C.S. This particularly so when Trump has given a clear message of World trade as a 0 sum game and every man for himself. Kyle completed his schooling from Texas Christian University and received a scholarship as well. By definition. Agreed on the « timing » issue. What type? Question to the group. This reminds me of companies between a rock and hard place selling to Walmart, if you sell, you mess up your pricing in the market with your other customers (as Walmart will sell it at the cheapest price everywhere) but you have volume, or you don't and Walmart goes with your competitor (so you have less market share and may be bankrupt anyways as customers go for the cheaper brand). This is good RVTV.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When she is photographed at a gala or an auction, her presence carries his imprimatur.

- also as someone else commented, lot of self righteousness - we are funding a govt. Before, wives were considered safe — there was only suspicion of single women on the social circuit.”. Filmed September 17, 2018 in New York. The US attempt was just for show. Thank you, Grant and Kyle for the illuminating update on China.

Deviation from the group-think is not allowed among the globalists. Unlike his last divorce, this one has been freakishly civil. China is not stealing. I think Bass has brought up real issues while side stepping root causes and problems in our system. How much of their war chest do you think they've spent defending their peg since June 1st of this year? Video not working. I can tell you it will rain in the desert, tell you for years how and why it will and when it does eight years from now everyone will think I'm so smart?

@Johnny W.: KB knows as much about China as any US expert, that is, far less than he should. Truly a recreational retreat, it also boasts a paintball course, shooting range and garages suited for car collectors.

And the corrupt US financial sector and gov't, instead of having to institute capital controls like a corrupt third world country would have had to to keep global investors from fleeing the fraud for their lives, could instead flood the world with dollars because there was just no alternative currency, no alternative banking system, no retreat from the corruption that then has continued here and in Europe in price-fixing, insider trading and fraud, papering over bad debt with new paper to the advantage of those with money in the bank year after year to this day. Kyle is successful in keeping his private life in a low profile and has not revealed much to the media or his disciples. You can interview all the Chinese economist all you want. Is it possible that China agreed to the whole craziness in exchange for a favorable commerce environment? The imposition of tariffs on China are not a short term tactical stance, even though President Trump sometimes seems to make policy on a whim or a tweet.. “Will Mercedes be as generous with her money,” asks her old acquaintance, “as she was with Sid’s?”, * Forbes puts his net worth at $2 billion, * Inherited Bass Enterprises Production family oil company fromhis father, * In 2005 sold one division of the company for $1.6 billion to Southern Union, * Was a major shareholder in Disney until 2001, when he sold 135 million shares worth $2.2 billion, * Has donated $100,000 to Rick Perry’s campaign, * Donated $20 million to alma mater Yale in 1990 and another $20 million in 2000, * In 2006 helped save the Metropolitan Opera with a record donation of $25 million. i m just surprised that you focus so much into Current account shrinkage to justify the timing of the Chines bobble burst without mentioning the "risk" that they could get their Dollars through the capital account. He had a bead on the Fed and other CB flows sloshing around and ending up in the Chinese real estate market and I handed over a case of Dom. Hayman now has assets of more than $2.2bn, compared with only $10m when it started. Someone like Sid, however, most certainly would not.

Was posted on RV in June I believe. Uhmmm. I never have been there but I loved the movies. I was a bit worried for his health after the last interview. lol.. so true! Investors have been able to make money often without doing due diligence and the Chinese have taken advantage of weaknesses in our system; why not, God knows there are enough Americans taking advantage of weaknesses in our system. Same, companies been doing it to each other for eons. Reporters blocked from Harris County drive-thru ballots hearing, Federal judge rejects GOP-led challenge to toss out over 127,000 drive-thru ballots in Harris County, 'Trump Train' filled Loop 610 in Houston for pre-election car rally Sunday. Apples and oranges. It will be based in few assumptions. "Perry said it's the best ranch he's been on in Texas," Uechtritz said. BTW, how is it that you never hear anyone talking about the forever war as driving finance and the economy. How to play best? The government’s Bounce Back loan scheme will only run for another six weeks. 112,120, This story has been shared 105,790 times. “Despite his wealth, Sid Bass is kind of an average guy,” says Columbia. Maybe it wasn't set up that way in the beginning, but China made it quite clear in the past few years, didn't it?

He worked for Prudential Securities until 1994 and later joined Bear Stearns in 1994. Hi Dave (thanks for the discussion, btw), I think we both have a rough grasp as to Kyles meaning, ie, 'weight for weight', ie, 1 USD for each 7.8 HKD, this is The Peg, the object of protection. I was trying (obviously inadequately) to explain some of the world economics yesterday to my daughter and I realized how much of my understanding has come from Real Vision over the past few years. Yep : beware... Bass is brilliant and has not made returns for a very long time. While excellently researched, presented and articulated - it is way too sanctimonious. Unfortunately KB is smart, but does not know enough about China.

That is not deserving and inconsistent with past US political and corporate actions. Real Vision Tech Dept. I wish If I had to listen to him more. Very enjoyable but from, dare I say it New Zealand, I hear Bass as a very centric U.S. commentator perhaps not fulluy accepting that the Chinese not so much 'stole IP' but actually America was too free to give it away because doing so made them a quick buck and that was all they were interested in. He’ll make sure he’ll keep her in the life he brought her into.”. He... Kyle Bass Net Worth 2020: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio-Wiki, Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman(TV Series), CNBC Documentaries(TV Series documentary). Maybe you know about Kyle Bass very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in 2020? Brilliant track record managing money and accurately forecasting the big picture for 40+ years. That being said it is critically important to be correct about our "whys?"

I wish he managed money for me. So what happened?

She has said her father named her after his favorite car. Another side of Mr. Bass's full court press is to back the president's use of tariffs on China to force them into more financial difficulty. Enjoy hearing Bass' views on the economy and China but does anyone else notice that he needs to preface his observations by expressing absolute revulsion toward President Trump before saying he is absolutely doing the right thing? Hence the problem. It leads voters to an emotional attachment pro or con. Very well moderated discussion by G Williams.

For one, he focused more on the Chinese currency and its inability, in the long term, to be manipulated by the Chinese, versus shorting the Chinese stock markets. I think he is referring to this: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/20/world/asia/china-cia-spies-espionage.html. This reflects his views that private debt from the financial crisis has been shifted onto public balance sheets since 2008. “Her friend said, ‘Why not ask Fran to buy it for you?’ and Mercedes said he wouldn’t do it; he wasn’t rich enough. Great job Grant. I do think it is personal, as for anyone, who has put a stake in the ground concerning China and has been wrong. The famed real estate agent was also one of two brokers who represented the seller of the W.T. Second, though Hibor doubled and indeed stock market is very vulnerable HK banks only increased mortgage rates ones for o.125 pct thus far (!) Real vision needs to not just promote its founders views. The soviet were able to kept their facade going until oil prices hit an inflection. It's like reading a history book on finance. It seems like Kyle is becoming a one trick pony (China). Anybody else have this problem? RealVision delivering amazing content at an incredible price point.

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