This is one of the first upgrades I reccomend to my customers,... One of the weakest components in the Ruckus or Metro CVT is the clutch setup Honda decided to use. Package Two is our upgraded package that includes a higher end carburetor and manifolds. $25.00, Regular price Add to Cart. Some people need to go from one place to another, and they would rather be safe. We also have tons of information on all Japanese scooters, including the Honda Reflex, Helix, Fusion, Silver Wing, the Yamaha Morphous, Maxam and Majesty, and the Suzuki Gemma and Burgman This is a complete kit excluding the belt and variator boss. I weigh a little over 240. Package inclusions and details provided below. At its core is a rock-solid 49cc engine delivering plenty of get-up-and-go. Both the Honda Metropolitan and the Honda Ruckus have a 49cc single-cylinder engine. Scooter Swap Shop Stage 1 performance package for Honda Rucks and Metro (1st Generation Met only). However, the fact that it is a solo-seat scooter is not so significant if you want to take someone with you. Here it is. Genuine Keihin jet kit made for the Honda Ruckus / Metropolitan. You will need to block off your REED AKA PAR or PAIR VALVE with a cap or plug. We tried a short pod filter, and the mnnthbx... $ 95.99 Thats what you get when you buy this NCY lowdown shock for your ruckus, or gy6 swapped ruckus. Honda Ruckus. $ 235.99. Mounts with existing hardware to your scooter. The naked styling of the Honda Ruckus makes it look tough, but it does come with a 50cc engine, so you cannot expect it to go very fast. Also, it delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, giving you 144 miles per gallon. Running a smoothly machined and wide intake manifold can make or break the quality of your vehicle running. However, there are several scooter brands that you might want to consider before buying. Its front faring covers the lower half of the rider well and allows the rider to gain an aerodynamic advantage over the Ruckus and covers the area under the seat. FREE SHIPPING OVER $150 (We are still shipping parts during this epidemic) Thanks again for the support! Jun 27, 2014 - The biggest Honda Ruckus and Honda Metropolitan website on the internet, with all of the information you need to customize, mod and tune your scooter. For one, it helps you weave in and out of traffic, rather than getting stuck in yet another rush hour gridlock.

If you are looking for more options outside of Honda's scooters, then you have a good number of choices. It utilizes the mount point in the new motor mount to set the proper rake. High quality CNC machined triple tree /... Sold Out We offer 3 different stages from a basic running swap, a higher end performance swap, and then a high-end performance swap with a front end kit. Here it is. This also includes all the electrical components like the CDI, 11 Pole Stator, 11 Pole Rectifier, Flasher Relay, Starter Relay. 99 NCY 10" "Hustler" Wheels for Honda Ruckus & Metropolitan Sold Out $ 235.99 NCY "Hustler" alloy wheel set in Black Ice. DROWsports Ruckus GY6 Skinny Swap Package is a 100% installable kit that comes with all the main components to get it running. We’ll look at the two today and start with what makes them different. Thick, stout and pure awesome. The Metropolitan is often described as "cute," and one look will make you agree with that assessment. The Metropolitan sports pastel colors. This shock will... Sold Out Your email address will not be published. We’ll get into the rear frame and CVT again in a moment. $ 159.99. We've put this together to make it easier and more affordable to get those bigger CC's. It will also open up more wheel and tire options for the Metro. Honda was founded in 1940s Japan by Soichiro Honda. It also uses a smaller tire than the Ruckus as well, a 90/90-10 rather than a 120/90-10 in the front and a 130/90-10 in the rear. Some of these dealers maintain an online presence, too. Just do a little research before committing to any item, though. Rules, New Member Introductions, and Forum Information ... the mount kit is intended for the Ruckus, and while the frames are almost identical, they differ enough that I had to give my angle grinder a workout. Stretch the rear end of your Honda Ruckus / Zoomer 6.5 inches with the NCY Billet Aluminum Frame Extension Kit! These Honda 50cc scooter models use an engine that is both fuel-efficient and creates lower emissions than similar two-stroke engines. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Located in Alphareta Georgia. The rear suspension uses a single shock absorber with 2.3 inches of travel. ONLY 1 SMALL FILTER IS REQUIRED YOU DO NOT NEED 3. The Metropolitan is also lighter, despite the extra body work at 176 lbs. Either way, you get an affordable scooter that has excellent features for a safe and fun ride. Nevertheless, you would love its 1.3-gallon gas tank and its fuel efficiency of 114 mph, as well as its aluminum and steel frame and subframe. Uni Push style Air Filter for side of carburetor. Yoshimura brings quality, performance, and looks to the table.

The Vespa S 50 4V Sport SE combines style, safety, sportiness, and comfort all in one package. The Honda Metropolitan has a very classic look, which has earned a following among scooter riders. It has a minimalist design and includes a four-valve and four-stroke engine. However, the clutch will require a different spacer to work if you do a swap to the Jog conversion. Fully... water temperature sensor for trail tech vector and vapor computers. Add gear and cargo, and it would be seriously overloaded, for me. What's more, it is much more fuel efficient than your average car. Here we have NCY's new Honda Ruckus Metro CVT transmission kit. The Honda Ruckus has a more masculine style that most scooter riders prefer. Honda Ruckus Scooters Diy Go Kart Reverse Trike Moped Scooter Drift Trike Engin 3rd Wheel Mini Bike. No wiring necessary. To even further complete this, we provide a hand-wired set of left side controls. We provide enthusiasts with 3 different options from the basic all the way to the full scooter transformation! DROWsports Honda Ruckus Skinny GY6 Swap includes everything you need to get your swap running! honda ruckus 3 wheel conversion Amazing! This will clean up the overlook and eliminate that bulky set of controls.

This is usually referred to a Metruckus or a Retro, depending on who you ask. The TTO tach is a great, and cheap tool to help you tune your bike. When it comes to the Honda 50cc scooter models, you have an option between the Metropolitan and the Ruckus. Matching front and rear rims for the Honda Ruckus (will also work with Metropolitan with disc conversion front end. What's more, the Metropolitan has a storage box under the seat that you can lock. The Metropolitan, however, is more fuel efficient, giving you 117 miles for every gallon of fuel, vs. Ruckus' 114 miles per gallon. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, DROWsports Honda Ruckus GY6 Swap Kit - Skinny Wheel, Pack of Tuning Jets (Main Jets - Slow Jets ), Battery Box Start Push Button (Plug & Play), Throttle Control & Switch Kit (Plug & Play). Front rim is... NCY Slammed Honda Ruckus / Zoomer Front End Assembly. Jet kit comes with 38 idle and 78,80,82,85 main. This is a complete kit excluding the belt and variator boss. Now in stock, the best solution do ditching your stock GET 50 carb. The styling is geared towards the younger set, with edgy and sporty design elements. You can also customize your Ruckus with different personalization options available from aftermarket service providers. A Complete Plug & Play that we offer. Knowing your temp of your bike is absolutely necessary for tuning, and keeping your bike from seizing. If you are tall, you might want to consider the more limited legroom you get with the Metropolitan. Meanwhile, the Ruckus has dual headlights, fat tires and what you might call "naked" styling. Or a pile of old lambrettas. The Metropolitan has some pretty nice pros. There are a lot of reasons why people choose a Honda 50cc scooter over faster scooters or even motorcycles. K&N Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Premium, Powersport Air Filter: 2003-2019 HONDA (NPS50 Ruckus, CHF50 Metropolitan, NPS50S Ruckus) HA-0502 4.3 out of 5 stars 44 $35.99 $ 35 . $ 117.99. This includes everything from a complete Plug and Play wire harness to a sleek black wheel and tire. Package One is considered our basic swap which is everything required to get your Ruckus GY6 running. Additionally, it has a maintenance-free battery, a backup kickstart level and it is environmentally friendly.

$ 291.99. What's more, it shares some of the best features that you see on the Ruckus, and it gives you the same level of performance.

My GY6 swapped Honda Metropolitan. Some Mechanical Knowledge Required. $36.00. When you remove your stock air box you will need to re-jet the carburetor. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) $ 59.99 $ 56.99. No special... $ 287.99 A closer inspection reveals, however, that the Honda Ruckus and the ’02-’12 Honda Metropolitan share a lot of parts in common and some not so common.

Like most others, we use a long case GY6 150cc engine as the base of the building block. It is small enough to still be economical but can reach a higher top speed. When you remove your stock air box you will need to re-jet the carburetor. Make sure they look good and are top quality at the same time! Both also have a four-stroke engine, which means that they make less noise, produce extra torque, and are more fuel-efficient than two-stroke engines. That means that the Metropolitan has fewer emissions and a more powerful induction than the Ruckus.

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