A smart, simple design featuring an easily adjustable blade and an ultrasafe hand guard.". method.

A Mandoline slicer is a kitchen appliance that is used for chopping and cutting of vegetables and fruits with ease and comfort. For more must-have kitchen tools, check out our selection of the mezzalunas. Or do the blades of your current slicer always fall apart? Typically, this involves keeping spare blades covered when not in use and using the provided hand guard when prepping your fruits and vegetables. Unlike the straight blades of the French slicer, the Japanese slicer features diagonally set edges which offer a cleaner cut and more control. So from the combination of the working surface level and from any one of the blades platform level you can attain the exact thickness and the width of the food item you desire. Mandoline slicers come with either straight, diagonal, or V-shaped blades. The standard blade is for creating regular slices (though you may have several for creating cuts of varying thicknesses), but most models also come with blades for shredding and julienning. You can choose the required measurement to obtain the slicing thickness of the food items the way you desire. KitchenAid RKSMVSA Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment, 4. This model became so popular that when you think of KitchenAid, this stand mixer instantly comes to mind. See here for more information on our delivery options. This bowl comes with a lid; thus, storage will be compact and convenient. The slicer features a range of flat slicing for a range of thicknesses and two julienne blades. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. If you love BBQ, this tool will come in handy for amazing salads you like to combine with meat. Less common blade types can create cubes, waffle cuts, crinkle cuts, and dices. Despite the simplicity of this kitchen tool, there is a lot to consider, so we will break down the key factors in choosing a mandoline slicer. The most remarkable feature of this product is the adjustable slice thickness, a knob is provided with which you can select different thickness measurements of 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm. The stainless steel blades are straight, wavy and julienne in texture for straight cuts, crinkle cuts and for fine julienne strips. These less common blades come as standard with some models, but will need to be purchased separately for others, if they’re available at all. Japanese - The Japanese slicer is an improved version of the French slicer, being lighter in weight and more affordable. Mandoline slicer reviews should be thoroughly contemplated before making a purchase so that the user is fully satisfied with the purchase of the product. This … This old version of the Benriner slicer is safe and secure to use, and it features elements such as a safety guard for the protection of your fingers, a non-skid rubber base for extra stability and a large, comfortable handle for easy handling. This product is crafted to provide a sleek and compact design to the slicer so that the slicer can be easily handled and operated by the customers. To adjust the thickness of the slices, an easy-turn dial forms a part of the slicer’s overall design. Cuts Prep Time in HalfClean up is a breeze with this KitchenAid mandoline slicer, as its parts are dishwasher safe. The standing model of slicers can work on its own. As long as you have your cutting guard in place, there's little risk of you slicing yourself. Mandoline slicers have interchangeable blades for performing different jobs. DWYM Kitchen Experts plus Equipped with a well-designed safety guard.

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