lofts, behind them. Hampshire 01256 809789 Somerset 01278 588153

Rat droppings are a key identifier of a rat infestation. New Enquiries  0330 053 9001. If you spot signs of rats it’s important you seek rat removal services quickly to avoid diseases spreading and further damage to your home. Somerset 01278 588153 If you notice any signs of mice you should seek professional mice control to avoid further damage to your home and the risk of diseases spreading. Droppings are larger than those from mice and, if around the size of a rice grain or bigger, it’s likely the problem is rats. What do Glis Glis Droppings Look Like . West Sussex 01243 884550 JG is a leading provider of commercial pest control, New Enquiries: The following are signs that Glis glis may be present:  Droppings — which are cylinder shaped and around 1cm in length  Damage — Glis glis have to gnaw … Bedfordshire 01582 807181 Devon 01803 896 588

Lincolnshire 01522 718195 Often the first sign of a rodent infestation will be their droppings. Cumbria 01228 809766 The most common indication that you have a problem with Glis glis is noise. Surrey 01483 610218 During heavy infestations, urine, combined with body grease and dirt, can create small mounds, up to 4cm high and 1cm wide. Sighting: They’re generally nocturnal, so don’t rely on this method; however, if disturbed, you may catch one during the day. Nottinghamshire 0115 871 7614 Wales North 01286 807069 We hope any Glis Glis sightings we receive will help build up a picture of the radius that Glis Glis can now be found in. Hertfordshire 01438 906577 Norfolk 01603 859411 Devon 01392 348879 Hampshire 01256 633157 This causes the issue to soon become unmanageable, so it’s crucial to seek mice removal services if you notice signs of mice. Scratching Sounds: These rodents aren’t quiet, so listen for persistent scratching or tapping sounds as they scurry between walls and under floorboards. Norfolk 01603 574161 They feed on food waste, farm waste, dead and live animals.

National 03339205760 Cornwall 0163 781 7584

Registered in England and Wales, Company Reg No: 7568726.

South Yorkshire 01709 464843 Hampshire 01256 809789 Glis can be very annoying and when you have reached your tether we are here to help, including out of hours and at weekend, for emergency service, For leading glis removal services, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on Bedfordshire 01582 807181 %���� Surrey 01483 610218 Cheshire 01244 456 127 ). Warwickshire 01926 675869 I am licensed to offer Glis Glis pest control services and if I identify a Glis Glis issue they will be dealt with as per the terms of the licence pertaining to the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981. Devon 01392 348879 Whilst in the property they will follow the routes of water pipes and will enjoy sleeping on towels etc in airing cupboards. Kent 01227 808559 Brown rat droppings are dark brown and pointed, similar to a grain of rice. Oxfordshire 01865 987577 Mouse removal in London, Surrey, Kent and SussexIncontinent and prolific, mice are pests that love to set up home in warm, dry houses. Get in touch today for aFREE INSTANT QUOTE... All our employees are professionally trained to industry standards, We provide the best services in the industry at value for money, All our services are all guaranteed providing you our customers protection going forwards. Enter your details below to request a call back and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.  0207 101 8947  National 03339205760 JG glis control have the licences and experience required to safely remove your glis problems.
Surrey 01483 940239 Cumbria 01228 585268 London 0203 8923857 National 0333 920 9983 Grease Marks: As they brush against walls, floors and skirting, mice are likely to leave grease marks, thanks to their oily fur. Copyright © 2020 JG Pest Control, Rodent Control, Insect Control and Bird Control covering London and the rest of England.JG Pest Control is part of JG Environmental Ltd. East Sussex 01273 961697

Surrey 01483 940239 Warwickshire 01926 675869

Enter your details below to request a call back and we will get back in touch as soon as possible. “Class licence to trap Edible (or Fat) Dormice, Glis glis (also known as Myoxus glis)”.

Glis Glis Droppings. Hertfordshire 01438 893595 Bedfordshire 01582 211381 South-Yorkshire 01709 803015

Suffolk 01284 335570

Dorset 01305 239280
The animal looks like large mice with squirrel tails.

This damage can lead to accidental fire or flood and it is important to prevent this if possible because many insurance policies will not cover damages caused by rodents. Pay particular attention to the insides and tops of cupboards, as well as along skirting boards. Cheshire 0333 920 9413 There is usually a musky smell in lofts during breeding seasons as a result of scent marking.

Scotland 0141 4838916 On initial inspection they do look like Glis Glis droppings but after testing some of the samples which Mrs. Armitage included with her photograph we are pretty sure they are in fact currants. Surrey 01483 610218 <> Norfolk 01603 859411 Rat Control Services in London…Click here ». x��=ے�Ʊ��?��Li!����U���8���9v�\��#.��r��?�=Wp&V�U+v���}z&��g_}����~�&+^�es�g����?���:��ͷ�7�^�x�G�1��{��� Durham & Tyne & Wear 0191 640 3805 Herefordshire 01432 802922 *Any discounts only apply to standard jobs up to the value of £1000.00, Bristol 01179 112991 Cambridgeshire 01223 859779 North Yorkshire 01642 918 998 West Yorkshire 0333 920 9024 East Yorkshire 01482 534 753 01223 489 550

Mice are unsanitary rodents, defecating frequently and leaving up to 80 droppings a night.

Mice are nocturnal; however, not the most inconspicuous, so the signs should be easy to spot. The Edible dormouse is a nocturnal animal, spending a lot of time in trees at night, feeding and possibly defending territories. Staffordshire 01785 878670 Herefordshire 01432 818826 Existing Customers: 0333 0151259. If you would like to learn more about my Glis Glis pest control services, please get in touch. Essex 01245 809730 Mrs. Armitage of Slough sent us the following photograph asking us if they were Glis Glis poo. Brown rat droppings are dark brown and pointed, similar to a grain of rice. East Yorkshire 01482 534 753

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