Magical Egypt Series Two attempts a forensic reconstruction of the Science of the Ancients through a study of Ancient Aesthetics. Though John is featured throughout the series, Chance takes more of an active role in narrating the various ties between the research of the many specialists on the show. The passion, knowledge and curiosity that he had would come through in these DVD’s and you would be holding your face watching them and going “OMG these are amazing!”.

Get One Series Get the other Free 00:00. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. We see much of the physical evidence left in Egypt, and are a given a foundation course in the case for genius-level thinking in ancient times. We also see more ties to Eastern cultures of India and Southeast Asia that continue to relate a complete harmony with the Egyptian teachings. Yet, Magic is noticeably absent from the orthodox interpretation. As television and internet programming degrade into utter nonsense, Magical Egypt towers above, as a luminous beacon of hope and wisdom. The show was brilliantly designed to emphasize the myriads of connections in plain sight, which all spoke of a world of secrets hidden within the veils of symbolism. It was as though this team, which also included several other brilliant researchers adding their own evidence to the story, was able to discover the key to Egypt. Magical Egypt – The Original Series – DVD Sale! As Champollion had helped us begin to realize, we cannot interpret the hieroglyphs without recognizing that a large part of their interpretation must be based on the esoteric principles relayed within them.

The classic Egyptian temple pylon was itself revealed to be another ingenious schematic that depicts the brain structures central to consciousness. I have entered into ME2 with a critical eye, and as a die-hard follower of West, I have been happily satisfied by all the new material that has now tread so much deeper into the realm of the symbols themselves. In 2008 a team of career artists, art and architecture historians, and comparative mythology scholars began a ten-year research project to study ancient aesthetic canons and related forms of visual expression used in Ancient Egypt. The message of Egypt was showing itself with greater and greater clarity. 00:00. It was during these tough years, however, that a sequel to Magical Egypt was being created. Human anatomy is a complete system, like the cosmos. One of the best and most compelling series on ancient Egypt I've ever seen! “Magical Egypt” presents the results of the project in the new season of the documentary series. This truth is told through the construction of monumental, eternal structures. underneath, looking up. This means that you get to go deeper than ever before. This alternate history is echoed by parallel accounts from the myth and history of other ancient cultures, as well as myriad secret societies and occult sources. The mummiform Osiris. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Proceed to checkout ({qq} items) {$$$.$$}, + $32.36 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Germany. Thanks JAW you are the man Your Knowledge is SACRED and for turning me on to R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz and his Book SACRED SCIENCE so much makes sense NOW... 1, Feel free to contact us with any problems.Email is best we are currently in AustraliaEmail: vanese ( at ) magicalegypt.comOr leave a message at USA: 619 677 6748, "I felt like I was holding something that would incinerate after viewing", Jimmy Church - Coast to Coast / Fade to Black. This new series is a homage to the life’s work of the legendary John Anthony West who inspired the original series. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. For those who pre-order the Magical Egypt 2 Series to say THANK YOU for supporting us we are going to include a SECOND DVD FREE, that includes commentary by Chance Gardner and the entire interview with our special guest featured in each episode of Magical Egypt 2.

The information is scientific in nature, including remarkably accurate schematics of the brain, nervous system, and a particular focus on the biology involved in human consciousness. THE AGE HAS CHANGED. Is it because Magic is unthinkable to the modern materialist mindset? Magical Egypt 2 is revealing more of this allowing us to peer more deeply into our abilities to connect to the Uni-Verse within our Selves, and outside of our Selves, to remember the Truth of who we are and where we came from. Notice the close parallel between the third and fourth ventricles and the shape of the eye of Horus. You can find the complete text and other examples here ( 00:00.

This correspondence was also present in the Ram Sphinx statuary. The pylon is a masterpiece of both symbolic and direct geometric correspondences with the coronal view of the left and right hemispheres of the cerebrum, the brain stem and diencephalon all matched or “templated” by the architecture of the temple and entrance door. ISN'T IT TIME YOU STARTED? Well now we go even deeper. Magical Egypt One Series 00:00. Aaron Cheak. The imagery, soundtrack, narration and Many P Hall quotes went perfectly well together. This is shown time and time again through art and architecture which is key to understanding the teachings behind these messages. “Magical Egypt -- the best documentary series on the real mysteries of ancient Egypt and a tribute to the unique vision of the late, great John Anthony West.”. The mummified appearance of the pons suggested another famous mummiform character in the Egyptian pantheon. In this DVD/video, and this series, you get a taste of both Schwaller de Lubicz' work, JAWs interpretations, and of the original sites themselves. To those who originally fell in love with Magical Egypt, there is no greater feeling than realizing you have discovered a secret treasure hunt, and that you have been given phenomenal clues as to the nature of the grand riddle. In this way, the thalamus, pineal, pituitary gland and the 3rd and 4th ventricles are accurately schematised and symbolically associated with an emergent property of consciousness or awareness, beautifully encrypted into the hieroglyphic symbol known as the Eye of Horus. Description ; Reviews (0) Description Due to the hardships resulting from the unprecedented challenges of COVID 19 we are offering Magical Egypt at an unprecedented price for a limited time only.

Thus in these artistic traditions, it is associated with a specific kind of divinity. Through the insights of the leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners, we reframe the singular activity of the ancient world - a grand expression of a living Magic that lives in the relationship between individual consciousness and the conscious fabric of reality. Egypt is also the land of secrets. That is why the Egyptians used the symbol as the ultimate representation for the universe. Each DVD will be valued at $30 Retail so this is $180 Free Gift to say THANK YOU for your patience while we finish the show! The aim of this science is to purify oneself and work towards a state of Divine-Humanity. Debate. Click Here to Get the series at half price for a limited time only,,, It was not until R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz produced his Temple of Man that the world had any idea as to how advanced this esoteric wisdom truly was. A symbolic allegory for the arising of a certain kind of consciousness from the interaction of the two hemispheres, brought together, or unified, or accessed, in the case of door symbolism, by passing through a threshold of sorts - the central door that unites the two hemispheres. Brad Klausen found a direct representational correspondence between the Ram Sphinx statuary at Luxor and Karnak and the “coronal” or “front-facing” view of the human brain stem. Brad Klausen. They correspond to aspects of the Zodiac, the planets, and the metals of the earth. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. This time in axial view. For one thing, the Old Kingdom seemed to arise spontaneously and almost fully developed in terms of math, science, religion, hieroglyphics, and other disciplines around 3000 BC; we are supposed to believe that the Neolithic people of this region, who had only the most primitive of tools, managed to build the step pyramid at Saqqara 300 years later and the Pyramids and Sphinx a mere 500 years later. With the suspicion that their odd placement in the structure was meaningful, Gary had the epiphany of overlaying a sagittal view outline of the human brain upon a schematic of the pyramid interior. Not only was it an ingenious way of encrypting science into art, statuary and architecture, but at the same time, it provides evidence of an explosive forgotten chapter in the history of human intellectual achievement. I am one of a vast multitude who has been awakened to the mystery, in large part by this incredible piece of media. As either motif could be used as a totally functional reference model for this centrally important area of the brain, and these components that all contribute critically to the experience of consciousness. It’s an exciting and profoundly captivating series. Once again, there is a layer of mythos that may hold some information about the function of the areas modelled. Please try again. The themes are so unique and new that they have never been discussed before. Figurines of the god Osiris show the arms drawn up to create the shape of the pons. Having introduced his ideas of an Egypt more mysterious and ancient than modern academics believe, West gets right into the good stuff in this second episode of his symbolic tour through Egypt. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Upon solving the riddle, the team realised that this mode of visual communication was not unique to Egypt, and since the message seemed to be identical in ancient Taoist and Hindu traditions, it appears that the same science was also present. YOUR FILMS WILL DISPLAY AS SOON AS YOU SIGN IN Get Started Our Catalog. Much of what Egypt was about is intuitive and unmeasurable and escapes the narrow measures of scientists. In Season 3, we take an unapologetic and unwavering look into the eyes of Heka. These findings have staggering implications for the historical timeline of both art and science.. Are there still secrets hiding in the art and architecture of ancient Egypt? Once again, we see mythos or legend associated with the various parts of the temple that may offer insight into the function of the part of the brain indicated, or into the overall operation of the subject of the schematic.

Across Egypt, the many architectural engineering artistic and scientific wonders still defy explanation. The biggest surprise was that the information encoded was scientific. Your email address will not be published. Magic was the operative aspect of Ancient Egypt. Another precedent for biological correspondence in art was set in Dec 2007 when Alessandro Paluzzi, Antonio Belli, Peter Bain, and Laura Viva published Brain ‘imaging’ in the Renaissance discussing several examples of hidden symbolism in Renaissance paintings including Gerard David's painting of the ‘Transfiguration of Christ’ resembles a coronal section of the brain. He found that the spacial relationship between the inner structure of the pyramid and the brain were related, particularly the architecture of the chambers in the great pyramid and that of key structures of the brain. Magical Egypt 2. At a certain point, West’s theory did take on a massive following, and even more importantly, many others researchers have risen to the task and are helping to show incredible connections to many other ancient civilizations around the world.

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