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Most who look at a map of the area will find the argument that the NWP is an international waterway more political than logical — especially since the practical Northwest Passage is not the obvious broad avenue through Parry Channel, which is at least wide enough to make a sensible case for international status — and is also north of most traditional Inuit travel — but which still has too much ice for ships. Saturday breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn There’s plenty of debate over the law, and whether this guy and his boat matter, over on CBC and Nunatsiaq. Fig 2 :Distribution of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean (as of June 27th, 2020) and past open periods of shipping passages (green) and predicted open periods for 2020 (red/yellow), Arctic Sea Ice Trends 2020

My expedition was granted permission to use a boat in these waters this summer, after dialogue with Transport Canada.

Friday lunch Peter Smith would be at sea for C19 isolation.

Would like to see your Canada Authorization paper. Northwest Passage Sailor Ignores Arctic COVID Restrictions - OKRoam 2020 Share On Twitter Share On Google Web – August 31, 2020View Original Post for complete content…Filed Under: Travel Every summer, a half dozen cruise ships and a few small […] Saturday lunch

Be safe! Friday evening reception and dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn

Fig 2 :Distribution of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean (as of June 27th, 2020) and past open periods of shipping passages (green) and predicted open periods for 2020 (red/yellow). The ban exception is designed for commercial shipping requesting innocent passage, so they want to see proof of commercial insurance. The territory of Nunavut remains mostly closed to southerners, except essential workers.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'explorersweb_com-box-3','ezslot_0',109,'0','0'])); But last week, an observer in Cambridge Bay, at the western end of the Passage, spotted a yacht offshore, which was later identified as the Kiwi Roa, piloted by 72-year-old New Zealander Peter Smith. Sea ice is currently in a declining phase due to melting, and as of June 27th, covers 9.24 million square kilometers(Figure 2). There was a slight headache regarding insurance. Note, there’s no way to sail the NWP without being within Canadian 12nm territorial waters. Agree with everything you say, and my final point refers to the islands that you’d need to pass near in the middle of the Parry Channel. 2020 Future Scenario for the Northwest Passage (NWP) and the Canadian Arctic (from AMSA Report 2009) The Canadian maritime Arctic is located across the north of Canada from the Beaufort Sea in the west to Hudson Strait in the east, covering approximately 2.1 million km². […] Web – August 31, 2020View Original Post for complete content…Filed Under: Travel Every summer, a half dozen cruise ships and a few small […]. Because of the size of the dining venues, we are limiting the number of cars to this year’s tour to 50. Our route wasn’t a full NWP route, but still triggered the ‘north of 60N private boat’ ruling. Hilton Garden Inn guest room. The images also confirm faster than usual melting in the Kara Sea located along the Northeast Passage (Figure 5). The real NWP is a narrow, twisty route within a stone’s throw. My priority in making contact with authorities was not because I’m caught up on the number 12. Every summer, a half dozen cruise ships and a few small yachts traverse Canada’s Northwest Passage, but not this year.

Because of global warming and the benefit of cost savings from the shorter travel distances, the Northern Sea Route has become a regular shipping route in recent years, as well as a major route for LNG carriers transporting liquefied natural gas produced in the Arctic Ocean. In late July, he learned that his request was refused. The issue is less about the rules and the dangers that a solo sailor, isolated on his yacht, might spread the novel coronoavirus than it is about ignoring the wishes of the local communities. U.S. The ORPCA Northwest Passage Team has put together another fabulous driving tour with fun roads, beautiful scenery, delicious food, luxury accommodations and an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones.

... 2020. The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra may be a little milder than Siberia's dreaded Oymyakon Marathon -- just -40° instead of -55°C or so -- but th... Briton, Robert McArthur and Scot, Poldy van Lynden are attempting an all-human-power ultra-triathlon from Marble Arch in London to Svalbard ... Borge Ousland and Mike Horn have continued charging south with only a couple of days of food left. We've got 10 tours going to Northwest Passage, starting from just 9 days in length, and the longest tour is 26 days. Global Ice Center announced its forecast for Arctic Sea ice trends in 2020. Fig 3: Changes in the area of sea ice extent since 2012 (by year) The Northern Sea Route has been open for a few weeks. Currently, the sea ice in the Arctic Sea is melting at an average pace, but with record breaking high temperatures such as the 38 degrees Celsius recorded on June 20th in the northern Siberian town of Verkhoyansk, the sea ice along the Northeast Passage (Russian side) is expected to melt rapidly going forward. Northeast Passage to open in mid-August, Northwest Passage expected to open in mid-September in International Shipping News 03/07/2020 Weathernews Inc. …

Smith says that he is on track to set a record for the fastest transit of the Northwest Passage with no fuel stops, having sailed “90 percent of the way.”. Looking at the different sea areas, the melting of sea ice is advancing along the coasts of both the Northeast and Northwest passages. Images from the company’s proprietary WNISAT-1R satellite show that in the Chukchi Sea, which is connected to the Bering Sea, the ocean surface became visible starting in May (Figure 4). This includes entry into the Oregon Garden and breakfast. Porsche Beaverton reception Regarding the opening of the Northern Sea Route, the Northeast Passage is expected to open in mid-August, slightly earlier than last year’s August 20th opening, due to the influence of high temperatures in the Siberian coastal area, and to remain open until mid-October.

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