So we are creating generations, we will live longer and require more aid from the state. So, can we find some growth from somewhere? I think if she ends up running against Trump and I know Trump would like to run against Liz Warren. But that’s a normal thing.

That’s what we didn’t get in 2008. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. That's the official statistic. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Corruption? We need to get used to the idea. They believe the models.
But that simply a horse with another color. I thought, here’s a guy, he understands, he’s not a career academic. But just look around the world today. The soils can’t give more than they already have. So surely it makes sense to read the past and understand okay, one we’ve been here before. They tell us, that can't happen again. Met some of the members of our tribe here was of course wonderful. So, it's not difficult for me to understand why these natural cycles repeat. So, a true systemic crisis, I guess is what we saw in 1929, 1933. Whatever the story is, I think this is a time for people to get educated and to take action, as well. This is about keeping society together. We live in a deflationary environment which when you have this kind of debt level is the kiss of death. So anybody who's interested, check out the Fourth Turning interviews with Neil Howe on Peak Prosperity. Off The Cuff: Media Censorship & Misinformation, Mike Saylor D. D. Booth Bitcoin Bull, Fed Bear, PM Monthly Market Commentary – 10/31/2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: OPEN LETTER TO DONALD J. TRUMP, From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911, Grant Williams: A Reset Of The System Is Inevitable.

Generally speaking, again, we come back to this idea of conflict around a fourth turning, which is where we are now. But it was respectful, and I think that is the biggest thing that we've lost as a society in recent years is the ability to try not to win a conversation but hear out the other side. But those things change. That's right.

So, in your mind, if you were suddenly in Jay's position, what's the plan? One could argue quite coherently I think that a lot of the problems pulling society apart are down to the central banks, anyway.
Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I should know that. At some point what the central bankers have done in terms of creating this completely fiat world around us, at some point, the stresses on there are going to prove such that we do get a ‘29 like event.

..." letter, author of many brilliant presentations at financial conferences, like last year's "Cry Wolf" -- They don't like the bullshit jobs in David Graber's terms. Chris Martenson: Now, this was really a subjective of my talk earlier this morning. Puzzled up a bit and he said, give a human on human massage. Again, at the root of that was a reset of the gold price. But it's something that we have to think through as a potential outcome. So, I think MMT in one form or another is absolutely on our horizons. ... Grant Williams: Well, the same way that you and I … Can they do that in China?

Europe was growing and of course we had double-digit growth in places like India and China. So at some point, we’re going to face that day of reckoning and throwing another 130 billion dollars every month, every six weeks onto the Fed's balance sheet is not going to make that transition any easier. Chris Martenson: Now in some ways, my model for this is 2016. Grant Williams: Well, the same way that you and I can sit here and tell people they need to think seriously about the ramifications of some kind of great depression type event. They feel like it was stolen from them.

What they were trying to do by instilling confidence. But to me, it's a non-zero probability in the next 10 years that something breaks out.

You can find him on twitter @grantwilliams. He thought long and hard. To find a way to transact oil and let’s just call it currencies other than the dollar. I have to give a lot of the credit to my partner in crime Raoul Pal. I understand. Well, it’s not just beginning, but it's beginning to manifest itself in anger and if not direct physical confrontation between the two, thank God. Frankly, if you say to them, what are you trying to do? We started out just like you did, Chris. Grant, thank you so much for your time today. It feels a lot like that again to me now. I'm out here in the cheap seats. But he talked about…he clearly understands what the Fed was doing.

Yeah, it’s like a sclerotic political and family dynasty ruling. I was at a think tank talking about the future jobs and they were looking at AI. But everything else legal fee…every other possible thing he was parsing through…everything that you think a human can do, AI can do better.

We are at an interesting point, because when you look at the rise of people like AOC, you look at the rise of millennial politicians. What’s going on with gold? It’s helping the poor whether it be writing off student loans, or universal healthcare, or universal basic income. {{site_title}} © {{year}}.

We’re going to have to really be more flexible than I think we've ever been to really meet this. I know you have some of the same. So poor Jerome Powell. Global Shake Downs? “Crikey” is 34 minutes long and can be viewed at the Precious Metals Summit internet site here:…, CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer : Tony Bobulinski Provides the Details About the Biden Family Legacy. How they see finance.

So what's likely to happen is another reset of the system. I think if anybody sees 130 billion a month of QE by the Fed and isn’t a little worried that they are missing part of the story.

It was not a long period of time. Grant Williams: Thanks for having me Chris. Prosper! Its e-mail dispatches are free, and you can subscribe at: Submitted by cpowell on Wed, 2019-11-13 19:45. We have to sit here and think through the ramifications that hey, there could be some miracle growth come out of somewhere. Now we don't know what that brink looks like. What I’m saying is, these circumstances led to it happening before and the chance that they don't lead to it happening again is not zero and that's the important thing. Chris Martenson: Well, indeed and most pension have a zero percent weighting towards gold at this point in time. I think she embodies everything that he isn’t. The first two I spoke about the answer was dealt with through the gold standard and through the pressure valve of the gold price. Buy metals at GoldMoney and enjoy international storage. Grant Williams: Chartism as they called it back in the day. Not going to participate.

Guys like Jamie Dimon will tell you that we were *this* close to the banking system not functioning, people being unable to get cash out of the ATMs. I’m not going to bulletproof my portfolio. It's getting harder and harder I think for them to talk about being unable to create inflation with a straight face, because the evidence is there for anybody that lives in the real world and not in these academic ivory towers. Grant Williams: I think you have to separate oil and precious metals with that, because oil is priced in dollars the world over. The other one in 1971. That's great.

But that was a systemic crisis. To learn more, please visit: "Crikey" is 34 minutes long and can be viewed at the Precious Metals Summit internet site here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Very possibly. And I think there is more chance of a bad outcome than there is of a miraculous growth spurt somewhere in the world that lifts all boats.

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