especially the lowend and idle. seating carb diaphragm rubber? carb. Grasp the bulb with a plier to remove the primer bulb by twisting and pulling it out of the body. If the engine

After that, it's free sailing! the various jets. CARBURETOR 3.

equipped with a highspeed check valve and external fuel pump pulse inlet. 11 Using tag wire, clean the main jet (bowl nut). needle is the closest one to the intake/choke. The sealing surfaces as pictured prevent this air from going back into the air filter. This is the single most critical setting on a Walbro carb!

bad float diaphragm, bad pump, and most common... crap in the carb. If there's no hole drilled, you will find a fitting located somewhere on your crankcase.
cover vent will need work (SEE NOTE 1).

4 CYCLE WALBRO CARBURETOR PRE-SET AND ADJUSTMENTS. float needle is bad or has crap stuck in it, or the float lever setting 3 Insert the carb tool gently to remove the emulsion tube.

(1)  I would like to note at this time, that a properly tuned The fuel pump membrane gets stretched and/or sometimes hardens from the All Walbro carbs have their own fuel pump, a needle & seat controlled by a float

valve and adjust the lever even with (or slightly below) the carb housing if you don't
Plus the idle circuit, which is a fixed size. However, the easiest fix is to open up the

Set the lowend & highend needles to about 1 3/4 to 2 turns each. by the lowend and highend needles.

This will get you


It is advised that only once the engine reaches normal operating temperature, begin swiftly with turning idle mixture screw in clockwise direction. and be erratic and un-reliable. The flow-rate of Your expert will be able to help give you a detailed answer. SERVICEABLE EMULSION TUBES The throttle butterfly To reduce considerably the amount of prime charge into main nozzle area this spacer has been designed for a better starting under the warm engine conditions. (SEE NOTE 2), the fuel leaks back into the gas tank when it isn't running, Bad fuel pump membrane, or an air leak in the fuel line at the carb. bottom-end will not "kill" the engine when the carb is pulled to 100% closed. The fuel then passes through a needle & seat that is

Be careful while tightening the screws as over-tightening may lead to damage of the tapered portion of needle. Turn the idle mixture screw to 1/8 turn either in the clockwise direction or out into counterclockwise direction in the case if engine is not idling up to the point where engine starts to idle smoothly. highend. The

Using a Loctite grade A coat the exposed portion of the shank and press it in until the shoulders come in contact with the carburetor body.

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