I am a patient man it will come with time. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He finds that very embarrassing. Am I laying it on too hard? After about 50 solid whacks to each cheek, she said that if I promised there would be no reprisals, she would stop and we could talk, but if I couldn’t promise that she would give me another 50 and then if there was a reprisal she would file for an annulment. A detailed set of instructions and descriptions for women who are serious about instituting or improving good old-fashioned discipline in their homes follows. The hairbrush is first and it must receive the honors of being the most popular item associated with “home type” corporal punishment. I am attentive to her and her needs and I do almost all of the house work. She whispered something in my ear which made me think I was in for a good time. New Years Day (Starting the year off right)! Unable to add item to List. No matter what instrument is being used, the DWC wife must always keep in mind that the part most commonly on the receiving end, the buttocks, lay in close proximity to such vital areas as the kidneys and tailbone. Caleb holds on to Justine like she's going to get snatched away. #mood Whatever do not stop when he screams. If you feel it is appropriate have him go to a corner for at least thirty minutes.

How can you punish someone for having such kind intentions? purposes – ajways just with the hand.

Guy do you have any experiences on how your girlfriend/wives whipped you?

The well-disciplined husband is a direct result of constant vigilance on the part of the wife. Half an hour of corner times daily for a solid week after a punishment spanking, remind me, to watch my behavior, or else! She wrote a whole essay for us. The important thing is that he is being spanked across your knee and this is what spanking is all about. A dose of corporal punishment should have a dual effect. The next position where he lays down is suitable for any instrument.

I howled and cried as the strap wrapped around my bottom, but she didn’t stop. Love that for him :heart: annalise keating, Nov 3, 2020 at 1:15 PM It’s not like you’re trying to turn your boyfriend into your slave.

Summer Walker’s On/Off Boyfriend London On Da Track’s Baby Mother Says Summer Is Pregnant! You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. If you are reading this section your eventual goal is a relationship with your husband in which you hold the authority to give him the discipline you see fit. Few people know — not even professing Christians — that the Bible, when correctly translated, clearly teaches that a wife “ought to have authority OVER her head,” meaning over her husband.

, Nov 3, 2020 at 1:15 PM Wait for him to relax, and tell him to do so. [Click HERE For Sound Effects!] The number. It should be extremely painful while it is being applied, and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards. Cherish your cooch. The worst was when my MIL used to take over to show my wife how to do it. Guy do you have any experiences on how your girlfriend/wives whipped you? I need her to be dominate and a strict disciplinarian. In addition to a hairbrush you should have at least one other paddle suitable for over the knee spanking. When she finished she took the box of tissue, opened it and said this is for you to blow your nose and dry your eye’s while I spank you. As an obedient husband I have to lick her toes in between when she commands and so life works!

Thanks :]!

I know how you feel. The first time he hesitates after being given the signal, stand up and beat his bottom and upper legs really hard. You may have to look around a bit to find what you want. For those that want to deny that Sindoko's daddy wasn't buddies with Mobutu and the MPR. That was that! As the one responsible for discipline, and seeing that you tow the line she has to be comfortable with her own actions do not push her. Don’t be afraid to degrade and humiliate, and above all, when that bare bottom is turned up side down across your knee waiting for the paddle or hairbrush, don’t disappoint him. There should never be any doubt in his mind about your ability to administer this punishment. A wonderfully firm, paneled, high waist long leg 50s-style girdle. This summer we were in a fancy paint store with a sales person picking colors.. With the salesgirl standing next to her, She said to me ” Which shade do you like dear?”…. 'Net Famous. , sometimes is too hard for me.Do you know how can i be able to ( i dont know the Word) support hardest spankings? Bob. He acted inappropriately and my mother said he needs a paddling.

Pay attention to the way you talk about your body. I sincerely believe that if more wives practiced let their husbands know they were capable of administering a good dose of woodshed discipline, the divorce rate would drop drastically. KaleQueen2016, Nov 3, 2020 at 1:15 PM Election protection hotline 1-866-our-vote, For the RHOBH Fans - Erika filed for divorce from Tom Girardi, These parents on 90 Day Fiancé really have zero regard for their children, Karl-Anthony Towns reflects on the passing of his mother and the road forward, 32yo convicted of sending threats to 16yo Dutch Princess. Trust me she enjoys beating me enough for that to go away. The best way for him to assume the first one is to face the back of a chair and then bend over it grasping the seat with his hands. After being spanked I have to kiss her feet for respect saying “Thank you, Mistress” and also offering her a good foot rub for mercy.

This is a solid old-fashioned hairbrush. This site uses cookies. If you’re pissed that your man still hangs out with his ex, don’t order him to delete her number. She makes me take off my pants and underwear pulls me over her knee and then gives me about 50 good hard hand spanks on each cheek. Just remember that it is your dominance and his desire to be submissive that puts him in the spankee position. A handy substitute is a 24-inch wood ruler. my wife paddled me a couple times but was never serious about it. I had no idea why. Familiarity with being subject to your discipline will grow over time and it may take a little while to reach the stage where immediate, full compliance can be expected. That’s followed by a strap or paddle. If he doesn’t cooperate, his desires may be more mental fantasy than a willingness to participate in the reality of it all. Another type of strap you can make, have made, or purchase from a specialty store is called a “Tawse.” It is a regular leather strap except the last few inches are split into “fingers.” I can assure you that the feel of these fingers wrapping around a buttock or thigh is not soon forgotten. “x 10” For the same transgression in the same week, I must roll dice and what ever number comes up, it is multiplied by 10 and that’s how many swats i get with the back brush… I rolled an 8 and sure enough my bottom was scorched with 80 swats. I definitely used quite a few of the tisseus. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I had to get my whip game on point (it's all in the wrist, FYI) and learn the delicate knots involved in the aforementioned CBT.

Role play. If you were to keep on, he would struggle so much out of reflex action it would be difficult, if not impossible, to hold him in place. Today we are happily married.

But sex is not involved when it comes to punishment from her. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I am made to wait,in position , contemplating my behaviour and my punishment. You doing too much, honey. My pants (and underwear) came down and she gave me what I deserve and gave it to me very hard. That way, you won’t have to yell at him for always making you do the dishes. I would suggest that you tell him you want to tie him down and then whip him and that you will be whipping him harder and longer than he has imagined and that it will hurt. That was 25 year’s ago. Have I gone from one extreme to the other? Some of us won’t admit it, but we all secretly want our men to obey our orders. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Now she wasn’t mad about that it was me driving home afterwards. SZA’s “Ctrl” is now the longest charting debut album by a black female artist. Firstly it was very non-threatening and secondly it was to my advantage. DMCA Policy Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. I’ve been paddled 4 times today as we have 20 years of need to make up. That usually happens about once a year. For details, please see the Terms & Conditions associated with these promotions. The main advantage of this position is that you can really put considerable force into each swat, and by simply changing sides, you can see that each cheek gets equal attention. She has already put me back into diapers and plastic pants. News Flash! That’s why you should have a mature discussion about which chores you’ll each take care of. Sponsored: The best dating/relationships advice on the web. She told me that day that when we got home I was going to get it. Domestic discipline, as described here, is probably practiced in many more homes than you and I would ever guess. This isn’t a small child you are holding over your lap by force — this is a grown man who needs and wants a hard spanking. Ladies I'm sure you know a few good methods up your sleeves.

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