“Got to cut off about that much of the prop,” he said. Local builder Neil Byers had just test-flown his trigear H-5 the week before, and he had a nice Stratomaster Enigma glass panel installed, including angle-of-attack sensor, four-way CHT and EGT and flight instruments.

Previously, Hummel had lengthened the Bird and lightened it, creating the UltraCruiser, which can slip into the legal ultralight category by limiting accessories. I found the direct-steering tailwheel adequate for maneuvering around the taxiways. With the upper cowling removed, the clean 85-hp VW installation in the H-5 is fully visible. Dubbed the Hummel Bird, it caught the attention of like-minded builders, and before long he was in the business of selling plans. H5 is intended for the Sport Pilot category with economical, reliable, four stroke power and estimated cruise of 110-120 mph. With 3000 rpm set, the airspeed indicated a steady 100 mph, and when I rapped it out to 3400 rpm for a short speed run the needle promptly went into the yellow arc to show 130 mph.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is built from plans, but many of the components are available pre-made from Hummel Aviation. The engine package is a separate kit, and instrumentation and radios are not included. Patrick Webb from Preferred Altitude sits down with Terry Hallett and they discuss the Ultra Cruiser, Hummel Bird, and H5. Lonnie Prince starting making props as a part-time endeavor back in 1979 and, like a lot of hobbies that have spun out of control, his distinctive airscrews eventually turned into a full-time business. I leveled off outside the pattern and set up 3000 rpm, which yielded an even 85 mph. Prince’s semi-scimitar blade shape, on the other hand, is reported to allow some pitch change as speed increases.

The horizontal stabilizer attach construction was redesigned. Columnist Jim Weir sounds off on an all-purpose beeper that will work for most anything you want to call attention to in the cockpit. The stick is properly located, as are the push-pull throttle knob and choke on the left side. The Hummel Bird is LSA legal and very efficient. Empty weight of the prototype H-5 came in at 457 pounds, so the engine’s 85 hp promised sensational performance.

The distinctive “P-Tip” ends on some Prince propellers requires making a 90° bend at the tip of the blade, which acts as an end-plate to delay vortex formation. When you move the stick, you want something to happen. Morry Hummel got that right. I’m interested in possibly perching this kit Can you direct me to the right location. We’re glad he’s still here to remind us to appreciate it.

I lined up with about 3000 feet of runway ahead and unleashed the 85 VW ponies, which accelerated 700 pounds of airplane like a catapult launch. The Hummel Bird is an experimental/amateur built aircraft designed by Morry Hummel and produced by Hummel Aviation of Byran, Ohio, United States. Morry Hummel did a fine job of designing this airplane, and Terry Hallett and his crew are doing an excellent job of maintaining the Hummel stimulus. In subsequent landings, I just chopped the throttle and floated in, even resorting to a steep slip to rein in the wing’s lift. The Hummel airplanes are riveted aluminum low-wing, single-seat designs, powered by VW-derived engines. If so, then Plans for the Teenie Two were originally offered for sale in 1969 and are still offered today with more than 12,000 sets sold.[1][2]. It’s become known mostly by reputation and word of mouth, not media blitz or blazing brochures—all of which seems appropriate. My feet disappeared into the under-panel recesses, finding generous rudder pedals down there. Not having had enough fun for one evening, I accepted Hallett’s kind offer of the twin-cylinder UltraCruiser for a quick hop. T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, phone cases, clocks, and more are options (you can see some examples at PreferredAltitude.com. The nearest tool store is... © 2020 Kitplanes.com. The dihedral break on the Windwagon was in the middle; Morry made the center wing section straight and put the dihedral break at the point where the outer wing panels bolt to the center section. Hummel Aviation Podcast (link). After three decades, his dedication to his craft is firmly established. High-wing airplanes should be banned from traffic patterns—bad visibility.”. The skins are riveted to the spars leaving no bump where the one piece ribs previously pushed the skin up where it crossed the spar. Although he takes life a little slower nowadays, Hummel still likes to hang out with airplane people and keep his ideas flowing.

It was this model that grew to become the new H-5 Sport Cruiser, which is not only larger but more powerful, taking advantage of a four-cylinder Vee-Dub instead of the half-VW powerplant used in the Hummel Bird and UltraCruiser. Originally builders had to buy Windwagon plans as well as Hummel's modifications and try to incorporate the two. The H-5 uses electrically actuated flaps, drooping to 37°. The original Hummel Bird remains popular, with 120 or so flying and many more under construction, and the UltraCruiser will be gaining in number as more completed airplanes join the 30 already flying. “Leave out the sulfur, and you have a bomb!” he chuckled. 16288 County Road DBryan, OH 43506Phone: (419) 636-6700Email: Sales@flyhummel.com, “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”, Hummel Aviation Podcast with Preferred Altitude, Sun ‘n Fun 2018 – April 10th-15th, Booth # LP024. The wingspars will be complete, all welded parts will be furnished, along with the pre-bent formed parts and skins with 80% of the rivet holes drilled.

I nudged in a bit of pitch trim, but the forces are so light that it wasn’t really necessary. The little fighter sits nose-down in cruise, leaving the pilot a clear view of his airspace everywhere except under the wings. The propeller takes final shape. Early on, he was into rubber-band-powered model airplanes. And the cool black carbon graphite covering simply says your airplane is something special. Further information can be had by calling 419/877-5557 or by visiting www.princeaircraft.com. Hummel H5 builder and owner Steve Gigax designed the H5 prototype as he built it, aiming for a slightly more roomy and capable airplane than the original Hummel Bird or the UltraCruiser. The seat back was raised 5 inches so a shoulder harness could be added, and the instrument panel was raised 2 inches, increasing fuel capacity and leg room. There being no further excuses, I mounted the left wingwalk and stepped over into the seat, using the half-inch U-channel canopy bows and aluminum-angle longerons to lower myself into racing profile. Born August 5, 1915, Hummel just keeps on going.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The Hummel Bird spar is built up of 1/8 6061-t6 aluminum angle spar caps, with a .040, 2024-t3 spar web.

As with all over-powered light airplanes, the angle of climb is more exhilarating than the actual rate, which I roughly timed at around 1600 fpm. At about this time, his propeller business was rapidly expanding to answer growing demand. Let us know and make sure to stop by the Hummel Aviation booth # LP024 to say hello. The new H-5, by comparison, is fitted with a four-cylinder 2400cc Hummel VW, producing 85 hp at 3200 rpm, which makes it a real screamer. It ignited with a touch of the starter button and quickly settled into the characteristic rump-rump VW idle as soon as I flipped on the electronic ignition and pushed the choke off.

However, Hummel Aviation has no problem with selling plans, Hallett says, and he’s working on a Mylar-sheet option that will create a transparent template for making many of the pieces. Hummel Bird (36) Plans, Kits, & Info (16) UltraCruiser - FAR Part 103 Ultralight (57) UltraCruiser Formed Parts (17) UltraCruiser Hardware (26) UltraCruiser Raw Materials (13) UltraCruiser Welded Parts (9) “I sold them for a quarter, so I had plenty of money to buy the model kits.” He also built and launched rockets, making up his own solid-fuel powerplants.
The Ultracruiser is a development of the heavier Hummel Bird, designed to comply with the US FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles rules, including the category's maximum empty weight of 254 lb (115 kg). Back in the 1970s, he wanted an all-metal light plane, so he built one and flew it to Oshkosh. All rights reserved worldwide. By creating a sealed leading edge tank, the fuel is moved away from the pilot for better crash survivability with the added benefit of more than doubling the fuel capacity. The gathering is an informal event intended for people with an interest in Ultralights, homebuilts, Hummel Gathering July 6th, 2019 Have you ever wanted to get a close and personal look at the UltraCruiser, H5, or HummelBird, have some questions that you would like to ask, have you ever wanted to see one fly, or maybe you just want to have a good day with the family? Hummel has established VNE at 150 mph. All proceeds benefit cadet flight training. Some notable variations of the aircraft include: Fuel: The standard location of the fuel tank is forward of the instrument panel. Further information can be had by calling 419/877-5557 or by visiting. Originally designed by Calvin Parker, the design was featured in Popular Mechanics May 1971.

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