Alcohol is generated by yeasts, not by bacteria, introducing bacteria in the pulque increases the chance of spoiling it. pineapple juice","\u00bd oz. High quality pulque, such as that made in the States of Morelos or Hidalgo does not use manure. You sell beer on almost any type of dumb joke (see: Corona or Dos Equis commercials), but I doubt toilet humour qualifies. sotol","3 oz. Relatively few pulquerias exist today, though you can buy it in cans at specialty shops. : $template_directory_uri . Based on what I’ve learned, I might give it another chance the next time I go. It is a combination of agua (water) and ardiente (fiery). Move over, mezcal! lime juice"," mint leaves ( (reserve some for garnish))"," pineapple wedge (, for garnish)"],"recipeInstructions":["MUDDLE mint leaves and lime juice in the bottom of a glass. The manure sock or “muneca” is only used in high volume or low-quality pulque. 400 Types of Drunkenness: Pulque, the Mexican Moonshine. Pulque (Spanish: (); Classical Nahuatl: metoctli), or octli, is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant. ?>, CARRERA DEL GALLO AND OTHER VAQUERO GAMES, MYTH OR MAGIC: A CHINESE LAUNDRYMAN FINDS A UNIQUE GOLD STRIKE. Ontario Oreo: Court the Ethnic Vote, Keep the Centre White, The Agenda For Tonight: Making Accents Boring. As Alta California was settled, this potent beverage was accessible to the interior from major coastal cities in Mexico. It has the color of milk, somewhat viscous consistency and a sour yeast-like taste. Allison is a Brooklyn-based editor, writer, eater, and blogger. They were the gods of good times, and their mom, Mayahuel, provided the booze: a thick, milky sap … The Sipping Point: Lessons From Mom's Kitchen, Cash Rules Everything Around Me—Especially My Health. I mention Aguardiente in my novel Equal and Alike. Published: Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 7:17am. It has the consistency of saliva and looks a bit like translucent milk. Modernizing Mexican Moonshine: The Future Of Bacanora In Sonora And Beyond. Desert spoon grows in northern Mexico, New Mexico and parts of Texas, and sotol is primarily produced in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango. Would a Multicultural Bar Actually Just Be For White People? And in the 16th century, Spanish colonists introduced them to European distillation techniques to create a spirit. The real Mexican Moonshine would be Mezcal. The rich served Aguardiente. Some utilize distinct materials and, on occasion, flavor their products. ","ADD sotol and pineapple juice and stir. Production is no easy feat — the desert spoon takes around 15 years to mature, and each plant yields just one bottle of sotol. “If you went to any restaurant and watched the steps they took to make the…. ? When the Spanish came around and messed things up a bit, everyone started drinking the stuff. Unlike agave, which flowers only once, these plants produce a new flower stalk every few years. It’s distilled from dasylirion, or “desert spoon,” a wild plant that is cooked, crushed and fermented in the same way as agave. “Yes, but nothing like here,” I said. It is made out of Maguey, close cousins but not quite the same plant. It’s made from agave, largely the same kind of plant you get mezcal from, only the sap is uncooked (tequila comes from a specific species only—blue agave). ( Log Out / In post-colonial times, pulque was big business. But never pulque: it’s not looked too kindly upon by most Mexicans these days and seen as cheap rural booze—a kind of moonshine. '/images/logo.png'; The meaning of the word tells it all. Like I was saying, sotol has been around for a long time. Fabriquero Sotol claims to be the oldest sotol distillery in Durango, and is over a century old. Although Aguardiente is a alcoholic beverage which originated on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), it ultimately found its way into most parts of the world, particularly the Latin American countries. "]}. Some sotols go into barrels for aging, so the spirit is broken down into three categories. ( Log Out /  Aguardiente is a generic term. Pulque is becoming increasingly popular among trendy Mexico city alternative crowd (the Mexican equivalent of the “hipsters”). Whenever my parents go back to Puerto Vallarta, I tell them to bring me back a bottle of high-roller tequila, or rompope, a kind of boozy egg nog that tastes like caramel. Pulque is NOT made out of Agave. Today, many distilleries produce their version of Aguardiente. Add ice if desired. /?php 5 Comments ; By Chantal Braganza. Beer had its advantages: a longer shelf life, expert marketers, and its production wasn’t reliant on a plant that eventually started disappearing in certain regions of the country. Once the desert spoon matures, it’s harvested similar to how agave plants are for mezcal and tequila — the outer leaves are removed, and the core is cooked, shredded, fermented and distilled. My website,, can provide you with more information. The source of materials was oranges, grapes, bananas, and cane sugar. Unlike tequila, sotol isn’t made from agave. “Sotol from the forest is very piney, with menthol, moss and eucalyptus notes. Change ), 400 Types of Drunkenness: Pulque, the Mexican Moonshine. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ma man, a couple of corrections. However the favorite source of material to produce Aguardiente, in times past, was grape skins fermented and distilled. ","GARNISH with a sprig of mint and a small wedge of pineapple. Tweet . Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Like tequila, young plata sotol is clear, while reposado is golden and aged for several months, and the light amber anejo is aged for one to two years. MUDDLE mint leaves and lime juice in the bottom of a glass. By the early 19th Century, Aguardiente was considered a fine liquor by devotees in Mexico. Order a copy of Equal and Alike today from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other purveyors of fine books. Add ice if desired. Today it is made of a multiple number of fruits and tubers. By Kendal Blust. AGUARDIENTE: A SPANISH MOONSHINE. It took very little time, however, for enterprising Mexicans to produce their own Aguardiente from a variety of fruits grown in Mexican soil and distilled in local environs. The alcoholic content was anywhere from forty percent to sixty percent. The material used to create fermentation gives the color to the beverage. The mesquite and acacia wood… give it a powerful, smoky, barbecue-like nose.”. Chihuahuan Indians fermented sotol juice into a boozy, beer-like beverage as early as 800 years ago.

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