The next season each top-flight club was asked to donate a player to Torino, to help them rebuild.

Last updated on 4 May 20194 May 2019.From the section European Footballcomments59, Bill Lievesley had just got home from school when his mum came in and told him: "People are saying there's been a plane crash.".

Torino were awarded the Serie A title, at the request of their rivals. But there have been times when he has wondered, what if? Erbstien escaped from a labour camp in Nazi-occupied Budapest, as is detailed in the book, Erbstein: The Triumph and Tragedy of Football's Forgotten Pioneer. This golden age for the club owed much to its president, Ferruccio Novo, who had lovingly signed up some of the country's best players, including Valentino Mazzola, Torino's star who became Italy's captain. Then my mother got some compensation money - either from the airline or the club, I'm not sure - and bought a house in Doncaster. 14 players and coach Ben Wilson killed. By evening it had reached Sauro Toma, a defender who had not travelled with his team-mates because of injury. Silly silly people, The loss of a great team, in the days when football was football, A lovely tribute RIP "Campionesse di football". It was 4 May 1949 and Torino were set to win a fifth consecutive league title.

Previously unaware of this tragedy. Friendly fire.
To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. Of the remaining team, two players received career-ending injuries. "We lost an expression of our excellence," said Mario Cuomo, the former governor of New York.

It wasn't like our apartment in Turin with marble floors, it was a colliery house.

His son Bill was about to turn 11. "We stayed with my grandmother for about a year. Gianni Agnelli, the future head of Fiat, was a big friend of my father's. He first went back for the 60th anniversary, in 2009. It was all foreign to me. Its captain, Valentino Mazzola, had started out with the works team at the Alfa Romeo factory in Milan, where he was on the production line, but now was considered the finest player in Italy.

One of two planes en route to game vs.
He'd always be offering him a car but he wouldn't take one, he said they made people lazy. The plane had collided with the back of the basilica wall, amid thick fog. 1 member of the women’s rowing team killed, 7 others injured including 1 coach when the van made a left turn into the path of a truck. Along the hallway and up the stairs hangs his "gallery of rogues". I think I was just going through the day to day really.

(Click on date for associated article where present), Sports teams fatalities from aviation accidents and incidents, Accidents involving other modes of transport, "List of accidents involving sports teams", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Lockheed L-1049H-01-06-162 Super Constellation, Puerto Rico women's national volleyball team, Iowa State Cyclones women's cross country team, "Trosky letadla s československými hokejisty nenašli. Bill is 80 and radiates warmth on a bitterly cold afternoon in south Yorkshire, looking back on a time when Turin was home.

Scores of emotionally overwhelmed fans mobbed him in the street. That's the sad thing of it.".

For one international, Italy's team consisted of 10 players from Torino and one, the goalkeeper, from Juventus. And my mother still recalls the day of the crash. It was a strange time for me, like I was walking around in a dream.

But for the club, the halcyon days did not return.

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