The Japanese classify Sushi Tane into five broad categories.

As nouns the difference between yellowtail and kingfish is that yellowtail is yellowtail amberjack, (taxlink) while kingfish is any of several food fishes of the genus (taxlink) from the atlantic; kingcroaker.

Why do they say that the quality and price of tuna is determined by the processing after the fish is caught? Please read my article on Radiation and Seafood Safety.
Buri is mature Japanese Amberjack and is typically wild.

The FishNames: Kanpachi, Greater Amberjack, Seriola dumeriliSeasonality: Farmed Kanpachi is available all year round. In the Fish Name Dictionary, the translations of these cousins are Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa : right image), Greater Amberjack (Kanpachi), and Japanese amberjack (Buri). The bloodlines turn brown when the fish is old. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

That means farmed products have come to be called hamachi. In actuality, it’s not so hard to disambiguate. : sushi menu . Home » Eat » Grouper King: How to eat a Giant Grouper! It is almost identical in appearance as the yellowtail and takes a professional to distinguish the two. Hamachi has a distinctly more fishy odour while Shima Aji ends with a very calm natural sweet tone (Teochews all it Karm Karm). Kanpachi belly is a great substitute for Otoro when you are going for something smooth and luxurious.

Hamachi, Hiramasa, Kona Kampachi, Kanpachi, Buri - to any sushi and sashimi bar regular these terms may look familiar and in some cases interchangeable. Copyright © 2016 Tempo –News in a Flash.

The accepted theory is that the delicious flavor of Kanburi (buri caught during cold months) (referring to wild buri that have grown fat, fished from the end of November to February) depends heavily on the condition of high fat content.

Some Japanese prefer the firmer texture of wild Hamachi, while others like the fattier farmed product.

Approximately, 90 percent of farmed fish in Japan for export is yellowtail. Grouper King: How to eat a Giant Grouper.,,, Japanese Matcha Tea: A Matcha Made In Heaven, Food Insecurity Can be Reduced by Connecting Back to Growing, How to Go Vegan: The Most Comprehensive Guide. In the United States and other countries, “buri : right image” is called yellowtail, but this word refers to fish like “buri” and “hiramasa” and actually can be applied to a large number of fish. A just killed live fish is fresh, but so is a fish that has been kept on ice for a few days, or a fish that has be blast frozen and thawed properly, as in the case of Tuna. Kanpachi is more expensive than Hamachi although it is also similarly farmed in Japan. Required fields are marked *.

We hope this information will be helpful. Yellowtails are farmed commercially in Japan, Australia, and now the US. Hamachi is not only used from Kansai on westward, it is also used at grocery stores throughout Japan. It is best for Sushi during the Summer when it is spawning. [1] A fish for later in the year, it’s best consumed in the autumn and winter. Hence, its flesh is firmer than farm-raised hamachi, with a lighter flesh color, and a clean, crisper taste. Most chefs I talk to prefer to use Kanpachi rather than Hiramasa for sushi. Sushi Set nigiri and sushi rolls, maki, wasabi. A circularly laid out amberjack sashimi dish. Kagawa Prefecture became the first in the world to successfully cultivate hamachi in 1928, and that is what led ‘hamachi’ to become synonymous with ‘farmed fish’. Hiramasa - "true" yellowtail (large size), firm flesh, flavour like hamachi and slightly sweet; not commonly found. Farmed Kanpachi is springier, less fatty, and somewhat more flavorful than Hamachi. Because it is not apparent by appearance whether the buri was raised in the wild or by aquaculture, the wild-raised fish is called buri by market affiliates in order to make it easier to understand.

Farmed fish are raised for maximum fatty-ness, while fish in the wild have to be lean and fit to survive. To make things confusing, farmed yellowtails were given the name hamachi, although the name was already used in Osaka to name the younger yellowtail.

They kill the fish and process it such that the fish goes through rigor mortis in a fashion that is least detrimental to the flesh. : sushi menu . In order to really discern the clean fresh flavours of Shiromi-dane, Sushi Chefs in the past were not allowed to eat chillies or smoke in order to sharpen their sense of taste. But because yellowtail can also be called “Japanese amberjack”, overseas sushi diners sometimes think they’re the same fish. Since the farmed Hamachi are raised in nets immersed in the sea, they do not get as much exercise as wild yellowtail, and become fatty, with soft muscles and light colored flesh. With Shiromi-dane, the fish typically has to eaten within a few days after it has given up the ghost and unlike tuna, it should never be frozen. In Singapore, most of the sushi fish that we eat is nojime.

Freshness can mean many things. Get it in your mailbox: [1] As an apex predator, mature Kanpachi eats other fish that eat toxic algae in coral reefs.
In the Singapore context, Hamachi is widely available at most mid ranged sushi bars but the higher end ones will stock Kanpachi instead.

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