Overall I cannot fault the service Koala provides. Great for the shoulders though! Not sure what they mean by Australian made exactly??? Either way, I'll post back with updates as the ensue. I demanded they come back and get it, and provide a full refund. Either Dunlop Process or Tallalay but you don't want something that "contains" latex. Hi Konazz, I sent you a DM but you may not see it. The first did an excellent job for the first 6 years of it's life cycle then it wasn't as good as when I first got it so I changed it. Boxed mattresses have been around for 10 years in the States, in the UK and here in Australia – just read the thread about Ergoflex here in Aus /archive/1465965 and you'll see that. I think the idea is, if you want the incentive you will do what you need to do to get it, thus possibly post a less than honest review. It all sounds pretty good to me, but I'd like to know how you feel about the roll over factor now and support when reading. My feeling is that if they were really selling a very good product, they would say very clearly what's in it, and would stand by that. The reality is, it probably only costs a few hundred dollars for Koala to produce these mattresses but the vast majority of product costs these days is in marketing, logistics, rent, customer care and support, even for web only that do not have bricks and mortar so they do not have floor stock and fixed costs for many sites, the cost of operating a business is very high. Before we lay down we thought it looked and felt way too soft but it was surprisingly supportive when we lay down. Comfort and support seems to be currently provided by memory foam, but at the cost of being quite warm because the foam deforms around the body, allowing it to sink into what is effectively a good insulator. It was a Sealy Orthocare Backsupport this had that couple of cm top soft layer (I think its called a pillow top)? This foam has the same characteristics as Memory foam but is able to disperse heat more efficiently. It's pretty firm too – maybe only a tad less firm than the Sleeping Duck Firm option. Am I going to be disappointed with these mattresses in a box ? I'm not sure how pin coring can increase airflow: it's simply a narrow hole going down into the material with nowhere for the air to actually flow to and allow cooler air to replace it. Cannot tell you how happy I am. They said, they cannot. After a while I realised the firmness made my back very stiff in the morning. For side sleepers it would be amazing, however. Loads of fun...Not. The only reason I sent mine back was that it was too firm. Ive posted a review on the sleeping duck Titan on product review under the same Alias. They then responded telling me that my question had not been posted as it was classed as “irrelevant content’’ – specifically replying with a link to their terms and conditions and appearing to categorise my question as being “irrelevant” and providing me a link to their terms to read in full…? I figured with the sub $1k price for a king, even if it lasted only a few years that better than the 5 years I held onto the bad too soft mattress, because I felt I needed to get value out of it. No other bed shops seemed to be offering that kind of deal. For the videos, make them for yourself. I found myself sinking into it too much and losing the natural spinal alighment one should have when sleeping.

Need a bed frame.. What type of bed frame are you using with Koala mattress? They used the vacuum tech to help transport their foam inventory between warehouses but found that it can destroy the density of the foams and cause it to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. No back support, woke up with a sore back every morning. However, I can certainly give them credit for great customer service – ordering, changes to the delivery address etc. This is Dunlop foams with a hyperactive marketing department. Please respect the forum rules regarding referrals - no asking, no offering. I've just spent nearly 3 hours reading it. They make the mattress mainly in Australia however their cover is made overseas in China. Damn those pesky shrews. Side sleepers, beware. I have had two Tempur mattresses in my time.

Our old mattress was way too soft and developed ditches and ridges and provided no support. I'll be interested to see if anybody is raving about their koala mattresses after 6 months, then 12 months, then longer. They had bought a Koala after reading online, and have only had it for 2 days. Hi all,Our mattress is 11 years old and has now a sag in it and we get a sore back. As it was purchased from a B&M store, there was no satisfaction guarantee. I am glad I didnt have to put up with all the rubbish sales talk. Question: Is the Koala going to offer a different "feel" to the Tempur? "The Koala mattress contains three unique layers of technologically advanced, modern polyurethane foam.". The Koala was a similar feeling, except instead of feeling the springs, I'd hit the HD foam and cause pressure soreness, with only a slight banana, but enough to create a sore back. Synthetic foams are full of nasty shit you don't want, the don't breathe and the foam density is generally poor. I received no delivery updates and even when the driver got here the above page only showed "Delivery Scheduled" as having been completed (all the other items were unticked at the time). It went back 4 days later. I really like a two-sided discussion and it's great to hear from people who don't like the Koala mattress or have issues with the refund policy (e.g. For anyone that's had the Koala mattress for over 6 months now, how are you faring as far as sag please? I'm not worried about the social media campaign. Shame it was US based so none of the sellers we are talking about were represented there, not a great deal new for me there about manufacture and materials. Comfort – I came from a very soft cloud top which was rubbish, too hot and no support. In other news the Mrs and myself both decided to get a Koala mattress. It wouldn't surprise me if, in a couple of months, the reviews start turning around.

For anyone who has the new 2 layer Koala, do you have any issues with heat? Lasted over a week. I too had to fold the bed in half but didn't find it a problem as I managed to achieve it quite easily by using the wall to stop the mattress from sliding away from me then jumping on the folded mattress and slipping the string under it to tie off. Then I got some jute straps I had in the garage and tied it up using that.

This thread keeps on popping up. I would say you could tell where I sleep by general difference in compression where I am frequently sleeping, but no ditch or dent.

Send a hug to 10 people in your dash please? I'd never heard of this lot, but the first positive I see is that it's foam (I looked at Clark Rubber and their mattresses are really thin by comparison, you'd need two) and the second was NO ZONES>. Service A+++++ marketing clearly brilliant, but this is not a great product in my opinion.

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