Teams willingly pay more for top drivers because they deliver lap times and victories. The difference between 1 million and 40 millions is a few tenths per lap. The power is all with Mercedes at the moment. By 1987, in just their second season competing in Group A, Steiner and his team led Finnish driver Timo Salonen to his first win in the Swedish Rally, which was only the second race of the season. Again, because he’s perceived as belonging to that tiny number of people in the world who can do what he does… and unless things have changed, his salary (and the other two top earners in the team) will also be exempt from the budget cap, alongside the drivers. From January 1989 to 1990, Steiner worked as assistant team manager for Steiner reorganised the team and reduced costs during his tenure.On 5 December, Jaguar announced Steiner had been replaced by project manager David Pitchforth as part of the restructuring. I can foresee driver salaries being dropped considerably, with payments being made by third parties. If I get to drive the best car for 6 years and can insist on having a slower team-mate and some favourable team-orders, I’ll do it for free. In 2001, the M-Sport Ford Focus teams led by Steiner again finished second in the Manufacturer World Championship. [1][5] However, Jaguar underperformed in the 2002 season,[6] with lead driver Eddie Irvine claiming only eight championship points while teammate Pedro de la Rosa failed to score,[7] and parent company Ford dismissed Lauda on 26 November before making 70 team members redundant. Media Meaning, Haas F1 Team finished its inaugural season eighth in the constructor standings with a total of 29 points, the most of any new team in this millennium. The real “performance differentiators” are the talented engineers back at base, and the tools at their disposal. In 2000, Steiner worked with McRae and Spanish driver Carlos Sainz to finish second overall in the Manufacturer World Championship, while Sainz finished third and McRae fourth in the Driver World Championship. Fantomius (@liko41) 14th July 2020, 11:25. A free inside look at C.H. NewVerstappenFan (@jureo) 14th July 2020, 11:15. - Both fin…, RT @DarshanChokhani: Haas situation: It’s the drivers who cost them those titles. For example, by paying a driver $1m for his wheel skills and $49m for his PR image. Off course not. And they can also come directly from sponsors), but that is not more complicated than it already is to guard team budgets. “I think everything is on the table on this one,” said Steiner. It’ll be fascinating to see how they police this. You can’t put a limit in the amount of money a single person earns (at least, Formula One can’t), so there will always be room for indirect incomes. Boss Gue…, If Guenther Steiner is saying the team wants some financial help for the team paired with a good driver, is a move… By 1994, Steiner was Jolly Club Spa’s technical manager, responsible for all technical aspects of the two Ford Escort RS Cosworth teams that competed in Group A of the World Rally Championship. Perhaps even 2019. [23], Steiner holds Italian and American passports,[3] and lives in Mooresville, North Carolina with his wife, Gertraud, and daughter, Greta. MacLeod (@macleod) 14th July 2020, 13:11. closing external sponsors is the death of F1. [22] Haas completed the season with an 8th place finish in the 2016 constructor standings and 29 points, all scored by Grosjean. If the best drivers went elsewhere a number of teams would follow. When you look at the sums earned by other elite sportspeople, I don’t think F1 is an outlier. Happens now. Grow Green Expandable Hose, These driver salaries are more of a comparative scorecard thing to the drivers anyway IMO, a way to compare their value (for the team) to other drivers. Many people ask this question about the money Guenther Steiner makes from Facebook. redeploy their staff in other motorsport categories or even activities outside of racing, concerned such inclusions could see F1 lose star drivers, Read more about Dieter Rencken, find all their articles and get in touch with them, Find out more about RaceFans and contact us here, Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others.

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