He first mentioned by Arrodes as the mastermind behind Cuarón’s suicide1.
Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss leading a group that also includes Joey Buss, Jesse Buss, Kurt and Linda Rambis, and COO Tim Harris. All rights reserved. She’s more of a doer. With that extra space, LeBron was able to see someone he sees a lot of himself in this past Sunday: Seattle Seahawks star receiver DK Metcalf. 1 Background 2 Appearance 3 History 4 References Hvin came from an aristocratic background. Some agents and GMs around the league have dubbed her the shadow owner of the Lakers, that everything goes through Linda Rambis, and if you want to convince Jeanie of something, you’ve got to get Linda first. NBA insider Ric Bucher would later report that Linda Rambis, a lifelong friend of Jeanie Buss, has been secretly running the Lakers behind the scenes. And personality-wise, if you know them, it sort of makes sense. She’s been here for decades. How's it going? Jeanie can be shy. The Lakers are sending a big contingent to Philadelphia today for Monty Williams' second interview, sources tell @sam_amick and me. Lakers governor Jeanie Buss and team executive Linda Rambis attended their first game in the bubble, sitting inside a raised booth. They have been best friends. Lakers governor Jeanie Buss and team executive Linda Rambis attended their first game in the bubble, sitting inside a raised booth. He is a demigod of the Visionary Pathway. He’d been wanting to spend time with the woman who ran the Lakers since he’d chosen to sign with the franchise the previous summer, and he had something important to tell her. Linda, now a Lakers executive, is best friends with Jeanie Buss, who has final say. Please check your email for a confirmation. I really don’t know, but it’s weird. Rambis has long been an advisor to Buss and her husband, Lakers legend Kurt Rambis, is also a team executive in basketball operations helping Pelinka conduct the coaching search.
“We understand that things happen. LeBron James aims to make a difference in election. ESPN’s Amin Elhassan and Ramona Shelburne both spoke on Rambis’ position. Although Rob Pelinka is nominally running the Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s not all that clear who he is reporting to. On the eve of the general election in the United States, James was once again the target of attacks from the current President, Donald Trump. There have been whispers about the power of Rambis in relation to Buss for a while, but that influence is now extending outside of the Lakers organization and into the NBA at large. "@criscarter80 reacts to reports that Linda Rambis is acting as a "shadow owner" of the Lakers pic.twitter.com/1KaY0vNL0B, When Kurt and Linda Rambis walk into the room with Jeanie, they should just play the Benny Hill theme music, Yakety Sax. Linda Zafrani, Linda M Rambis, Linda M Zafrani, Linda Monet Rambis and Linda Z Rambis are some of the alias or nicknames that Linda …

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