Likes draw, write, Sekai-ichi and JR, my otp's are Junjou Sentiment and Terrorist. These are just some one-shots about the lovers of Junjou Romantica.
yoshino chiaki Help improve our database by adding characters for this manga, No reviews have been submitted for this title. onodera ritsu sekaiichi hatsukoi Lol. Junjou Sentiment will be set after Junjou Romantica 19, a 43-page love story through Ijuuin Kyou’s point of view.

UvU, my art realisticart. tradicional art digital drawing ʚ♡ɞ,, what a cute lover i have ijuuin is saying Thanks a lot zakuramiya, @nicegoinbigblue, @izukayla, kaNd, Kaedalis, herocountry and @thedigitalpen for working on this chapter! sekaiichi hatosukoi ova, I still have faith that someday there will be a Yanase Yuu no Baai. junjou sentiment review manga yanase yuu ijuuin kyo shizuki ishi a non-sekaiichi post junjou romantica misaki takahashi unrequited love lets go nakamura shungiku 54 notes May 30th, 2016 Damn. Every. Español. proposal sekaiichi hatsukoi There is something that does not convince me, but I still liked the uwuwuwu drawing. my style my artwork junjou romantica ritsu x takano Privacy Another one I did for a task, said free drawing and pos, I drew my cat Freya uwu. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. sekai ichi hatsukoi Be the first to make a review. Demonios, Junjou Sentiment no se viene con mamadas. digital art Credits: Just BL Things & aarinfantasy, what a cute lover i have ijuuin is saying, i've been addicted to the side couples recently, if they made a Junjou Trifecta movie they can make a Junjou sentiment movie. Sorry this one took so long to make, hope you guys like it! Someone tell Nakamura to do more content about Junjou Sentiment pleASE. Mine is Asahina for somewhat reason. Junjou Sentiment will be set after Junjou Romantica 19, a 43-page love story through Ijuuin Kyou’s point of ... sekaiichi hatsukoi my style XD, just sign this account. takano masamune

If you don't like a particular user's posts, consider blocking (from their profile page) instead. yukina kou yanase yuu tradicional art

Press Room And Tetsuya goes to watch Shigehiro’s practice games sometimes and every time he arrives Shigehiro drops everything, even in the middle of a game and picks up his bf and spins him around and they have this sweet, sparkly aura which makes everyone around them want to die because it happens. kisa shouta takano x onodera Included in the 5th Blu-Ray DVD of Junjou Romantica 3 (on 29 January 2016) as the first part, and in the 6th DVD (on 26 February 2016) as the second part, will be a compiled manga by Nakamura Shungiku called “Junjou Sentiment”. Notice at Collection my artwork sekaiichi and junjou, [OVA] Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Proposal [Eng Subs] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - Proposal [ova] sub. :((. Sitemap, No characters for this manga have been added to this title. About tradicional drawing Kirishima Zen I can’t just keep doing the same poses every time, and since this ship is so unpopular, I wanna make lots of content with them so I have no choice but to try lol.

My headcanon is that Shinobu’s a zoomer that’s popular on TikTok cuz why not. sekai ichi hatsukoi I need more content on these two. Whoever tells me that he looks like Dojin for manhwa love is an illusion that hit him. yuu yanase i love these two, (Source: chaotic-sinful, via takahasheesh), *presses junjou sentiment ova*

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, junjou sentiment

Needed to give some love to Sentiment, hoping good things come for them!

Tetsuya and Shigehiro begin dating and Tetsuya takes his boyfriends sweaters and jackets n stuff and Shigehiro loves it bc Tetsuya looks so cute am his clothes are big on him ahhh!!!

Anyways, I’ve never drawn full body before but since my last draw, I want to keep trying new things, even if they seem a lil wonky. sekaiichi hatsukoi Pls read the manga, it’s a national treasure.

my art style

ritsu x takano :(, my art i've been addicted to the side couples recently FAQ onodera ritsu act 51, (Source: chaotic-sinful, via sekaiichihatsukoi101), sekaiichi hatsukoi

yanase calling Chiaki’s oc a mary sue tho. my art style my art style

世界一初恋 junjou domestic orginal character, Junjou Romantica - Act 51 Online / Download.

This is a present from Nakamura Shungiku to everyone who buys the 5th and 6th Blu-Ray DVDs. ❤️, my art my feelings for yuu came Like, I’m way too similar to that baby, which is prolly why I’m more critical of Nostalgia than other couples.

Takafumi Yokozawa Which character you see the closest to yourself, personality wise and all? Sections of this page. A little confused tho as to when it takes place cuz I thought Sentiment was dating already ??? nao kiyomiya my art They also made the scene Hiroki walks in on Terrorist less funny in the anime which is a shame. junjou erotic my art style… Check it out, I just finished reading the Junjou Sentiment part and I must say I am liking where it is going, I won't spoil anything. my art It doesn’t have to be your favs just someone that you felt like AHH IMMA DO THIS TOO JUST LIKE HIM/HER. junjou romantica

sekaiichi nostalgia yuu yanase can i have just side couples ova pls Whatever you say (Boomer) Miyagi. Junjou fans who have only ever seen the anime will never know the hilarity of Shinobu’s hatred for Hiroki.

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