Each of us potentially becomes a problem solver. If you know someone who may benefit from reading it, I would be really grateful for sharing a link. Like it or not, conflict is a shared voyage by participants that requires work to undo past experiences and events. It's interesting, because revenge — which we define as motivated retaliation after one perceives harm to one's well-being — is a universal phenomenon. How much do we want to be done with this conflict? Debate is a circular process, in which opponents argue and disagree with each other and are more interested in demonstrating that they are right than they are in discovering the truth. Log in. By discouraging the violation of social norms, revenge may help to keep the group together. People in dialogue have access to a larger pool of knowledge than any one person enjoys. The odd corollary of empathy is that by thinking of others we are really helping ourselves. They might even take it out on relatives of the perpetrator or others perceived as belonging to the same group. I'm a solicitor, mediator and conflict resolution expert with a particular interest in helping people to resolve their conflicts and disputes in a meaningful, empowering way that brings them clarity and growth. Last but not least, I think we should help people understand how to manage conflicts, in the same way that we teach mathematics and physics and biology in schools today. The only way to resolve an issue permanently is through a real, open conversation, ideally face to face. Learn how your comment data is processed. Join now. [1] Take the time to listen to the complaints. How blinded are we by the path of conflict that we cannot embrace a path of resolution? This is a fascinating subject, yet it seems difficult to study. It is certainly worth a try. Jun 15, 2016 Through considerate conflict resolution in the workplace, … Dancer Press, 2015). This is often preceded by the fear that you may never actually get what you want or what you need. Later, when people get more psychological distance from what happened, that might reduce the anger and the revenge instinct. Conflict Resolution Strategies Conflict has long been viewed as negative, and is usually associated with things as trivial as an argument to something as extreme as war, and is seldom seen as beneficial. This article originally appeared in Knowable Magazine, an independent journalistic endeavor from Annual Reviews. Given its importance, people are often willing to fight to restore their honor. It’s not something you can read about in an article or watch a Ted Talk and become an expert. Conflict isn’t always something to fear, however, because out of conflict comes change. I agree that choice of words is extremely important, as is empathy, when communicating your message. Arguably, the New Testament was written during a period when we had larger states, more stability and social organization, and where revenge would therefore have been less valuable compared to the days of the Old Testament. Avoiding a conflict won't get you anywhere. I’d already begun to formulate my own perceptions of his response; he was rude, he was a male chauvinist and worst of all, he was an idiot! Essay Sample on Conflict Resolution in Business ... conflict has arisen because two individuals see things differently and both are trying to present their case in the best possible way. This is where egocentrism comes into play. “In his groundbreaking book, The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge makes a powerful distinction between dialogue and discussion: In a discussion, opposing views are presented and defended and the team searches for the best view to help make a team decision. You mention that the Bible pivoted on the subject of revenge between the Old and New Testaments, moving from "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" to "turning the other cheek." Your essay should also include your viewpoint concerning conflict. Do your best to objectively listen to what they are saying while suppressing your inner voice. ( Log Out /  Another thing we might teach is that research shows that personal gain is rare and feelings of regret may soon set in. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Treating all parties to the conflict with dignity and decorum provides an enormous field of opportunities in conflict resolution. The tolerance of which you speak is merely a clever invention of the mind; this tolerance merely indicates the desire to cling to your own idiosyncrasies, your own limited ideas and prejudices, and allow another to pursue his own. 1. Recently when I informed a seasoned and well-respected litigator that I was working on an article on the role of empathy in dispute resolution, I was met with respectful spontaneous laughter. 4. Though revenge is the driver behind many famous stories and movies, it is not something we tend to be proud of. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I love learning and writing about conflict and more importantly, finding creative ways to navigate what can be murky, emotional relationships. It seems people would sometimes rather just fight. How Empathy Paves the way for Innovation from. Log in. The film not only highlights the conflict, but offers up ideas about resolution. A shift in perspective should be accompanied by measures to end discrimination and promote a fair allocation of power and resources between groups as well. These induce empathy in the listener and invite deeper levels of listening.”. Look for positive ways you can improve how they feel about you as an individual.

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