Maggie: (Voiced by Amy Winfrey) A grey girl who sits next to Marvin and doesn't speak until episode 14, when she cogently remarks, "Charlotte's dumb". 7.1K likes. But Marvin may not be up to the task of destroying Charlotte, while Charlotte thinks it will be fun, because she is going to be a butterfly that gets hit by a piano. She has a hamster named Buttons. She tries to find the best in any person or situation, and ignores anything she finds strange.

Vendetta writes a note to Charlotte about "trading parents". The whole thing looks like a kid's flip book. Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Cyber Chicken Animation Studio and DQ Entertainment Limited all televised the TV show.

Charlotte loves singing, puppies, hugs and, most of all, her new best friend Vendetta.

Charlotte made Mr. Huggles, a pink bear-like fiend that loves and hugs everyone and everything. Making Fiends is a Flash cartoon series by Amy Winfrey. Vendetta decides to make a scissor fiend to her, which Charlotte befriends. Vendetta almost never refers to him by name, simply calling him "hamster".

Milk, a soft-spoken nervous man, is their teacher.

Charlotte is playing with Vendetta's parents all day, and Charlene is making sure that Vendetta has everything she needs at school, cleans her house, and knits scarves for Vendetta and Grudge. An advertisement for Clamburg's onion stand; Charlotte and Vendetta share their versions of the day with their journals or diaries; Charlotte sings about why she loves Clamburg; a tourism advertisement for Clamburg, sabotaged by Vendetta.

Charlotte thinks they are her real parents, but the fiends are willing to eat her. In the background, she is seen writing. In real, she threw it. BUT, Winfrey has said that there are other scripts. summary. The web episodes stopped in 2005, with a special episode being put out every few years.

It follows the interactions between Vendetta, a villainous girl that regularly makes monsters called "fiends", and Charlotte, a cheerful and naive girl who thinks that Vendetta is her best friend. Milk begins to sing and gets the other students (sans Malachi) to sing with him. She is moss green and wears pigtails that tend to fly up when she yells.

Charlotte believes that all creatures are cute and harmless, and everyone is a potential friend.

After this, Vendetta wants to see Charlotte's evil ways, so she starts following her. But they think Vendetta is their mother because, as Charlotte said, "she hatched them with her love". A giant red cat fiend, and the first fiend to appear in the web cartoon.

", "Making Fiends: Amy Winfrey's Animated Vendetta", "Making Fiends - TV Show Rating For Kids and Families",, 2000s American animated television series, American animated television shows featuring anthropomorphic characters, American children's animated horror television series, American children's animated science fantasy television series, American children's animated comic science fiction television series, American flash animated television series, Television series based on Internet-based works, Animated television series about children, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Shorts 1 (Dear Pretty Diary, Dear Stupid Journal)", This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 17:54.

He assists Vendetta in making fiends and giving threats to those who defy her.

[7], They all live in the mysterious and gloomy town of Clamburg. Pleased with the absence of Vendetta, Mr. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Composer(s): Joining: Click the pretty tricolored "Join Our Group" button now! Few restrictions were made by the network execs when they made the deal, they told Amy Winfrey, "Just don't mention Hitler, and don't hit people on the head".

Milk is probably inspired by Caspar Milquetoast, a comic book character remarkably similar to him.


[11], Buttons: Charlotte's pet hamster, her "favorite hamster in the whole world", first seen in episode 2. Marvin played the tuba, Marion played the triangle, Maggie played the kazoo, and Mort played the drum. When Charlotte pretends to be a ", Charlotte befriends the giant kitty, brushing him and causing him to purr loudly.

Charlotte's antics eventually drive Vendetta insane. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Charlotte is the only character present in every web episode. It was put on hiatus back in 2008 along with Teenage Robot to promote Tak and Catscratch, and they estimated season two would being production some time in 2011.

Directed by: Creator Amy Winfrey voices Charlotte, Grandma Charlene, Giant Kitty, Marion, Maggie, Buttons, and Mrs. Vendetta does everything she can to make her sing again. Aglaia would pop into Winfrey's office and suggest things, such as Alcoholism.

Vendetta prefers clams, magazines and devising new ways to destroy Charlotte. He speaks in a nervous, disjointed monotone due to Vendetta's domination, and is forced to do Vendetta's bidding out of fear of her. The series' supervising producer and director, Dave Wasson, voices Vendetta's father, Viktor, and Mr. Gumpit. The topic of this page has a wiki of its own: Making Fiends. Beandetta is shocked as she was supposed to be eaten by the beans. She spends her time reading magazines and tormenting the other children in her school with her monstrous creations. Somebody Said It Was Last Seen On December 12, 2009, I Checked To See The Next Saturday Schedule On & … I wish there we're more people who knew about the series, like OTGW (Over The Garden Wall) all of the great shows get so little attention while the shit shows are getting all the love. Charlotte notices that the lunch lady, Mrs. Millet, only serves Vendetta's favorite food; beef jerky, grape punch, and clams. And that's about all they have in common. For example, a classroom poster that read "A is for Alimony" had to be changed.

They settled on "A is for Abomination". Which I wish they did. Charlotte and Vendetta are classmates in school in the town of Clamburg. Charlotte starts at Mu Elementary School right away. Vendetta suggests to "pretend to be dead". Charlotte was eaten by the Giant Kitty fiend much to the delight of Vendetta, but Vendetta is eaten as well and ends up trapped in the Giant Kitty's stomach with Charlotte.

Charlotte unintentionally irritates and embarrasses Vendetta.

Charlotte loves singing, puppies, hugs … Tee-hee! However, since Vendetta left the "fiend multiplier" in the same room as Charlotte, Charlotte finds a way to take care of all the fiends – multiply herself. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. Her diet consists of almost entirely beef jerky, clams, and grape punch.

The problem is that Nick has a nasty habit of saying one thing and doing another which might lead to an early cancellation (like they did with Invader Zim), but there is still a chance it could come back.

Malachi: (Voiced by Peter Merryman) A grey boy who follows Charlotte around school, giving her dire cautions about Vendetta and her fiends, which Charlotte does not understand and ignores.

Unlike most other fiends, he seems to actually care for Vendetta and her safety, despite her harsh treatment of him. Vendetta later comes back in super large size after making a growing fiend, but things go haywire when the Giant Red Kitty ends up eating the shrinking slug and the growing fiend. [18] The series aired in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and in the Netherlands.

It received generally favorable reviews by critics. External links

After demonstrating that her oblivious joy makes her immune to the dangers and terrors of all of the fiends, Charlotte declares that she and Vendetta are "going to be best friends forever and ever.".

NickToons is TOTALLY GAY!!!!


*************************** *************************** Other recurring characters include the Mrs. Millet the lunch lady, and the red frog-like fiend on the lunch counter that controls her. ChildrenAnimatedAdventureComedyHorror Charlotte happily agrees to watch after them, so Vendetta gives her a list of things to feed the fiends, each task putting Charlotte in great danger.

The episodes are already written (as proven by Amy Winfrey), they just need a go-ahead from Nick to start animating. Charlotte wants to join her and they both get launched into space. [2] Character designer Aglaia Mortcheva is the voice of Vendetta.

Unfortunately for Vendetta, Charlotte doesn't seem to notice, and happily turns each new fiend into a new friend. to be able to make simple fiends from only fiend mix, more complicated ingredients are needed to make fiends with more potential.

Vendetta appeared in every episode except for episode 14.[6]. No. Vendetta calls for a "Rainy Day schedule" because of the precipitation outside.

[8] Nearby cities are called Tinspit (which is mentioned by Vendetta to have miniature golf) and Molding.

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