Enterprises can benefit from a variety of valuable applications such as PBX extension, remote office connectivity, long distance consolidation and call centers. Elie Saba. (by SardonicA), 1917 (10/10) - A Visual Masterpiece!! (by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb), Onward (7/10) - Pixar's reputation moves onward with this magical movie. Tatiana Merheb

Only this time it was without one of her many on trend hairstyles – she stunned her followers with a totally shaved head. What’s even more adorable is the fact that they are both married in real life. This memorable Lebanese drama from the early 2000's revolves around the relationship between parents and their teenage children, as well as the common challenges that teenagers face both in school and at home. The plot is filled with excitement and suspense, making the series an enjoyable watch. VoIP call center advantages and some features, No longer has VoIP call center reduced their main functions. As mentioned previously, shows from recent years do not receive the same type of admiration as shows produced in the past.

(by This Is My Review), Little Women (9.5/10) - One of the best Period films (by Popcult Productions), Bombshell (6/10) - A chaotic dramatization of a story that needs to be told

The show pokes fun at the censorship bureau by portraying the staff as inefficient and unorganised in an office where decisions are made rather arbitrarily and clumsily. To date, there has been a total of five seasons and all episodes are around five minutes long and come with English subtitles. Meryana is a Lebanese drama series released in 2003 and influenced by the story lines of Mexican telenovelas. These shows are the ones that your Lebanese friends may have watched during their childhood days. (by SardonicA), Parasite (9/10) - Bong Joon-ho's commentary on social classes is one of 2019's finest films Let us know your favourite ones in the comment section below. (by This Is My Review), Jumanji: The Next Level (6/10) - Kevin Hart’s potential wasted. (by Movies-Graded), Just Mercy (5/10) - A fascinating true story distilled by safe and lazy execution This show is a breath of fresh air and all ten episodes come with English subtitles. By continuing to use our site, you give your consent. Release date: April 04, 2019 . For more go to (by Popcult Productions), Onward (8/10) - As magical as it gets (by Anis Tabet), 1917 (9/10) - Among the best movies of 2019 The web series aim to unite human beings by featuring intimate stories of various individuals’ life experiences delivered in monologue style. FXS port can connect to enterprise’s analogue trunk port of PBX or ordinary phone, FXO port can connect to PBX’s extension port. Marti w Ana which translates to “My wife and I” is a social comedy that deal with issues surrounding marriage life in a sarcastic, hilarious manner. (by This Is My Review), Fantasy Island (3/10) - Enjoyable for all the wrong reasons The odds are all stacked against them along with a bunch of crazy friends onboard a “flying” minibus as they race to the money, till they end up facing a very dangerous gang of outlaws! The series revolves around the power couple, Sami and Christine, who are married against their will. The show has two seasons - the first season is available on Orange Dog Productions’ YouTube channel while the second season can be found on LBCI Lebanon’s YouTube channel. (by This Is My Review), The Nest (8/10) - An engrossing look at the destructive nature of consumerism (by SardonicA), The Gentlemen (7/10) - A return to form for director Guy Ritchie after a rough couple of years The popularity of the shows stems from the fact that the comedic sketches and unforgettable characters have helped provide citizens some respite from the reality of life. The show tackles difficult topics such as the refugee crisis, religious extremism and brainwashing. (by Miriam Atallah - Movie Sharks), Little Women (9/10) - Easily one of my favorite movies of 2019 Although undoubtedly an entertaining show, the thing that makes Shankaboot an instant hit amongst Arab youths is the natural and realistic manner that the show is filmed. Tell them that you’re watching any one of these shows and you will make them feel both nostalgic and old. (by Anis Tabet), The Gentlemen (8.5/10) - A raw shot of fine whiskey!
Georges Diab

The show which revolves around a love triangle between three main characters - a rich politician, his bodyguard, and a female doctor specialising in cancerous tumours - has garnered a lot of attention. (by Anis Tabet), Jojo Rabbit (9.5/10) - Satirical Excellence (by The Hellfire Club), Mulan (5.5/10) - Missed opportunity, but not that bad. Intelligent Call Routing, Her only way out will be to throw herself in the arms of her handsome bodyguard who won’t resist the temptation. Min Ahla Biyout Ras Beirut is about Najwa, the owner of a house located in a residential neighbourhood called “Ras Beirut” who decided to open her house to students with financial difficulties.

(by Movies-Graded), Color Out of Space (5.5/10) - Horrifying and disturbing but it comes off as boring and less thrilling (by This Is My Review), Doctor Sleep (8/10) - When you Adapt a King’s Novel in the right way (by This Is My Review), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (6.5/10) - A Disappointing ending to an Epic Saga!!! On the 4 th of June, Lebanese actress, Nadine Nassib Njeim took to social media to reveal a whole new look. Wadad Jabbour (by This Is My Review), Bad Boys for Life (6/10) - The Police duo is “bad” Mafi Metlo and Ktir Salbe Show are two of the most recognised Lebanese satirical comedy series with multiple seasons continuously being produced over the seven years or so. Ahlan! There are plenty of short stories jam-packed with memorable dialogues that make Talbin El Ereb an enjoyable watch. No Worries! Copyright © 2020 - All rights reserved |. (by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb), The Irishman (8.5/10) - Definitely worth its long runtime love triangle story of a successful business man with political power falling in love with a successful doctor, yet their love story was disturbed with many events where his bodyguard was attracted to the doctor and fall in love with her. Zyara which is the Arabic word for “visit” is a Lebanese award winning documentary web series produced by Home of Cine-Jam. (by This Is My Review), Birds of Prey (7.5/10) - Harley’s jokerless comeback!!! You’ll love the movie. (by Popcult Productions), The Gentlemen (7.5/10) - Solid fun While Khamse w Noss has been praised for the cast’s excellent performance, the show’s ending has also attracted a fair share of controversy with some viewers found it to be disappointing. (by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (8/10) - A movie for fans, not critics (by SardonicA), The Invisible Man (5/10) - The many plotholes and questionable character decisions were, unfortunately, visible This Ramadan, Nadine Njeim takes centre stage in this brand new drama, which delves deep into her character’s relationship with her politician partner and with her bodyguard. (by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb), Dolittle (6/10) - The cast was great, the story wasn't The story revolves around the life of an educated young man’s who has little choice but to accept a job as a security guard due to the unemployment crisis. (by This Is My Review), Little Women (9.5/10) - A Piece of Poetic Smuggling! Nonetheless, the remaining episodes accompanied with English subtitles make for an unforgettable and enjoyable watch for all Levantine Arabic learners. (by Fransisco Bakhos - 365 Movies Lebanon), Little Women (9.5/10) - Revolutionary, bold and exquisite!! All the calls are routed over the web by the use of the packet switching technology even as the VoIP solutions current smart data transmission and routing. The MG3000- R8 contain 4 FXO, 8 FXO, 4 FXS+4FXO type. Dr. Bayan’s qualities mirror that of the late Princess . (by Popcult Productions), Jojo Rabbit (8.5/10) - Jojo Rabbit: A Heartfelt Anti-hate Satire Aiming at Modern Day Cinema. Marcelle Jabbour (by Movies-Graded), Onward (7/10) - A magically-charged quest!

Ghazaros Altunian Users can build a new VOIP network according to legacy PBX, easy to join VOIP and traditional communication network together., Disclaimer: Information furnished in the site is collected from various sites.The author did not upload any of them. (by Fransisco Bakhos - 365 Movies Lebanon), The Invisible Man (8/10) - Nerve-wracking and brilliantly filmed, The Invisible Man is one of the best horror/thriller films that came out in a while. Albi Da2 is one of the shows where each episode just gets better than the last. Ultimately, Mamnou3 aims to highlight the absurdity of censorship as a tool to control citizens’ thoughts and limit their freedom of expression. Please buy the original copy of the Abbas Chahine, has literally 1h:35m to get hold of a promised cash amount enabling him to immigrate with his fiancée Rima to Copenhagen.
While Sami is the charming gentleman, Christine is the beautiful ambitious woman and together they are simply unstoppable. (by SardonicA), Birds of Prey (8/10) - Thanks to Cathy Yan’s Tremendous Efforts, Harley Quinn and Her Friends Will Leave you Truly Emancipated! (by Movies-Graded), The Nest (8/10) - A Pleasant Surprise!! Unfortunately for some unknown reasons, some episodes are no longer available on YouTube. Alecco Daoud OverLook Management B.V. Claudius Prinsenlaan 144 , 4818CP , Breda. In order to handling a massive amount of connections throw the different communication, VoIP call centers are assisted acutely by a series of software programs, which is particularly called as the VoIP call center solutions. In this post, you’ll discover the myriad of entertaining Lebanese shows produced across time that are available online.

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