This isn't parts-bin engineering where KTM took an existing chassis and slipped a 200 M/XC engine in it. The 2004 got a new tank, seat and air box and the new one piece rear fender. That's equivalent to nine teeth on the rear sprocket. Many riders in those classes love the light weight and frantic manners of 125cc bikes but race in age classes filled with ultra-fast 450cc four-strokes. KTM 450 SX-F – Top Speed: 123 MPH. And that was with a 200-pound rider aboard!The Rest, It should come as no surprise that the chassis the 200 shares with the 125 feels much the same on the track. We sent the 200 to the same dyno that measured our 125 SX, and it cranked out a little more than 38 horsepower. The serious torque starts later in the rpm range than with the 200 E/XC or 250 SX, but the power builds pretty rapidly with rpm. The 200 SX does have more torque and roll-on than a 125 SX, but the character of this power is more like a 125 than a fast 250. The 200 SX presents the ideal supplement: it combines the handling of a 125cc motorcycle with the power potential of a 250. It's 143cc engine and light weight give the KTM 150 SX a top speed of 73MPH in stock condition. As a small bore enduro bike it is equipped with a wide-ratio gear box. Tom Wolf/5'10"/175 lb/NoviceEver since I heard KTM was coming out with a 200cc two-stroke motocross model, I've wanted to try it. Cylinder .

Compare with any other bike. Inspect technical data. The exhaust port is machined for precise power valve function, providing excellent overall power delivery. The White Power rear shock and PDS[note 1] non-linkage suspension combine to provide 300 mm of wheel travel. [3], The 2012 200s received a completely revamped frame, a new, lighter, cast aluminum swing arm, a new 7 mm longer PDS rear shock with adjustable rebound and compression settings, the latest WP forks with a wider adjustment range and new settings.

I've spent a lot of time on four-strokes so the bulbous pipe of the 200 bothered me on my first ride, but I never noticed it after that day. Of course, it suits smaller riders, with its 125-ish springs and damping settings. Whereas the 125 sometimes goes flat, the 200 is a lot easier to find a gear in which the bike accelerates all the way off the face, so I felt a little safer, too. 925 mm (36.4 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. The front axle was enlarged to 26 mm and hubs increased in diameter from 36 to 52 mm front and from 48 to 64 mm rear. Basically, the 200 turns well, is fairly stable and has few real warts as far as handling goes. February 24, 2009. It had plenty of power to handle any of the tracks. A Bonnier Corporation Company. I like the 125 for moto, since it helps me learn clutch control and helps my cornering skills. The KTM 125 SX is fitted with a robust 6-speed transmission. Dirt Rider may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. The cdi went to dual position, race & rain mode. Let's just say this bike has a shot at a start against bigger bikes.With giant power in a 125cc size and weight package, the 200 SX isn't the ideal machine for every rider, but for those who love small, light and powerful motorcycles, this bike will install a permanent grin on your face.Motor Time, Since this bike is in most respects a bored-and-stroked KTM 125 SX, the chassis isn't new, but the motor is. The KTM 65 SX model is a Cross / motocross bike manufactured by KTM . Below is the information on the 2007 KTM SX 144. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2007 KTM SX 144 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Off-Road motorcycles. The 200 attempts to combine the agility of a 125 cc class motorcycle with the power of a 250 cc.

[1] As a small bore enduro bike it is equipped with a wide-ratio gear box. In 2014, the battery and starter were improved. The only other internal engine change between 2003 and 2004 is a new power-valve governor.The 200 E/XC models Dirt Rider has tested have had a meaty hit in the lower one-third of the rpm range that can be hard to control in slippery situations.

That makes it a sweet motor.We tested the 200 at four tracks (five if you count both tracks at LACR): I-5 MX at Gorman, Glen Helen Raceway, Los Angeles County Raceway and Piru MX. A redesigned air box and filter that can be replaced without the use of tools and a flow-optimised intake flange was between the airbox and the carburetor.[4]. Now consider that the KTM 125 SX makes 36 horsepower. There are many riders who just play at the track and never or rarely race; the 200 is also perfect for them. I have a KX125 for playing on the motocross track and a KTM 525 E/XC for off-road riding. All rights reserved. The motor was given a new crank shaft, reconfigured transfer ports and the paper head gasket was replaced with a silicone o-ring. The 2008 200s changed from the 125 frame to a bigger frame similar to the 250, swing-arm and shock based on the 250SXF motocrosser and its own new sub-frame. Test Ride: 2004 KTM 200 SX - Dirt Rider. But at least those bikes all fall within the parameters for the Open class; they just aren't common, traditional, "normal" sizes. It was inspired by the 175 cc Penton Jackpiner, named for the Michigan Jack Pine Endurance Run. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of and a maximum torque of . In addition, the engine uses a lighter SX ignition flywheel, but to smooth the 200's powerful midhit, the flywheel is the same one KTM 380 SX models came with! The bike retained the older spring-type clutch providing a lighter lever action than other KTMs. KTM rider Ryan Dungey once piloted this model into Motocross history when he won the championship on it back in 2012, and continued the feat again and again in 2015, … The initial punch was really good. It hit really hard but not so much as to pull my arms off. This model is a championship winner.

675 mm (26.6 inches) If adjustable, highest setting. It came with Penton blue plastics and a sticker attached to the front fender bearing John Penton's signature. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen.

Good luck pulling off a start on a 125 against a gate loaded with 250 two-strokes and 450 four-strokes. The new bodywork had a slimmer seat, a longer rear fender and a translucent fuel tank. On the other hand, amateur races have age classes for 25-, 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds. The vet and senior markets are clearly big enough to support some made-for-the-class engine sizes. The KTM has plenty of power to pull me around, and it gets to the first turn in a hurry.

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