I am a resident of Visalia, CA. I would also suggest any organizing be done on the hush until closer to the primary season as I fear a serious effort may be undertaken to de-platform you guys if revealed too soon.

See the comment that someone left me online about how you might be able to help: “Jimmy Dore would love to make this happen and has been on the JR podcast twice. McCaskill: Campaigning From The Right? Keep up the great work! I prefer to use email.

So afraid of the Russians Thank you and Jimmy for your hard work and dedication to improve whatever is left of our democracy. 45 comments.

Dispespectful to our military? I fell asleep listening to it on my ipod. We just found out that our videos examining the corona virus will be demonetized until Saturday because YouTube has confirmed we are reliable. Perot in 1992, because I could understand the simple points he hammered out. The Norwegian International Short Film Festival. And I believe in all the people in this room tonight. Afraid we’ve got to fight, They’ve got ships at sea

(he doesn’t like talking about his weight publicly but he’s about 6.5 lbs). I don’t care about BLM…I don’t care about LGBGT whatever the fuck it is…I don’t care about METOO…or all that bullshit. I’m glad he was elected because it’s easy now to make the point (thank you Jimmy Dore) that he’s only a symptom of a larger problem, the corruptocracy of the Democratic Party Leadership. I’m happy to say that JD and I created our small production company years ago. I hope Jimmy heals completely & free of any pain. It’s a misrepresentation of the numbers. Nothing was “oh so complicated requiring subtle expertise and analysis” like Warren, Hillary or Kamala who either offer nothing in particular or I don’t trust due to their obvious public/private position, or both. my heart is so wanting to do something meaningful like what you guys are doing. Dear Stef: Spies everywhere (continues under telephone call).
Posted by 7 hours ago. Could you reply with an address. I am thrilled when you bring Brownie on Jimmy’s show, what a sweet guy, so well behaved! Thanks for being you. I was watching the show a few weeks ago, you and Jimmy were broadcasting from your bedroom. The JD show is just what I needed- the outrage at the nightmare of our present government dissected with scathing humor. She could have said most people in MI don’t want it which polling showed was true. 1443 East Washington Blvd. She’s the host of “Comedy & Everything Else”, a writer for “The Jimmy Dore Show” on The Young Turks Network and if that’s not enough she is an educator with over twenty years of experience. It just got released and it’s a positive spin on the recent college admissions scam problem. Pretty soon, I heard back from TJDS, asking me to re-up my membership. This last week, the media hammered the narrative that youth vote is not up. Shazaam! Independent Writer, Here’s a prediction for you from the UK that hopefully will alleviate some of your misery Stef ! I make pajamas for @tunameltsmyheart on Instagram/Facebook as well as pups all over the world. Here’s my International award winning and acclaimed short film. Besides, he’s too old Be ready to lose your shit. Jimmy and I are crazy about Brownie. When I first picked up that vibe, I thought that I must be wrong. Senator: Shame on you for forcing through Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before COVID relief and amidst an election! In the Springfield, MO area KY3 runs the ad also throughout its broadcasting day. You already have almost 500k subscribers, and with promotion through social media you would pull a massive audience that should appeal to the candidates. Jimmy is the host, Ron is a writer, Arno is our tech god and I handle other business/finance related stuff. Turns out my credit card had expired, and Paypal stopped my recurring payment.

She did not give any answer. She was frustrated with how higher education is, and decided to found her own non-profit college, and now has given a TED talk. So many of your thoughts are ones that all of us sometimes have, but don’t say. Work around the mainstream media instead of through them. This bill simply translates to “Missouri law is going to be changed to elevate Genocidal Israel’s rights above Missouri’s/Missourian’s rights.

I should say, I did, via email, mention it to JD and RP too. [Telephone call] Rachel Maddow asked Bernie in the interview how he expects to beat Trump. If you compare the youth turnout overall numbers from 2016 to youth turnout overall numbers from 2020, it is up 20%. Eventually her family moved to Orange County and she attended Fullerton College joining their Theatre program. Greta Van Sustern interviewed Gretchen Whitmer and asked her at least 3 times what is wrong with right-to-work. Love your take on almost everything, love Ron and Jimmy too. Daily Kos moves in solidarity with the Black community. It’s so refreshing to listen to people like you who know the truth, and have the human decency to share it with the rest of us. …and Caller: Yes, please. I concluded there was no way to legislate/prosecute away corruption. The lyrics fit the hysteria today perfectly. Meghan McCain quoting Margaret Thatcher on The View: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher. There can be little doubt that the line between Democrats and Republicans is not just blurred but completely gone. I will share this with the team too. Comedy Arts Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Amsterdam Comedy Festival, and for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Harrry, Hi Harry, so glad you found The Jimmy Dore Show. It is a wild ride doing what we love and meeting so many compassionate people along the way… it actually gives us hope. We must have accurate and complete results.

Because of coronavirus, an unprecedented... Sign the petition: Pledge to continue Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy of fighting for women’s rights. Most recently she participated in one of  her favorite podcast shows:The Moth Story Slam in Santa Monica. Tanks on the border of Europe Lol! Wil Pearson Bernie, I don’t believe in “Universal Band-Aid Income.“ And I don’t believe in the endless “plans“ touted by some that simply empower bureaucrats and technocrats more than they empower me or my fellow Americans. Hey Stef!, We’re being tested to see if we really are ready to take back control in our lives: to take back control in our democracy and our government.

Shahid Buttar WoW is this guy on our page or WHAT???!!!! share. "[5], Dore supported Bernie Sanders' campaign in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries, being called "Sanders-obsessed" by The Washington Post. Thank you. McCaskill, a senior Senator who has served since 2007 and became a ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Council in 2017. I’m gay, gay, gay and I’m glad that someone else thinks PETE BOOTYGAY is a frigging SOCIOPATH and PSYCHOPATH. In the midst of a pandemic, GOP senators have been focused on only one thing: confirming Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee... From 2011—2016, I was an obsessive Jimmy Dore Show fan. Hawley has served as counsel and is a major proponent of “Religious Liberty”, a non-profit organization claiming to support religious freedom. We met so many great folks. Build factories Life is good when we meet so many good hearted people from all over the world. 1. NIH Research Funding for Big Pharma and Exxon Mobil Corporate Israel gets rights. Jimmy was the first lefty comedian I’d heard who was actually funny.

Hello Progressive Pal in Seattle, We are interviewing Andrew Yang on Thursday via Skype and Tulsi will be in our modest studio on Friday. On a different subject, Elissa Slotkin the CIA democrat who just won MI 8th supposedly did not accept corporate money so I give her one point for that.

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