(Original GVM is 3200kg), CPA 47037: Mazda BT50 4x4 to 3500kg. (Original GVM is 3300kg), CPA 42029: Toyota Hilux 150 Series 4x4 3/05-2015 to 3300kg If the upgrade is done post first rego then it is only state based. The package allows us to combine the upgraded 3500kg GVM  and the BT’s 3500kg towing capacity to give us a 7000kg GCM. 46728-Ranger and 47037-BT50) HELPS AVOID THESE PROBLEMS. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

What to Look for When Buying a Second Hand Caravan. Graeme did say that brakes on our tow vehicles these days are quite capable up to the GVM upgrade. Therefore, a vehicle with eight (8) average size occupants and luggage, will theoretically exceed the Original Equipment and legal Gross Vehicle Mass. Across the board, GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrades are still on the table. We spoke to management at Lovells Suspension and Pedders Suspension, to get the ins and outs on what we can and can’t do. He also stressed the importance of a follow up visit about 500 – 1000k’s after picking up your vehicle. It is before you register your new car. Better go for a drive.

Australian Caravan and Camping Adventures. * After the upgrade is fitted and the suspension is sitting at ride height, all nuts and bolts from front to back that have had anything to do with the upgrade are loosened off so that all bushes can relax at ride height and then everything is tensioned back up. The new vehicle GVM becomes 3800kg (LC200) as noted in Lovells SSM (Second Stage of Manufacture for GVM Upgrade) The factor that comes into play is the ball weight of the towed apparatus. Our testing and analysis procedures are stringent and undertaken by an accredited Automotive Engineering Consultant to ensure original equipment components are not compromised. Your email address will not be published. I spent an hour or so with Graeme at BAM Garage and learnt a bit more about the GCM upgrade service they offer utilising the Lovells Springs components.

Cheers, This site utilises Affiliate Links as a form of advertising as per our Disclosure Policy. They use the Lovells Springs GVM upgrade package as it is the only one currently set up to offer a GCM upgrade. Required fields are marked *. The Lovells GVM Upgrade Kit can be fitted to vehicles with or without Toyota’s KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System). With todays late model vehicles, a brake upgrade is your choice.

The Lovells GCM upgrade is rated as a 2″ lift but actually gave our BT50 a 95mm lift at the rear and 90mm at the front.

This means there is no hassle if you need to register the vehicle in another state. I was very impressed by the facilities and Graeme’s willingness to help me with my knowledge search. I did the usual thing and Googled them to find out what services they had to offer in the way of a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrade for our 4X4. As to their capability off road, we haven’t done any real serious tracks yet, but they have shown no problems with fire trails and rough creek crossings. As for the 7000kg GCM, your van/trailers brakes should be capable of braking the trailers mass. Whatever the ball weight is, must be subtracted from the vehicles GVM and GCM.

These are still available. first is insurance with a gvm upgrade will they still cover you or wipe their hands of you??? This does not effect a GVM upgrade. When you have a state modification plate for the upgraded GVM, then you get the GCM upgrade back with it. Select a page for this section using the sidebar. I spent an hour or so with Graeme at, and learnt a bit more about the GCM upgrade service they offer utilising the. Lovells Adelaide is an agent for several suspension brands and a licensed production facility to perform legal GVM and towing upgrades. Enter your email address below to join our mailing list and have our latest news and member-only deals delivered straight to your inbox. Modifications and load limits are within theoretical service/safety factors to ensure the integrity and longevity of Original Equipment parts associated with increasing the vehicles load carrying capabilities. More details on Lovell upgrades available. New Axle Load Rating Sticker to be Fixed to Vehicle.

When you are going out on a road trip it is key to know your car will perform.

Need to protect Business, Managers from claims for breaches of OH&S rules and employee negligence. Services performed in our workshop include:

This is without any load bearing accessories (spare wheel carrier, bull bar, winch, roof rack, draw system, dual batteries etc) fitted.WHAT AMOUNT OF INCREASE SHOULD YOU EXPECT?Officially sanctioned GVM Kit provides:GVM to 3800kgGVM increase of 500 kgWHAT COMPONENTS COME IN THE GVM UPGRADE KIT?Kit includes the following:2 x Lovells Heavy Duty Front Coil Springs2 x Lovells Heavy Duty Rear Coil Springs4 x Lovells Gas Legend 36mm Twin tube, Long Travel Gas Shock Absorbers1 x Compliance plate with revised GVM of 3800 kg1 x KDSS Valve Adjustment Warning Decal1 x Tyre Placard (Decal) with revised axle capacities1 x Fitting Instruction ManualWHO CAN FIT LOVELLS GVM UPGRADE KITS?Because the Kit is approved on the basis of Lovells Springs being a Secondary Manufacturer, and the responsibility ultimately lying with Lovells, only Lovells Springs Authorised Fitters are approved to fit this Kit. As Lovells are a Second Stage Manufacturer, it is our responsibility to document these tests and thus take responsibility for the GVM upgrade compliance.Therefore, should an original equipment component fail and be directly attributed/caused by the vehicle carrying loads to a maximum GVM of the revised figure or part failure associated with the GVM Upgrade modification, Lovells will cover warranty of the component after written proof and testing by an independent body has been lodged.We at Lovells trust that this information is of assistance to you, and should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Arrange an appointment today; we can offer advice and quotes on what suits your needs best. Suspension upgrades – lift kits for ground clearance and appearance, GVM Upgrades to increase legal load carrying capacity, Replacement control arms, including Upper Control Arms (UCAs), Allied re-alignment parts such as swaybar spacers, strut spacers, CPA 25742: Toyota Landcruiser LC70 Cab Chassis/Troop Carrier to 3900kg.

if you have under 600kg in the rear.

* All paperwork associated with the upgrade, and paperwork for Qld Transport to alter your Rego papers.

Get our latest news and adventures in your inbox. More just for load leveling. * New modification plate for GVM upgrade fitted to vehicle. The quote for the whole upgrade package, drive in and drive out for our BT50 is $5359.77 inc. GST. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We have not had the chassis strengthened as the weight in the tub is even and we have a relatively low ball weight at under 200kg. He walked me through the whole process as we wandered around a Ford Ranger that had just been kitted out for the GCM upgrade.

Don’t forget to tell them All Around Oz sent you! * Sticker stating new tyre Load Index ratings to comply with GVM upgrade. (Original GVM is 3200kg), CPA 47909: Toyota Hilux GUN126 Series 4x4 2015 on to 3500kg After a few months of research and phone calls a thread popped up in our Facebook group, Planning a Lap of Australia with quite a few good comments about Bam Garage here in Brisbane. This will give an indication of the capabilities of the tow vehicles braking system. Services performed in our workshop include: With many years experience doing upgrades to the 200 Series and Prado we have expensive knowledge in their KDSS systems and how to prevent the dreaded ‘lean’. Hi David,

WHY DO 200 SERIES LANDCRUISER VEHICLES REQUIRE G.V.M (Gross Vehicle Mass) UPGRADES?Recent assessment has shown that a fully rigged 200 Series with bull bar, winch, extra fuel tank, roll out drawers and a rear bar with spare wheel carrier can be close to or over the manufacturers Original Equipment GVM of 3300kg….. That’s without anyone in the vehicle!The following is a theoretical analysis of Original Equipment (Factory Gross Vehicle Mass) and limitations to load carrying. * A complete suspension upgrade. (Original GVM is 3300kg), CPA 25742: Toyota Landcruiser LC79 Cab Chassis Single Cab 5 Star ANCAP to 4200kg.

(Original GVM is 3400kg), CPA 25742-8: Toyota Landcruiser LC76 Series 4 door Wagon to 3660kg. It is best to upgrade and have inspections done before then. We have 2 vehicle modification engineer plates on our BT50.

Graeme pointed out that the Ford Ranger Wildtrak with its 18inch wheels has a Load Index lower than 110. All Around Oz acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. Therefore, the vehicle can still tow up to OE 3500kg. They like to have your vehicle for 2 days. Lovells Adelaide is an agent for several suspension brands and a licensed production facility to perform legal GVM and towing upgrades. (up from standard GVM of 2710kg- Extra Cab, 2780kg- Dual Cab and 2835kg- Single Cab), CPA 46728: Ford Ranger 4x4 to 3500kg. Brenden. * New GCM stated compliance plate fitted to vehicle. This includes Government Departments, Mining Companies, Farmers, Tradesmen, large and small businesses, even individuals loading their vehicles for traveling and offroad adventures.WHAT DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ENSURE YOU ARE COMPLYING WITH THE APPROVAL?There is a specific GVM Kit Order Form that must be filled out by your company for each vehicle to be fitted. Better go for a drive.

The suspension is stiff, but the improvement in handling is noticeable. One for the GVM upgrade and one for the GCM upgrade. Alternator or DC-DC Charging - What is the Difference? Procedures such as these ensure requirements of Lovells being a second stage manufacturer are being fulfilled.WHEN SHOULD A GVM UPGRADE KIT BE FITTED?FEDERAL COMPLIANCE: New vehicles must be fitted prior to registration. The GVM upgrade will improve the ride and handling capabilities of our BT50, The new GCM Plate to be fixed to the vehicle. Our BT runs around at about 2700kg most of the time, so with very little weight in it as yours has the ride would be stiffer again. WHY DO VEHICLES REQUIRE G.V.M (Gross Vehicle Mass) UPGRADES?

Extra Cost for Inspection and documents will be incurred.IS THE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT WARRANTY AFFECTED WHEN FITTING A LOVELLS GVM UPGRADE?Vehicle warranty is not affected when a GVM Upgrade is fitted. second should chassis be strengthen as well????

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If this whole process is completed pre-rego then it is recognised nationally.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Leaf springs, shocks, shackles, bushes, U-bolts etc down back. Our in-house engineering expertise makes us well placed to be the state’s premier suspension upgrade facility with our own locally developed knowledge and solutions. We have been thinking about getting a GVM and GCM Upgrade for our BT50 for quite awhile now.

* Sticker stating vehicles new Max Axle Load rating.

I haven’t had much to do with late model air bags, but I don’t think they would make much difference to ride with heavy springs. When you turn the wheel now, the response is instant with zero body roll.

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