In Garfield and Friends, he is often gullible, usually when faced with unscrupulous salesmen, no matter how obvious the scams may be. He has also appeared in the animated television series Garfield and Friends, the computer-animated The Garfield Show, and two live-action/computer-animated feature films. In the strip Garfield is depicted as Jon's imaginary friend who only he can see.

Friends/Allies He is presented in all branches of the Garfield franchise except a few video games. In The Garfield Show, Jon has been tricked by Garfield commonly of times.

Garfied series This explained the genosha salami in his ear.) CartoonistDisc Jockey (formerly)Dog Catcher (formerly) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Other times, he would merely stare at his phone, desperately waiting in vain for a woman to call him.

The most common meal that Jon is seen eating is mashed potatoes, peas, and meatloaf. Arbuckle has been called countless names over the years (most being in high school). His various attempts at dating invariably end in failure. Job He is voiced by Sandy Kenyon in first animated series, Thom Huge in Garfield and Friends, Breckin Meyer in the live action adaption and currently Wally Wingert in the CGI movies and The Garfield Show.

Jon has at least dieted with Garfield twice. Sometimes, he is lazy and self-centered. Prior to 2006 (when Jon and Liz finally became a couple), Jon constantly struck out when trying to get dates with women. He was once college roommates with Lyman. Jon has messy brown hair with a black mullet. Garfield remarks that he has six fingers, probably from an apple core.

CaringCheap (at times)Clever (at times)Clumsy DorkyEasy-goingGeekyGullibleHaplessHopelessImmatureLoserLovingLoyalNaïveNerdyNiceOptimisticPush-overStrictStupid (at times)Spiteful (at times)Wimpy Liz Wilson (girlfriend), Garfield (best friend), Odie, Vito, Lyman, Nermal, Arlene, Eddie Gourmand, Binky the Clown, other friends

Excellent cartoonist, excellent in cooking but stinks at cooking at terrible dishes, being a loyal friend to Garfield and Odie, being a good Disc Jockey or DJ and being fun loving Excellent in Hand-to-Hand Combat Intelligence; personally trained by Bak Mei; one of the 5 legendary masters of Martial Arts. He is the tritagonist in the comic strip and is rarely absent. He can draw quality sketches quickly.

Sometimes, Jon has threatened not to feed Garfield unless he does a certain task. Type of Hero This has been partly due to ridiculous pick-up lines, lack of social skills, and his entire wardrobe of incredibly ugly, flashy outfits. Jon and Liz reunite with Garfield and Odie. Jon has brown, loosely combed hair with a few strands out of place. That is how I deal with society, and I know what brings me happiness. @prince.stingy. While he wears shirts of different colors, he is most frequently seen in his signature powder blue polo top. Arbuckle (Mother)Mr. Arbuckle (Father)Doc Boy Arbuckle (Brother)Grandma ArbuckleGrandpa ArbuckleAunt GussieAunt IvyAunt PrunellaEdward Arbuckle (Uncle)Drusilla and Minerva (Cousins)Lucretia and Tabitha (Cousins)Cousin IchabodMarian Arbuckle (Cousin)George (Cousin)Harold John (Cousin-In-Law)Shannon Arbuckle (Niece)Long Jon Arbuckle (Ancestor) Sometimes he is lazy and self-centered just like Garfield. and loud flashy outfits. Jim Davis based much of himself onto Jon Arbuckle, such as that Jon has the same birthday as Jim Davis.

Likes Being a cartoonist, Jon is skilled at his craft. He and Garfield provide most of the dialogue on a regular basis, though he is the only one whose dialogue is in speech bubbles. Under some unusual circumstances, Jon frequently embarrasses himself, and Liz, while out on dates: this often results in Jon getting permanently kicked out of the restaurant.

"Jon" Arbuckle (b. July 28, 1950) is the deuteragonist of the Garfield franchise, and was once the protagonist of the comic strip, Jon. In Garfield and Friends, he was frequently portrayed as being incredibly gullible when faced with unscrupulous salesmen and extraordinarily dumb in general. Jonathan Quentin Arbuckle In the television series, he is one of the two tritagonists, alongside Nermal.


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