It was simply amazing how well this narrower vehicle handled. It’s large and well built, just like it should be. Some taller riders might have a tad bit of issue with not enough leg room but for this 6ft tall gent there was not really any problem.

The only thing we felt at times was a little rocky engagement or gear on gear bump as we pressed harder yet smoothly into the throttle right off the very bottom. So, when we attended the official unveiling of the Talon, we weren’t surprised to hear that the engineers had spent countless hours and literally years developing this machine to make sure it was not only durable but it also was able to perform at a very high level for hours upon hours at a time. Let’s lay those out individually. We are saying this a lot these days, but the UTV market is growing at an unprecedented rate. By staging gear sets to “be ready” before you even realize it the transmission anticipates how it will engage the next gear. In fact, I think Honda used what they felt were the pluses of both those vehicles to help create the Talon. Our first ride with the Honda Pioneer 1000 2016, check out our first ride impressions and review of the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. It's not rubber band powered so that 104HP may be a bit misleading. And, with more manufacturer support than ever before, it is only natural that Honda got into the sport UTV game.

This transmission alone has me interested. This might just be the saving grace for those times when the least experienced driver in the family decides to take the wheel and bump you to the co-dog seat.

Speaking of shifting you already know that the Honda DCT or Dual Clutch Transmission is the connection between you and the ground you are riding on. Where these machines are very similar lies in the fact that they both use the same QS3 compression adjustable Fox shocks with almost identical spring setups – both are dual rates setups with crossover adjustments. The side-by-side by which essentially all other side-by-sides are compared with is the longtime bestseller RZR XP … The Honda Talon X four-stroke naturally aspirated mill is well suited for the platform to which it is mounted.

The 1000X model prioritizes trail riding and super handling characteristics through that type of tight and technical terrain. We agree that if you hear an engineer speak of the details on this feature it can be overwhelming but simply put, the Honda Talon X uses the i-4WD to transfer more power to the high traction wheel by electronically braking on the low traction wheel. Is there room for more? A great place to find rides, meet people, and exchange ideas / parts/ rzrs!

If the factory shift points seem to come together a little too soon then you just stick a finger out on the left or right and change the gear back down or even up for that matter via the paddles. It will probably hang with a stock XP1k and Maverick Sport... that’s swell I guess. The response from low range to the middle of the throttle was responsive and felt very sporty.

Lequel de ces Honda particulier utilise peut être trouvé dans le manuel d'utilisatio What most people don’t realize is that the RZR chassis has a menacing side to it that only opens up at high speeds with technical, fast-paced driving. They identified this market as the fastest growing segment in powersports right now, and the Honda Talon seems to be coming into the 1000-cc, naturally aspirated foray at the correct time. Unlike its closest competitor in the Yamaha YXZ1000R, the Talon will have this “lazy day” mode with the automatic feature. So how does the Talon X handle the trails? An automatic 6 speed transmission vs. a CVT, and a twin cylinder engine vs. a 3 cylinder, etc. With the introduction of the new Pioneer 500, Honda continues to expand its side-by-side line-up. Now that we have set the stage for our ride lets dig into the new Honda Talon 1000 X and its features for the loyal riders of Red. The Yamaha wins the transmission category if you’re looking for options – the YXZ is available in both full manual and paddle-shifted auto clutch (SS) versions.

will immediately pass by the 1000X in favor of the wider 1000R model. During our ride on the trails our three-point harness did seem to work well. The Yamaha was the first mass-produced side-by-side with a manual transmission, and the Talon is just the second mass marketed unit to have manual shifting capabilities instead of a belt-driven CVT.

The interior is fairly standard in the sense that the Talon has half doors, a well laid out but basic dash and glove box area, and foot wells that should provide great bracing places for your feet. Démonter le carburateur, vérifier le pointeau , son siège, peut être une saleté ou le pointeau présente un talon d'usure.

On the inside, the Talon is definitely more refined than the RZR with better fit and finish and much better seats than the stock RZR.

With a CVT transmission, will the XX be able to have the durability of the proven Talon DCT? The powertrain is adapted from the Pioneer 1000 lineup, but both the engine and transmission have received specific upgrades to make them, Other standout features include the one-piece chassis and the brakes, which look to be up to the task of wrangling down the speeds of this Talon to a halt. The different parts are confined to the fact that the Wildcat XX is a trailing arm setup and the Talon 1000R, which is the better direct competitor to the XX suspension wise, is a 4+ link-style setup. For more conclusive information on the driving dynamics of the Honda Talon 1000X and 1000R, we’ll have to wait to get behind the wheel in the near future. With very little to get a grip on to the Talon would carefully engage the wheel with the most traction until the opposing side was able to get a bite of the ground again. This trail head is located just off of HWY 43 on the backside of Mt Zion national park. Starting out the day with a ride in a new SXS, a chilly temp and a background of majestic mountainous views is always grand but getting some real time Honda Talon X seat impression for a full day makes it even better.

The three-link suspension with radius rods and trailing arms on the rear combined with the dual a-arms up front make the Talon X handle like it is on rails.

So, let the battle of the suspensions begin…, Honda Talon vs. Can-Am Maverick X3 lineup. Both the exhaust and intake have been tuned to release a signature sound, giving the Talon a pretty good grunt from idle all the way to redline. It automatically gives more power and focus to the wheel that’s getting the work done. It was not intrusive, nor did it feel like it was digging into our shoulders as some tend to do.

I'd like to see the 4 seat Turbo version in all reality. We’ll have to wait and see. In fact, I think Honda used what they felt were the pluses of both those vehicles to help create the Talon. This simply holds the shift point a little farther up the RPM range and builds on a little more adventure for the driver. Overall, this matchup should prove to be one of the best in the 1000-class.

Whether it is up shift on the right or down shift on the left you can always control what gear you are in with a simple scratch across the wings. This is a direct competitor for Yamaha, not Polaris or Canam.

I’ve ridden Honda atvs all my life and they just don’t make design changes from year to year. I don’t care how much more efficient the dct tranny is over the cvt... still way underpowered compared to the rzr and x3. Although some may consider the crank number of 104hp to be behind the current offerings in the market we felt as if the engine performed very well with all things considered. The system’s software controls the traction electronically with the I-4WD system by sensing wheel slip and automatically routing power to the wheel with traction by modulating the brakes on the slipping wheel. Buyer’s who didn’t want to shift the YXZ every single time they got into the vehicle will rejoice in the fact that the Talon has that fully automatic mode. As the rpm and speed would climb past ¾ throttle there were not any big dramatics from that point although the engine would continue to accelerate. I would say it could have been from the sheer excitement of riding the Talon for the first time but even after the mornings 4-hour session it was not a concern.

Reading how your throttle foot is positioned as well as how you engage the throttle during the ride really dictates just how the machine will shift. I might go as far to say that these are right up there with the X3 stock seats at being the best in the industry.

This vehicle is the one that really took the RZR brand to the next level in 2014 when it was introduced. It’s a fantastic geared auto / manual transmission.

Most people won’t ever test that limit, but we have found similar driving dynamics in vehicles like the Yamaha YXZ. And even if they are Honda will keep pumping them out the same way for years. I'd like to see it in person but the looks are kind of meh. DCT would be fun. While we didn’t get to drive this machine yet (we’ll have to wait until next year to do so…), we did get a chance to sit in the Talon and get a feel for what this machine will be like. However, the Talon has a more direct drive transmission unit in the DCT rather than the belt-driven CVT unit found in the Polaris. Known as the Barracks trail this BLM trail 20 offered up some open runs of sandy washes with winding berms and also some steep climbs both in and out of the big valleys on the southside of Mt Zion National park. Something most consumers will not realize is that most of these late model engines in the market may have a higher rated crankshaft measured HP but the biggest portion of that is well into the high range of the engines RPM range thus leaving most with only bragging rights because they will never see the extended use of that power on the trail.

With 17.7” inches of travel up front on the dual a-arms, that slick rear setup has a healthy 20.1” of vertical movement. Both have similar travel numbers. Well...if that transmission works they want it to, I think they nailed that part at least. The different parts are confined to the fact that the Wildcat XX is a trailing arm setup and the Talon 1000R, which is the better direct competitor to the XX suspension wise, is a 4+ link-style setup.

First look and ride impression of the 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 LE while doing a little hog hunting action to go along with the ride. Other standout features include the one-piece chassis and the brakes, which look to be up to the task of wrangling down the speeds of this Talon to a halt. This comparison has to be first, not because Honda finally has a competitor to the Yamaha sport side-by-side, but because these two vehicles are the most closely matched. This 64-inch version of the Talon is built for all ground but works well in tighter trails and in those areas where trail width could be limited or mandated to a specific width.

As you look around the cockpit of the Talon X you immediately notice many small buttons and switches all which have specific duties in making your ride in this machine to your liking. Check out our 2015 Honda Pioneer 500 First Ride Review. ALSO SEE: Review: Tackling the Mud in a High Lifter Polaris RZR and Ranger. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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